May 6 – 8, 2013

National Executive Minutes

Ottawa, ON

Chair John MacLennan National President
Members Mary Chamberlain Executive Vice-President
Dan Frost Vice-President (NL/NB)
Terry Kiley Vice-President (NS)
Michel Allard Deputy Vice-President (QC)
Paulette Barker Vice-President (NCR)
Arlene Preston Vice-President (ON)
Randy Walker Vice-President (MB/SK)
June Winger Vice-President (AB/North)
T. Mark Miller Vice-President (BC)
Tamara Lindsay Vice-President (NPF)
Clay Joyce Vice-President (CSE)
Gloria Kelly Human Rights Advisor
Recording Secretary Sandra Montpetit


The National President welcomed members to the spring meeting of the National Executive.

The harassment statement was read aloud and Human Rights Advisor Kelly was named intervener.

The hours of sessions were set as follows:

Monday, May 6, 9:00 – 11:30 / 1:00 to 5:00

Tuesday, May 7, 9:00 -11:30 / 1:00 to 5:00

Wednesday, May 8, 9:00 – 11:30 / 1:00 to termination of business


 A moment of silence was observed for members who have passed (listed below):

Brother Peter Davis, Local 125

Brother Russ Power, Local 125

Brother Larry Woodward, Local 619

Brother Jacques Parent, Local 654

Brother Mitch Caine, Local 902

Brother Barry Minshull, Local 910

Sister Bernice MacDougall, Local 910

Brother Keith MacKenzie, Local 1007

Brother Rick Ragosnig, Local 1008

Brother Wayne Sinclair, Local 1016

Brother Terry Burns, Local 1201

The minutes of the previous meeting (December 2012) were adopted.

The agenda was adopted as amended.


The National President updated the Officers on the on-going We Are All Affected (WAAA) campaign which the PSAC has sent statistics indicating 82% of members have attended meetings across the country.   Each VP also gave feedback of the meetings in their regions. VP Joyce asked if the PSAC could come and speak to members in her region to explain how to conduct the “one on one” meetings, the National President instructed her to contact PSAC REVP Larry Rousseau.

PSAC are also ramping up some strategic lobbying. VPs are asked to send the National President names of members who are good speakers to meet with senators and MPs in their regions, PSAC will develop speaking notes for this which will be forwarded when received.

The National President also asked the VPs to send him a list of their Locals who have attended the Regional Leadership Meetings. He said that members need to understand and support this campaign.

Lastly, the National President reminded everyone to boycott Public Service Week coming up in June due to the vast and ongoing job loss throughout the public service. He asked the National Officers to pass the message down to all their Locals not to attend any events or functions offered by the employer.


  • Air Command                                                                      m/s Preston-Miller

    VP Preston indicated that lack of SWE and classifications/reclassifications could potentially result in some cuts to the RCAF. This concern will be raised at the next UMCC meeting as well as the WFA meeting. Locals are encouraged to ask questions at their LMRCs. Minutes of all Air Command meetings can be found on the UNDE website under Committees.

  • Apprenticeship Program                                                                             m/s Miller-Chamberlain

    VP Miller explained that the Apprenticeship Occupational Development Program (AODP) has a big impact on the program and is evolving as such. VP Miller and USO Paul Dagenais have had a meeting with the department to clarify some concerns.

    Also, UNDE is also now a member at the Champion level of the Canadian Apprenticeship Program (CAF) which VP Miller will urge them to use the program as job placement for those who have been workforce adjusted.

  • Bylaws                                     m/s Miller-Walker

    VP Miller explained that following a change to the PSAC Constitution Regulation 19 concerning Prima Fascia and after a review of the UNDE Bylaws Regulation 1305, the UNDE Bylaws are in compliance.

    Concerning harassment complaints, VP Miller reminded the Officers that they should be sending him an e-mail every quarter indicating the complaints in their region, even if the report is to say there are nil. These are internal complaints within the union only.

  • Employee Assistance Program                                                              m/s Walker-Chamberlain

    VP Walker stated that there have been no meetings or conference calls due to no agenda items being presented. The 1-800 number is not well received. Much financing is being spent on promoting this number. It was noted that the reporting software, which would provide a breakdown of the reason for the calls, is not yet functional.

    EVP Chamberlain stated that she was disappointed that UNDE is continuing to allow Human Resources to discuss EAP at the UMCC HR Sub-Committee. UNDE should be insisting that the Regional Coordinator meetings with the bargaining agent representatives take place and the NEAPAC should meet to discuss concerns with the EAP program.

  • FR                                                        m/s Walker-Allard

    The Committee had a meeting in Ottawa in February. Of the various agenda items discussed at the meeting was the request from some of the FRs to have their own table within the PSAC, although this will not happen as it cannot be defended.

