May 22-25, 2019

National Executive Minutes

National Executive Meeting

May 22-25, 2019

Winnipeg, MB

Chairman June Winger National President
Members Philippe Turcq Executive Vice-President
Dan Frost Vice-President (NL/NB)
Terry Kiley Vice-President (NS)
Michel Allard Deputy Vice-President (QC)
Jeff Wrinn Vice-President (NCR)
Serge Desbiens Vice-President (ON)
Mona Simcoe Vice-President (MB/SK)
Bryan Meakin Vice-President (AB/North)
T. Mark Miller Vice-President (BC)
Cathy O’Kane Vice-President (NPF)
Eugene Stone Vice-President (CSE)
Paul Jones Human Rights Advisor
Recording Secretary Sandra Mombourquette




The National President welcomed members to Winnipeg for the spring meeting of the National Executive.  Benoit Laberge, VP Quebec could not be in attendance therefore Deputy Vice-President Michel Allard attended in his place.


PRESENTATION to UNDE National Executive: Leading Unions to Win in Difficult Times – Morna Ballantyne, Senior Advisor to the National President, Public Service Alliance of Canada.

The harassment statement was read aloud by Human Rights Advisor Paul Jones who was also named intervener.

The hours of sessions were set as follows:

Wednesday, May 22, 9:00 – 12:00 / 2:00 to 5:00

Thursday, May 23, 9:00 -11:30 / 1:00 to 5:00

Friday, May 24, 9:00 – 11:30 / 1:00 to 5:00

Saturday, May 25, 10:00 to termination of business.


The AGENDA was adopted as amended.                                              m-s Meakin/Stone CARRIED



Local President’s Conference: This Conference in February was a success, location was good.

Health & Safety Conference: Successful conference in May, members were engaged.

Changes to L1 grievance hearings: National President Winger asked the VPs to send her their experiences in their regions, if there are any challenges, timelines not being respected, etc…  Locals to use One Drive to send up grievance reports to National Office, this way they will not get lost.

Cannabis usage policy: This is still a challenge.  Some members have license for medicinal reasons and are still being deemed unfit to work.  National President says that the employer does not have a right to know about medications taken by members, they only need to know the accommodation limitations.  The employer needs to demonstrate a link with cannabis usage and impairment.  Members need not sign safety sensitive notifications.  National President assures that the union wants a healthy and safe workplace for all which protects the members’ privacy.

Bargaining update: All members are in bargaining right now (Treasury Board, IMP, NPF, CSE, many separate employers).  There is a challenge ahead as an impasse was reached with TB.  VPs need to encourage members to understand what is being offered at the table and how that impacts them, more mobilization is needed. VPs asked to find bargaining member in each area to engage members, UNDE willing to help as needed to get the right person there.  If VPs do not know who this would be, ask VP Desbiens for recommendation as he sits on the SV bargaining committee and is familiar with the members from each table.

National Public Service Week: Need to focus on bargaining during this week, National President encourages each VP to work within their regions to find the appropriate action which will resonate with the members they represent.

SECO language teachers: VPs are asked to check with their Locals if there are EDs working in their location, question if they are with other components, need lists as these might need to be UNDE members. AGR represents the ED members who work at DND who directly support the Language Teachers. ED members who work at DND in programs such as (but not limited to) Social Wellness, Nutritional Wellness, Addictions, Research, etc. are UNDE members.

Upcoming Federal Election: This election is a serious issue, similar to the challenges we faced when we initiated the Stop Harper campaign.  UNDE will once again need a strategic approach and full engagement of our activists.  The National President and EVP are on the PSAC Ad Hoc Elections Coordinating Committee and will keep abreast of developments.


