May 18-20, 2010

National Executive Minutes

May 18-20, 2010

Ottawa, ON


Chairman John MacLennan National President
Members Mary Chamberlain Executive Vice-President
  Debbie Graham Vice-President (NL/NB)
  Terry Kiley Vice-President (NS)
  Philippe Turcq Vice-President (QC)
  Paulette Barker Vice-President (NCR)
  Serge Desbiens Vice-President (ON)
  Dale Buck Vice-President (MB/SK)
  Blair Winger Vice-President (AB/North)
  T. Mark Miller Vice-President (BC)
  Daniel Verreault Vice-President (NPF)
  Clay Joyce Vice-President (CSE)
  Patricia McGrath Human Rights Advisor
Recording Secretary Sandra Montpetit  



The National President welcomed members to Ottawa and the Spring meeting of the National Executive.

The harassment statement was read aloud by VP Miller and VP Graham was named intervener.

The hours of sessions were set as follows:

Tuesday, May 18, 9:00 – 11:30 / 1:00 to 4:30
Wednesday, May 19, 9:00 – 11:30 / 1:00 to 5:00
Thursday, May 20, 9:00 – 11:30 / 1:00 to termination of business.

The agenda was adopted as amended.

It was noted that Human Rights Advisor McGrath will attend the Privacy Training when it will be delivered to staff since she will be away.

It was decided that going forth, the minutes of the National Executive meetings will be sent out to all Local Presidents and they may ask for a hard copy of the Financial Statements although these are not to be posted on our website nor are they to be circulated


Kit Shop Water bottles from the last NE meeting was brought back to the table and it was decided that National Office will continue to research finding a supplier for environmentally-sound, Canadian/union made bottles.


The National President gave updates on:

Parking Policy – Members will soon be charged for their parking although there are issues being raised around those with disabilities.  Also not everyone is able to use public transportation for various reasons, Human Rights Advisor McGrath provided much important and detailed information to the committee.  Grievances cannot be put forth until this is implemented.  Human Rights are waiting on those grievances.  Public Works will be performing a parking assessment.   The EVP will raise the concern of HR challenging the validity of disability parking passes at the next UMCC HR sub-committee meeting, as well, the National President will be discussing this at the upcoming June 11 National UMCC meeting.

Federal Budget Meetings – The National President along with other unions has had a meeting with the Deputy Minister to discuss the financial impact cuts will have on members.  He and the EVP have also met with the Land Forces Base Commanders and Area Commanders to try to ensure contractors are looked at before members are.  This will be brought to the next UMCC meeting.  Locals need to keep an eye open about what is going on in their local and report back to their VP.

Collective Bargaining – Over 160 of our members have been trained to date although Table 5 members are missing from the group and are encouraged to take the training.  We will have a bargaining conference on Sept. 14, 15 and 16 which will be followed by a Local Presidents conference Sept. 17-18 and the National Executive Meeting on Sept. 19-23.

Only Locals who have submitted demands will be invited to attend the Bargaining Conference.  This conference is for Treasury Board Locals only not separate employer.  Demands need to be sent to the PSAC by October 1, 2010.  Debbie Graham, Donna Gourley and Glen Whalley have been named the Bargaining Review Committee who will gather submissions for the Bargaining Conference.  The National President wants to ensure strategy and thinking in terms of which members from each region will be interested in running for the National Bargaining Team.  Locals are to submit their demands to USO Paul Dagenais through their respective VPs to reach National Office by August 31, 2010.  More information will follow.

Agenda items for the Local Presidents Conference need to be sent to the Chair of the COMTRA Committee (EVP) through the respective VPs no later than July 31, 2010.

Review and adoption of the morning’s minutes with minor changes.


EAP Report – VP Winger presented his written report (Annex 1).                           s/Graham

There have been changes in the Corporate Office.  They are also going with some distance learning for RA training and see how well that works.  UNDE was not aware nor invited to EAP Week.  The EVP will bring this up at the next UMCC HR sub-committee meeting.


FR Report – VP Winger presented his written report (Annex 2).                              s/Chamberlain

The next Wellness Committee meet in the Fall and they are looking at hosting at UNDE.  There is a Firefit competition coming up in June.  VP Winger is trying to move compensation study ahead.


DCC Report – VP Turcq presented his written report (Annex 3).                              s/MacLennan

VP Turcq discussed his meeting with the ADM/IE, which he noted was difficult and contradictory, will need to take matters outside of department.  Members in locals are asked to watch what is going on in their regions and bring these up at LMRCs to stop the contracting out of work and bring the work back in.  Business cases and information needs to come from the regions.  The National President will bring this issue back up at the National UMCC meeting.  There will be a DCC meeting in June 2010 which will include a business case writing course.