    It was also stated that casuals are being called for the overtime instead of offering to the indeterminate employees and that grievances should be filed when this occur.

    An action plan will follow.

  • Health & Safety
    m/s Kiley-Chamberlain

    VP Kiley gave an update of the National Health & Safety Committee which he sits on.

    Violence In The Workplace training needs to be confirmed, in-class training needs to be available to those who cannot take the on-line training. It was discussed that a checklist should be developed for members, indicating the process that VPs and Locals should follow when dealing with this issue.

    Some VPs also indicated that employers are not filling out the proper reports for the Return to Work Program.    

  • Return to Work (RTW) Presentation

    Bruce Christianson, RTW Coordinator D Safe G, gave a presentation to the National Executive to update them on the process and expectations and responsibilities of the employer and employees. He noted the National Executive’s concerns of the department’s lack of communication and guidance to members

  • LMCC-T
    m/s Miller-Chamberlain

    VP Miller said that the LMCC-T Committee met with ADM-IE in April and although there was a slide presentation it was not provided electronically or through handouts. The department insists that this reorganization is only for reporting reason and that no job losses will result.

    There is a concept of operations being developed and it will be shared with the National Executive once completed. Locals are urged to ask questions at their LMRCs, a specific set of questions will be prepared to ensure consistency across the country. Meetings have started in the NCR and Halifax to follow.


  • Funding for printing/photocopying for Locals who cannot afford to do this for the WAAA “one on one” campaign – VP Joyce indicated that some Locals are being asked at the Regional Leadership meetings to print their own material. The National President explained that the PSAC are to provide all documentation at these meetings. Locals should ask their regional PSAC offices to provide it, it is not the Local’s responsibility to print their own materials. 


    The National President asked the National Officers to rise for a moment of silence and prayer for Sister Pat McGrath, Local 603 and Brother Clarence Welton who are both quite ill.

    Update following the meeting: Brother Clarence Welton, Local 629 passed away on May 26, 2013.

    MOTION to award Sister Pat McGrath with a 30-year pin for her years of service and dedication to the union.
    m/s Barker/Chamberlain

    President MacLennan explained that this motion will not negate the Local’s responsibility to follow through on the necessary documentation.

  • Workforce Adjustment

    The National President informed the National Officers that a new Workforce Adjustment list was received at National Office yesterday and that numbers were being crunched to see how many new positions are possibly to be eliminated and in what regions.


  • Newfoundland-Labrador/New Brunswick
    m/s Frost/Winger

    VP Frost gave an update on activities in his region including negotiations and elections. He indicated the negotiations with separate employer SERCO continue to be at a standstill.


  • Nova Scotia
    m/s Kiley/Lindsay

    VP Kiley explained that management at FMF are attempting to enforce a process called leave management which would entitle them to manage sick leave as a form of discipline.

    He also informed the National Officers that FMFCS are trying to change the employees’ hours of work, this has also resulted in many grievances being filed.


  • Investigation Committee Report – Local 625
    m/s Chamberlain/Preston

    On a conference call to the National Officers, Brother Kevin Hofer, President UNDE Local 649 and the Committee Chairperson, read the report. EVP Chamberlain, as the responsible officer, advised the National Executive that a meeting had been attempted to dispose of this matter at the Local level, however, quorum was not met.

  • The Committee’s recommendations were that educations versus disciplinary action would be more beneficial.


  • Quebec
    m/s Allard/Walker

    DVP Allard gave an update on activities in the region and informed the group of new Local 17752, a private sector employer, was negotiating a new Collective Agreement.

  • Ontario
    m/s Preston/Kiley

    VP Preston presented highlights of her portfolios as well as of the Locals in her region, including AGMs, elections and WFA. There is an ongoing request for training for new executive members in her region.


  • Communications Security Establishment
    m/s Joyce/Preston

    VP Joyce had questions regarding separate employer Aramark who will be offering cafeteria services in the new building, are they already unionized? If not, should they be a separate Local if enough employees? The National President instructed her to contact PSAC REVP Larry Rousseau in order to work together with the Local, the Component and PSAC.

    VP Joyce informed the group that due to Compensation being centralized in Miramichi, a new unit will be established within CSE to take care of printing their own pay stubs due to CSE’s security needs.


  • Non-Public Funds
    m/s Lindsay/Joyce

    VP Lindsay questioned the process to vote on and approve audited financial statements for one of her Locals since they cannot reach a quorum to do so in the Locals. EVP Chamberlain raised concerns about the National Officers approving a Local’s financial statement stating that although she understood the intent this has never been done in the past and could set a precedence for other Locals. After reviewing the Local’s Bylaws, it was concluded that they are able to reach quorum, therefore the National President instructed this matter be referred back the Local for approval.