A moment of silence was observed for the following members who have passed since the last meeting:

 Brother Steve Robson, Local 00620

Brother Sam Lynn, retired, lifetime member, Local 00625

Sister Mary Chamberlain, Local 00629 and retired elected officer

Brother George Luxton, Local 00635

Brother Brian Edward Gagne, Local 21008

Brother Mike Markin, Local 21016

Sister Sharleen MacDonald, Local 40802

Brother Richard Couturier, Local 60303

Brother Kevin Fleming, Local 70607

Sister Joy Clayton, Local 80406

Sister Donna Gaudet, Local 80407


Previous NE Minutes  – ADOPTED                                                                   m-s Wrinn/Desbiens



ADM_IE Report                                                  m-s Miller/Frost

VP Miller presented a nil report for this period.  Next meeting is in late June 2019.  There was some discussion about presenting nil reports at these meetings, COMTRA to develop template for next meeting.



RPOPS_West_Report LMCC                                                             m-s Simcoe/Turcq


VP Simcoe presented her written report which identified the heating plant in Shilo as falling apart, will be replaced once contract is looked at.  Also, still waiting on org charts concerning the standardized job descriptions, the National President will bring up this issue with HR.



RPOPS_Atlantic_Report LMCC                                                         m-s Kiley/Desbiens


VP Kiley presented his written report.  Members are still having issues getting reimbursed for membership fees and boot claims although the employer says they have this in hand now.  Re Seal Certification is also still a major problem in the Atlantic.  The issue is that the employer wants to use the military QL5 certification as equivalent to red seal.  Maintenance is being done without the proper expertise, work is not being done by RP Ops.  VP Miller to add this as an agenda item as his next ADM IE meeting.  The National President wants to be informed when other unions are doing UNDE work ASAP, will discuss at her next meeting with other DND bargaining agents.



RPOPS_Quebec LMCC                                                         m-s Allard/Kiley


DVP Allard presented a written report.  There are staffing issues in Quebec as they are using apprenticeships instead of hiring staff, this amounts to cheaper labour for them for one year.  Need to bring this issue higher up at LMCCs and UMCCs.



DRDC_Report                                                                                                 m-s Meakin/Allard


VP Meakin presented his written report.  There are concerns regarding staffing still to be discussed at next meeting because hiring has been slowed down as DRDC is not hiring indeterminately, only terms in the foreseeable future.  New parking issues at Carling Campus in Ottawa is also ongoing.



Air_Command_Report                                                                                                m-s Miller/Turcq       


VP Miller presented a nil report for this period.  VP Simcoe spoke about outstanding transactions concerning pay and contracting out at 17 Wing Foods since there is no funding in the SWE they hired a contractor. 

                                                                                                                        RV 6 – CARRIED                                  

CDSG_2nd_Report – Quebec

 DVP Allard presented the report.  The meting was postponed due to flooding in this region.  However, a meeting was held with the General to resolve a situation at the firehall, steps will be taken to attempt to resolve the situation.



CDSG_3rd_Report – Western Canada               m-s Simcoe/Desbiens


VP Simcoe presented her written report.  There is a change of command scheduled for late June therefore the next meeting is not until late September.   At that time, the agenda item for discussion will be: Base Support Establishment Review 2017 (BSER17) and how the staffing is being affected by using attrition to decrease the staff spending bill for BATUS.



CDSG_4th_Report – Central                               m-s Desbiens/Wrinn

VP Desbiens presented his written report.  Kingston is in the middle of renewing its existing contract with the cleaners, no union positions are to be affected.  Terms of Reference for this Committee to be completed at next meeting.                                      RV 9 – CARRIED


PRESENTATION to UNDE National Executive: Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR) – Emily Todd, Practitioner, Conflict & Complaint Management Services, National Defence.  A one-day workshop training for UNDE Stewards was introduced and offered at the presentation.  COMTRA will review the material.  VPs who are interested in having this for their regions are asked to let the EVP know.   


CDSG_5th_Report – Atlantic Canada                m-s Frost/Wrinn


VP Frost presented a nil report for this period.  The next meeting is scheduled for May 29th.