Honours and Awards Report – VP Kiley presented a verbal report.                                   s/Turcq

New chair of this committee is now VP Kiley.  The Committee received three applications: one for honorary award and two for lifetime awards, however, more information is needed and will be researched to determine recipients.  This will be presented at next NE meeting.  The online form will be updated to include two boxes, one for honorary and one for lifetime, when being filled out.
CARRIED by a show of hands.

VP Graham requested to be recorded as having voted against since this was not a written report.

Health & Safety – VP Graham presented her two written reports (Annex 4 and Annex 5).                                                                                                                                                         s/Turcq

One report for H&S as well as a separate report for RTW.  These included proposals to develop links on the UNDE website dedicated to each of these issues.  There will be a logo contest to develop a new logo for the RTW link with a prize of $100 awarded to the lucky winner.

Amendment 1:
EVP Chamberlain put forth an amendment to increase the prize to $250.  s/Barker

CARRIED by a show of hands

Amendment 2:
VP Joyce put forth an amendment to increase the prize to $500.                 s/Barker
DEFEATED by a show of hands

Motion to separate the logo contest from the reports and proposals by VP Miller.
DEFEATED by a show of hands

The entire package of reports, proposals and contest was voted on.




British Columbia – VP Miller presented his written report (Annex 6).                    s/Winger

VP Miller’s regional report also contained the Bylaws Committee Report as well as the GLT Committee Report.

VP Miller is now the chair of the Bylaws Committee.  There have been some suggestions of changes in the policies which the committee will meet to discuss and present back at the Fall NE meeting.

VP Miller noted some challenges with the GLT committee such as problems with internal communications and scheduling face to face meetings.  Currently, on-going issue with this committee is the Apprenticeship program which is facing recruitment problems.  The National President and VP Miller have contacted the department and are trying to work out these issues.


Alberta/North – VP Winger presented his written report (Annex 7).                      s/Miller

VP Winger noted the passing of member Sister Mary Veilleux in December 2009 who was a long-time union activist.


Manitoba/Saskatchewan – VP Buck presented her written report (Annex 8).       s/Miller

Some concerns with members of Aramark/Sodexho being laid-off prior to starting negotiations.  Clarification will be sought on this.


Non-Public Funds – VP Verreault presented his written report (Annex 9).             s/Turcq

VP Verreault reported that negotiations with all his locals have been ongoing with all Locals.

Also, VP Verreault along with another UNDE member recently graduated from Union Labour College at the CLC where VP Verreault published a paper (attached).


Communications Security Establishment – VP Joyce presented a verbal progress report.

CARRIED by show of hands
VP Miller requested to be recorded as having voted against

Motion was put forth by VP Kiley to change the application deadline date of memorial scholarships for this year only to be submitted by August 31 instead of September 30 due to the next National Executive meeting being in the Fall.                                                           s/Joyce


National Capital Region – VP Barker presented her written report (Annex 10).    s/Buck


Ontario – VP Desbiens presented his written report (Annex 11).                             s/Chamberlain


Quebec – VP Turcq presented his written report (Annex 12).                                              s/Verreault

VP Turcq noted translation problems at his Module 9 training course however these have been dealt with and fixed now.


Nova Scotia – VP Kiley presented his written report (Annex 13).                            s/Turcq



Privacy Issue – National President MacLennan presented a memo which is a request from PSAC to have access to UNDE members’ e-mail addresses in order to maintain a membership database.

This needs to be approved by each Local before disclosing this information to PSAC.  VPs are asked to verify and validate with their Locals and inform National Office of the acceptance of each Local.  The National President will also discuss this at the upcoming June 2010 NBoD.  National Office will send the bilingual memo electronically to the VPs.


Return to Work (RTW) Presentation – DND Civilian Health and Return to Work Coordinator,  Bruce Christianson presented an Executive Summary to the NE on the RTW program.


Nadeau Investigation – VP Desbiens moved for the recommendations of this investigation to be untabled.                                                                                                       s/Joyce
CARRIED by a show of hands
The discussion and debate were in camera.

Amendment: VP Miller put forth an amendment to the recommendations to add a third disciplinary recommendation of a 3-year suspension of Sister Nadeau’s membership.  If passed, this would take effect on the day the NBoD decides.

CARRIED by a show of hands

Motion to divide recommendations by VP Turcq.                                       s/Verreault

CARRIED by a show of hands

On the three corrective recommendations.


On the three disciplinary recommendations.


Motion was put forth by National President MacLennan that the results and decisions of the outcome of this investigation and its recommendations not be released by any member of the National Executive, the complainant nor the respondent until the NBoD has dealt with this matter.  A breach of this will result in a full investigation under the UNDE Bylaws as well as the PSAC Constitution.



Executive Vice-President – EVP Chamberlain presented her written report (Annex 14).  The EVP Report includes grievance lists by region, USO reports, the COMTRA report and the updated list of members trained across the country.