    VP Miller, Chair of the Bylaws Committee, stated that it might be wise to tighten up this description in the Bylaws at Convention to prevent this issue from rising again.


  • Manitoba/Saskatchewan
    m/s Walker/Kiley

    VP Walker updated the National Officers on activities in his region.

  • Alberta and the North
    m/s Winger/Allard

    VP Winger highlighted activities in her region. She gave an update on TC Bargaining and even though the Public Interest Commission Report indicated it favours the union’s position, the employer has refused to return to the table. TC members in the region have been encouraged to add the agenda item “strike protocol” on UMCC meetings.

    The Terms of Reference on the LFWA continue to not be agreed upon even though the union has refused to sign it. The issue is that HR is sitting as a Management representative on this Committee. The National President said that he will raise the issue with Lieutenant-General Devlin at an upcoming meeting and, as well, write a letter to the Deputy Minister quoting the department’s own DAODs.

    Recipients of the Queen’s Jubilee Medal for Alberta and the North are:

    • Brother Blair Winger, Local 911 awarded medal for advancement of firefighter issues within the Union;
    • Brother Jason Elder, Local 911 awarded medal for hosting National Fire Fit Competition; and
    • Brother Mike Kerrigan, Local 911 awarded medal for organizing a search and rescue operation in coordination with other community services.
  • The National President announced that in preparation to the upcoming bargaining with Treasury Board next year UNDE will conduct Bargaining Demands Writing (dates to be confirmed). President MacLennan stated that having the training prior to the last round of bargaining resulted in good demands coming forward from the Locals and UNDE was prepared and well represented at the PSAC bargaining conferences.


    Presentation by Bob Burhoe, Senior Partner with Rhodes & William Limited

    Mr. Burhoe gave an update to the National Officers on UNDE’s Director’s liability insurance coverage and answered their questions.


  • British Columbia
    m/s Miller/Joyce

    VP Miller gave an update on activities in his region. He informed the National Officers that once again rises is the issue of other people doing the work of our members. He has informed management and is keeping an eye on the situation.

    As for the boycott of Public Service Week, he said that in the BC Region it has been problematic, therefore the union will be contacting the press and advertising in local newspapers. Even so, management have said they will continue to proceed with events.

  • Human Rights Advisor Report
    m/s Chamberlain/Barker

    Sister Kelly gave an update on human rights issues and equity activities with the ADM HR-Civ undertaking a corporate level survey on employment equity in all the regions stating this is a topic that needs more prominence to make it stronger and to revitalize it.

    There is a second survey sent out to members which is a self-identification survey. There was some discussion on whether this was a mandatory survey or not. UNDE’s position is that self-identification surveys are voluntary.

    The National President informed the group to contact National Office if another survey surfaces like this again.


    Sister Kelly stated that Mental Health is a serious concern in the workplace as it was the theme of the PSAC National Health & Safety Conference which she and VP Kiley attended.


    If any Human Rights issues arise in any region, she encourages everyone to contact the local coordinator of that region, or herself, for support.

  • Executive Vice-President Report
    m/s Chamberlain/Joyce

    EVP Chamberlain presented her written report which included the USO reports. The COMTRA report will be dealt with separately.


  • Honours & Awards Committee
    m/s Kiley/Allard

    VP Kiley, as Chair of the Committee, presented the Committee’s report which included an update on service pins given to members since the last meeting.

    Also included in the report were two 30-year service pins which the Committee were in favour of awarding to: Brother Allan Meredith of Local 60303 and Brother John Cuffe of Local 629.

    VPs are asked to ensure all documentation is properly filled out when scholarship applications are submitted, deadline to apply is September 30.



  • Communications and Training Committee
    m/s Chamberlain/Lindsay

    EVP Chamberlain presented her written report stating that the report contained many recommendations.

    UNDE’s education program:

    • Module 3Effective Public Communications (3 days): Recommendation: that the module focus on public speaking and making presentations and that UNDE rely on a consultant to deliver dealing with media and media interviews training to targeted groups as needed. No need for a pilot, this is not a new module.
    • Module 10UNDE Harassment Policy (2 days): Recommendation: that the module be piloted in the fall of 2013; 2 member facilitators from each region to attend in Ottawa; Sisters Preston and Winger to facilitate.
    • Module 12DisciplineRecommendation: that a separate UNDE module is not required. Discipline and Investigation Training will be available through the PSAC Education Program. UNDE can use the PSAC’s learning activity once developed.

    EVP Chamberlain stated that the COMTRA Committee had met in April and have many recommendations intended to make UNDE more visible.