CFHA_Report (CFHA)                                                 m-s Frost/Turcq


VP Frost presented his written report.  Due to imposed restriction (I&R) they will be building more apartments, unsure if this is across all locations, will find out at next meeting.  Vp Miller will ask the question at his next ADM-IE meeting.



CFHS_Report(CFHS)                                                      m-s Wrinn/O’Kane

VP Wrinn presented his written report.  There is a position realignment for CR-3 to CR-4s, will find out when this will be initiated.  There is an issue of different letters being sent out to affected members indicating different allocations for these conversions, send concerns to VP Wrinn.                                                                                                                 RV 12 – CARRIED


Apprenticeship_Report                                                                                           m-s Miller/Wrinn


VP Miller presented a nil report for this period.                                            RV 13 – CARRIED

 Employee Assistance Program Report                                                          m-s Wrinn/Desbiens

VP Wrinn presented his written report.  EAP funding for the year was discussed at the NEAPAC meeting.  There is a push to get EAP back to in-house and being more effective.


Auditor’s Report (Finance)                                                                            m-s Meakin/Stone


VP Meakin presented the Auditor’s Report.                                                     RV 15 – CARRIED






Finance_Report                                                                                             m-s Meakin/Frost

 VP Meakin presented his written report along with the financial statements and membership dues listing.  VPs are asked to validate membership lists with their Locals.  Phoenix still causing issues for members.  A reminder to send your claims to, also a new on-line form is in the final development stages.  Direct deposit has been working well since it was introduced last year.                                                                                         RV 16 – CARRIED


RPOPS_Ontario  LMCC                                                         m-s Desbiens/Simcoe

 VP Desbiens presented his written report.  Due to SWE being less plans for growth in some areas will be placed on hold.  There are also new guidelines on transporting members in small emergencies due to liability on use of member’s car, they are being directed to use taxis in these cases from now on.  Waiting on direction from National on cannabis policy as they are currently making their own policy, health & safety need to be taken into consideration.



Bylaws_Report                                                                                             m-s Miller/Frost        

VP Miller presented his written report.  Concerning the harassment policy, there have been no incidents reported for these last two periods.  The Committee continues to work on reviewing previous carried convention business to ensure the National Bylaws reflect these changes.

RV 18 – CARRIED                                                                    


FR Steering & Wellness_Report                                                                                m-s Desbiens/Meakin

VP Desbiens presented his written report which highlighted Fr Wellness issues such as: vehicle emissions/exhaust, work uniforms and National Wellness Initiative.  A PSAC Firefighter Roundtable was held on Feb 19th and 20th, 2019 where many important issues were discussed.


Health_&_Safety_Report                                                             m-s Kiley/O’Kane

VP Kiley presented his written report.  The General Safety Program is responsible for maintaining the DND 663 hazard observation and incidents, VP Kiley asks to be informed of any of these by September for the next meeting.  The UNDE Health & Safety conference in May 2019 was held over two days with discussions and guest speakers on many health and safety issues.



Honours_&_Awards_Report                                                                       m-s Kiley/Desbiens


VP Kiley presented the Committee’s report.  The National President asked that a letter be sent out to all Locals every year as a reminder of the deadline to submit applications for scholarships.  The Bylaws Committee are looking into whether lifetime members can be delegates at Convention or not.




Motion to divide                     m-s Miller/Wrinn                                                      CARRIED        


1)Sister Paulette Barker, former National Officer for the NCR and member of 70607 nominated for lifetime membership.


The Committee recommended concurrence.  Secret ballot vote.                             CARRIED


2)Brother Robert Saunders, member of Local 90101 nominated for lifetime membership.

The Committee recommended concurrence.  Secret ballot vote.                             CARRIED


Motion to destroy ballots                   m-s Meakin/Stone                                         CARRIED




MOTION                                                                                                          m-s Meakin/Frost


UNDE must reappoint an auditor for every fiscal year to verify their financial statements;



UNDE has used the service of McCay Duff LLP as auditors of their financial statements and are satisfied with the results and costs;


Be It Resolved

That UNDE reappoints McCay Duff LLP for the audit of their 2019 fiscal year.