Separate Employers Education Session – VP Miller informed the committee that some members from separate employer Locals are asking for another education session like the one they had in 2005, which was grievance training.  After some discussion the conclusion was that this was not necessary since these members are already offered training separately.


The previous day’s minutes were approved with minor changes.

Finance Committee Report – VP Turcq along with Comptroller Brother Brian Loshuk presented their written report, audit report and financial statements.  It was noted that Locals who change bank accounts must advise the Finance Clerk, Amanda Jamieson, as soon as possible or else they won’t receive their rebate cheques.  Locals are asked to keep their current bank account open until the change takes effect.

VP Turcq put forth a motion to retain McKay/Duff as UNDE’s auditors.       s/MacLennan


The Financial Committee Report was accepted as presented.


Presentation:   Colonel Pucci, COS CFHS and Co-chair of the CFHS UMCC gave a presentation to the NE.

Following the COS’ presentation, the following questions were raised:

VP NL/NB:  Sister Graham asked for clarification on the closure of the medical/dental clinic in Goose Base.  COS responded that the dental clinic is closing.  Because of the small population in Goose Bay, it is not economical to leave dental staff there.  They will be moved to St John’s and will provide regular visits back to Goose Bay.  Dental services required will be provided by local dental private service providers.  No civilians will be affected.

VP Quebec:  Brother Turcq raised a concern that he has personally had to intervene on two occasions with the grievance process in the clinic in Val Cartier.  Why?  COS suggested that Brother Turcq make contact with the new CO.  Also, the COS offered to set up a conference call to discuss the matter further.

VP MB/SK:  Sister Buck raised concerns about the minutes from the Shilo LMRC.  Why are two majors, who do not participate at the LMRC, signing the minutes?  COS will follow up.  Also, Sister Buck stated that there appears to be a misunderstanding in regards to the use of uncertified sick leave.

VP AB & The North:  Brother Winger asked for clarification on the Calian numbers presented for Alberta.  COS stated that the explanation is as simple as the TB salaries offered do not entice people to come to work for CFHS, especially in locations such as Cold Lake and Wainwright.

Human Rights Advisor:  Sister McGrath asked for the grievance statistics from previous years for comparison to the ones provided.  Sister McGrath commented that there must be an extra burden on the case managers as a result of the deployment to Afghanistan.  COS responded that the case workers help not only the military member, but also their families, transition from military life to civilian life.  And yes, there has been an increased need.

GS Committee Report – VP Buck presented her written report (Annex 15).           s/Graham

A business case for GS posters was approved this winter, the posters will be delivered to locals in the coming weeks.
VP Buck presented a motion to have red golf shirts made for all GS members to wear to promote awareness of their jobs.  These would be made for approximately 2600 members and would depict the GS/UNDE logo accompanied by the yellow ribbon.  The Committee expressed concern with the fact that there is already a “red shirt Friday” campaign on in support of the troops and that this would take away from it.  There was also concern that this is an expensive venture and would not be able to be offered to the other committees.  The National President suggested that funds would be better spent offering training on writing business cases, one was given already in March 2010.


VP Buck presented her written report.         s/Graham



National Office Communication and Privacy – VP Buck provided documentation on a recent incident involving her region.  A discussion ensued concerning protocol when local executive members from a region leave the region on union business and whether they are supposed to inform the VP before or not.  Many of the National Officers around the table said that they aren’t always aware of when or where their members are gone.

National Office Interfering in Regional Business – VP Buck voiced her concern where there are occasions that members contact National Office directly before going through their Local President and/or VP first for resolution.  The National President said there are usually valid reasons for this to happen and that he welcomes members to contact National Office directly concerning their issues if that’s what they are most comfortable with.  Overall no member will be asked to stop contacting the National Office directly.

Young Workers Committee Report – VP Barker presented her written report (Annex 16).                                                                                                                                              s/Graham

The Young Workers had a two-day symposium in April 2010 where they selected a new name for their committee which is “The Young Workers Initiative Committee”.  They also put together a “Terms of Reference” for their committee which was reviewed, revised and adopted by the National Executive.

Motion to divide the report by VP Graham from the terms of reference.                         s/Chamberlain
CARRIED by a show of hands

On VP Barker’s Committee Report


On the amended Terms of Reference



Newfoundland, Lab./New Brunswick  – VP Graham presented her written report (Annex 17).


HR Advisor – HRA McGrath presented her written report (Annex 18).                    s/Barker

There is an issue in the Alberta region where this a proposal to cut certain equity programs which will leave some members unable to be properly served.  The National President will send a letter to the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT) with VP Winger as co-signer and will copy the Alberta Federation of Labour and the CLC.


LFAA LMRC Report – VP Graham presented her written report (Annex 19).          s/Miller


5 Wing Goose Bay – VP Graham presented a verbal progress report on the upcoming closure of this base as well as the search and rescue program being closed.  There is a concern of job loss.  The National President will discuss this at the UMCC meeting on June 11, 2010.