    MOTION to divide the recommendations                                         m/s Miller/Preston

    Recommendation #1 – Updated and development of UNDE training modules.

  • Recommendation # 2– Revised pamphlets (Who We Are, Education and Human Rights).   National Officers agreed to make them available electronically on website. EVP Chamberlain presented visual updates of the new pamphlets therefore no vote was required on this recommendation.

    Recommendation #3 – Creation of UNDE Facebook page.

  • Recommendation#4 – Update website to reflect new branding, create more visible links to important web pages.

  • Recommendation#5 There was discussion on whether UNDE should adopt a new motto which would be “Proudly Serving Members”, however, since there is already a motto in use “Proudly supporting those who serve and remembering those who have served” it was decided not to adopt a new one. Following discussion, this recommendation was withdrawn.

    Recommendation#6 – To create standard and consistent e-mail addresses for all National Officers.

  • Recommendation #7 – To create standard signature blocks for all National Officers. The COMTRA Committee presented four sample options.

    MOTION to divide the options                                                        m/s Walker/Allard

    Sample A was chosen with a few revisions to it.


  • Recommendation #8 – To expand the UNDE letterhead to include the new campaign logo.

  • Recommendation #9 – To create UNDE screen savers and wallpapers; in three formats English, French and Bilingual; to be made available to the members to use if they wish.

  • Recommendation #10 – To organize a multimedia contest where all UNDE members are encouraged to submit “What the Union Means to You” either by: poetry, video or short statement. 1st place prize is $750, 2nd place prize is $500 and 3rd place prize is $250.

  • Recommendation #11 – A Local Presidents Conference to be held in Ottawa in September 2013.

  • In her closing remarks, EVP Chamberlain thanked Sister Kim Brackhahn and Sister Sandra Montpetit for their assistance with the preparation of the recommendations and support to the COMTRA Committee.


  • Presentation from Nathalie Neault, DGADR, who gave an update on the new model “Conflict Resolution Program”.


  • Finance Report
    m/s Winger/Walker

    In VP Turcq’s absence, who is Chair of the Finance Committee, VP Winger presented a financial report with the assistance of Comptroller Brian Loshuk.

    m/s Winger/Lindsay

    Whereas UNDE must reappoint an auditor for every fiscal year to verify their financial statement;

    Whereas UNDE has used the service of McCay Duff Ltd as auditors of their financial statements and are satisfied with the results and costs;

    Be It Resolved that UNDE reappoints McCay Duff LLP for the audit of their 2013 fiscal year.


  • Disability Management – Human Rights Advisor Gloria Kelly presented the Disability Management document which was distributed during a workshop at the PSAC National Health & Safety Conference. There is concern that this change in culture will have a negative impact on PSAC members in regards to their sick leave. The National President will add this agenda item for discussion at the next NBoD meeting in June.

    Language for upcoming bargaining around the use of contractors – VP Preston asked if there would be specific language negotiated to stop contractors from doing the work of our members. The National President informed the group that UNDE National Office will be organizing another Bargaining Conference within the next year since negotiations with the employer will begin next year. This item will be discussed at that time.

    Concerns about private sector PSAC negotiations/negotiators – VP Preston is concerned that no one is represented from UNDE during ratifications with PSAC and our private sector locals. Also nothing is in writing when they are voting on it. National Officers are encouraged to be present during these to ensure the members have the necessary tools.

    Cuts to UNDE education – VP Preston discussed how there is less money is available for education than in the past. She asked what criteria it is based on when the National President decides on which business cases are approved. The National President urges the VP of the region to send a list of those members wanting to attend the course to ensure it is not the same members attending. Also, ensure the local needs the course and measure what is going on in the region when submitting business cases. UNDE members like our education modules more than the PSAC’s because UNDE’s are more geared to our military members.

    Updates on DRCs, TD costs, etc… – Clarification was needed on the use of DRCs, it is up to the regions to use the DRCs or not. TD costs will be tracked which will justify mediators where they are needed.

    Consideration of using the Credit Union for the UNDE accounts given the contracting out of the work to foreign workers by the major banks – VP Preston asked if National Office would look at using other banking institutions with all the media lately regarding major banks contracting the work out to foreign workers. The National President said that National Office is aware but there are no plans to change institutions at this time.


  • Young Workers Initiative
    m/s Barker/Winger

    The Committee held a conference call in February where the young workers said they felt unsure about their role within the union. There was some discussion among the National Officers about who is responsible for young worker members in their regions. The National President stated that it is up to the Local, then the OPI of the Committee and lastly the VP in that region to ensure the Young Workers Initiative Committee members are kept abreast of issues and information pertaining to young workers.