                                                                                                                        RV 22 – CARRIED


Young_Workers_Report                                                                                 m-s Simcoe/O’Kane


VP Simcoe presented her written report.  The Committee is working on getting pics of all the reps on the Young Worker website page.  Ontario and Quebec currently have vacant positions.  VP Simcoe presented the group with a new poster and logo that is being developed by the Committee.


REPORTS TO NE:  The National President spoke about the value of having these reports in, on time and ready to be presented at National Executive meetings in order to share information with each other, the general UNDE membership and to work collaboratively on issues of the union.




Newfoundland, Labrador & New Brunswick_Report                                          m-s Frost/Stone

VP Frost presented his written report which gave an update on each of his Locals.  Members from NL/NB and NS regions attended a five-day Module 8 Treasury Board grievance handling training course in May in Halifax NS. Training for the private sector Local coming soon.  The Human Rights Coordinator for this region has had to step down, although member Greg Mansfield has offered to possibly take on the role.                                    RV 24 – CARRIED




Executive Vice-President_Report                                                 m-s Turcq/Allard

EVP Turcq’s written report presented his written report which listed his activities and meetings.  National Office underwent a risk assessment which identified small changes to be made in the office to ensure safety and security for staff.

Capsules:  The COMTRA Committee has developed a video on how to get involved with your union which was presented to the group and accepted with a few minor corrections.  The second video on Human Rights will be developed next.

Standardized Job Descriptions: LRO Paul Dagenais is doing lots of work on this but not receiving any feedback.  VPs are asked to put more pressure on the subject matter expert (SME).

Essential Service Lists (ESA): cannot be provided to members yet as still waiting on all departments to submit them before Treasury Board will sign off on them, reminder that these lists are used in case of strikes only.

Privatization Committee: monthly meetings to resume.


The EVP Report also includes grievance lists by region and the LRO REPORTS.





Phoenix damages – VP Miller presented the group with a bulletin that was sent out from another DND bargaining agent stating that they have secured a commitment from the employer that should another bargaining agent secure additional compensation for Phoenix damages that all unions would be entitled to the same compensation.  VP Miller stated these bargaining agents have side deals with management and are not supporting UNDE by doing this.  The National President with bring this up at the next meeting she has with them.


Leave compensation for members going to demos – Since union leave does not account for demos, the National President discussed how to best compensate members when attending demos.  It was decided to fully reimburse for all losses of salary/leave.  VPs are asked to send requests to the National President before members attend demos.


Retro pay calculations under $10 – There was a discussion on whether to pay or not to pay out to members any retro payments that are under $10.  It was decided to continue to pay retro at any amount.





Human_Rights_Advisor_Report                                     m-s Allard/Desbiens

Human Rights Advisor Jones presented his written report.  He explained that due to budgetary constraints ($60K for one mandate allotted for Human Rights is not enough) he would not have enough funding for another meeting in this mandate, therefore requested to have $6k returned to his budget for the cost of translation a this first meeting which he was not aware would be so costly.

MOTION to refund the amount of $6K back to the Human Rights line item     m-s Wrinn/Turcq



The next meeting will now be able to be lengthened and there will not be translation.

                                                                                                                        RV 27 – CARRIED

MOTION                                                                                                         m-s Wrinn/Meakin



Local 70611 has not yet held their AGM in accordance with UNDE Bylaw 7, Article 6;


Whereas Local 70611 has not yet submitted their audited financial statements in accordance with Bylaw 1, Article 11;


Whereas UNDE Bylaw 7, Article 8 deems Local 70611 inactive;


Be It Resolved that Local 70611 be placed in trusteeship in accordance with Bylaw 7.





Nova Scotia Report                                                                                   m-s Kiley/Frost


VP Kiley presented his written report which listed his meetings for this period.  Grievance training in May given in his region was successful.



Quebec Report                                                                                            m-s Allard/Desbiens

DVP Allard presented his written report highlighting meeting sand activities VP Laberge attended during this period.

                                                                                                                        RV 30 – CARRIED


Ontario Report                                                                                         m-s Desbiens/Meakin

VP Desbiens presented his written report. The April 26 Phoenix/Bargaining rally in Kingston was a huge success.  VP Desbiens sits on the Treasury Board Bargaining Committee and indicated that bargaining is now at an impasse, they have applied for a public interest commission (PIC).  Negotiations will resume if Treasury Board comes back with some substantive offer.



National Capital Region Report                                m-s Wrinn/Allard

VP Wrinn presented his written report.  The realignment of NCR Locals to better serve the members is still ongoing.  There has been an issue with parking at the Carling Campus because they are doing this as a lottery system.



Communications Security Establishment Report                                      m-s Stone/Meakin


VP Stone presented his written report.  Negotiations for their next Collective Agreement have started.



Non Public Funds_Report                                                    m-s O’Kane/Miller

VP O’Kane presented her written report.  New policy document being created with the NOHSPC Committee (National Occupational Health & Safety Policy Committee) on how to handle workplace violence complaints.  There has been a delay in bargaining for some NPF Locals due to employer having staffing issues.  The Goose Bay Local 90181 has merged with Gagetown Local 60308, effectively ending their trusteeship.                                         RV 34 – CARRIED


Manitoba Saskatchewan Report                           m-s Simcoe/Allard


VP Simcoe presented her written report which detailed her activities and meetings for this period including the successful Prairies Council of Locals in April in Yellowknife.



Alberta & The North Report                                    m-s Meakin/O’Kane

VP Meakin presented his written report.  Monthly teleconference calls with his Locals has been a great opportunity for networking and discussing local issues.  Training in February was well received, more training is planned in his region.                                              RV 36 – CARRIED


British Columbia Report                                                                  m-s Miller/Desbiens

VP Miller presented his written report which listed his activities and meetings for this period.  He was elected Co-Chair by the other bargaining agents on base of the new MARPAC Health Safety and Environment Policy Committee (MHSEPC).  A regional conference is being planned for the Fall.

The National President clarified that she unexpectedly was unable to attend the noted meeting however, communication is sent out to VPs and members as required as soon as it is available for distribution, this specific communication was sent out 11 minutes after being received at National Office.

The National President reminded VP Miller in accordance with Policy Guidelines 5(a) That National Executive officers be paid loss of wages or a daily rate of $250.00, whichever is the greater, while on Union business or while travelling on Union business, on any day of the week, subject to review and approval by the National President. The National President stated that she would not increase the daily rate for VP Miller or any other VP without a motion. The National President noted this is the second time VP Miller had raised this issue in his regional report and suggested that as Chairperson of the Bylaws Committee she expected that he knew if he would like this changed then he would need to make a motion to change this.




Electronic equipment inventory management – The National President explained that UNDE needs to develop a process on how to manage electronics in Locals.  It was decided that Accounts Clerk Amanda Agnew will prepare a spreadsheet indicating all laptops and tablets including model, serial numbers and dates purchased for each Local.  This asset inventory will then be shared on the One Drive for the National Officers to monitor when there is a changeover in a Local in their region.


Policy Grievance – DVP Allard explained that the region of Quebec is concerned about how members on leave due to injuries in the workplace are being handled. Seeing how it works in the other regions, he’s asking for the support from the executive to tell PSAC to file a policy grievance to have the 130-day policy put in place for the Quebec region as it is supposed to be the law.


National Public Service Week – The National President explained that members must take this opportunity and make issues relevant especially during this week.  VPs are asked to check with Locals to see what they are interested in doing (ie: t-shirts, stickers, etc…).