May 13-15, 2014

National Executive Minutes

May 13-15, 2014

Ottawa, ON

Chair John MacLennan National President
Members Mary Chamberlain Executive Vice-President
Dan Frost Vice-President (NL/NB)
Terry Kiley Vice-President (NS)
Philippe Turcq Vice-President (QC)
Paulette Barker Vice-President (NCR)
Serge Desbiens Interim Vice-President (ON)
Randy Walker Vice-President (MB/SK)
June Winger Vice-President (AB/North)
T. Mark Miller Vice-President (BC)
Tamara Lindsay Vice-President (NPF)
Clay Joyce Vice-President (CSE)
Gloria Kelly Human Rights Advisor
Recording Secretary Sandra Montpetit

TUESDAY MAY 13, 2014

The harassment statement was read aloud by Human Rights Advisor Gloria Kelly and EVP Chamberlain was named intervener.


  • The National President welcomed members to the spring meeting of the National Executive.  He provided an update on the CLC Convention as well as the Regional PSAC Conventions which have begun. Larry Rousseau has been acclaimed as the REVP for the National Capital Region and Bob Jackson has been re-elected as the REVP for British Columbia. In other good news, he informed the group that Bill-377 will soon be withdrawn from the Senate.

    The hours of sessions were set as follows:

    Tuesday, May 13, 9:00 -11:30 / 1:00 to 5:00

    Wednesday, May 14, 9:00 – 11:30 / 1:00 to 5:00
    Thursday, May 15, 9:00 – 11:30 / 1:00 to termination of business

    The agenda was adopted as amended.

    A moment of silence was observed by the National Officers for the following members who have passed since the last meeting:

    Brother Peter Andrews, Local 101

    Sister Helen Goodrick, Local 406

    Brother Luc Lavergne, Local 507

    Sister Pat McGrath, Local 605

    Brother Ray Gillis, Local 617

    Brother Tom Hoday, Local 620

    Brother George Peacock, Local 620

    Brother John Muir, Local 629

    Brother John Pyke, Local 635

    Brother John Larkin, Local 705

    Brother Randy LeGrand, Local 902

    Sister Marilyn Willerton, Local 910

    Brother Kevin Ransom, Local 1010

    Brother Kay Luna, Suffield Lifetime member

    The minutes of the previous meeting in November 2013 were adopted.


  • Air Command – In VP Preston’s absence, VP Miller gave a verbal update on the Air Command file. The next meeting of 1 CAD is on May 26th. The issue of Goose Bay will be addressed at this meeting and will also be brought to the National UMCC meeting on June 2 if necessary. Any other agenda items should be sent to VP Miller before the May 26th meeting.

  • Apprenticeship Report                                                                 m/s Miller-Walker

    VP Miller presented his written report which highlighted the good news that there will be 33 new apprentices within the next 4 years.

  • EAP Report                                                                                  m/s Walker/Lindsay

    VP Walker presented his written report. There was much discussion about training and lack thereof. The department has established a focus group to review the modules and determine utilization however, training must come first. As this program is supposed to be joint, EVP Chamberlain suggested that UNDE must take back control of the EAP program in the next mandate to get it back on track.


  • Newfoundland/Labrador and New Brunswick                              m/s Frost-Winger

    VP Frost presented his written report. He outlined his activities in his region as well as training that will take place in Gagetown and Goose Bay. Elections for most of the Locals are also now complete.

  • Nova Scotia                                                                               m/s Kiley-Barker

    VP Kiley presented his written report which detailed a successful conference in his region in April as well as other activities and meetings he attended.

  • Presentation on work descriptions by Brother Paul Dagenais, USO – Brother Dagenais explained the practice of the collective work descriptions review and answered questions on its process. There is a half-day session given to members by the employer which should also include a union representative at all times. A video was also made as an educational tool.

  • Ontario                                                                                        m/s Desbiens-Turcq

    Acting VP Desbiens presented his written report. During the past few months he has visited many of this region’s Locals to attend their elections as well as he attended the 4 Division LMRC meetings in Toronto.

  • Communications Security Establishment                                    m/s Joyce-Turcq

    VP Joyce presented her written report. Although this region does not yet have a new Youth Representative, she was happy to report that there is a new Human Rights Representative as well as an alternate. She also informed the group that their Regional Conference in March was a success with many new stewards in attendance.

  • Non-Public Funds                                                                        m/s Lindsay-Miller

    VP Lindsay presented her written report which indicated most of her Locals have negotiated contract renewals. There was some discussion concerning the employer’s dress policy and what is acceptable keeping in mind that health and safety is always the priority; however, if the employer enforces a specific dress code it is the union’s position that the employer should provide the clothing orpay for it.

  • Quebec                                                                                        m/s Turcq-Desbiens

    VP Turcq presented his written report which outlined his activities and the work he and his Locals have been doing to manage job losses in his region and to rally against the Conservative government. He also had a good Regional Conference in April.

  • WEDNESDAY MAY 14, 2014

  • Manitoba/Saskatchewan Report                                                 m/s Walker-Joyce

    VP Walker presented his written report which identified the activities and meetings he has attended since the last NE meeting. Aramark has negotiated a new agreement in January 2014 and Sodexo is preparing to start negotiations in the upcoming months. Lastly, he said the Prairie Council of Locals which took place in March in Edmonton was a success.

  • FR Steering Committee Report and Wellness Report                 m/s Walker-Turcq

    VP Walker presented his written report. The FR Steering Committee is aiming for the September 2014 timeframe to have their next meeting. There was some discussion that the FR Wellness Committee is supposed to be jointly represented although there have been issues with the members who sit on the Committee and how they are chosen.

  • Health & Safety Report                                                                m/s Kiley-Miller

    VP Kiley presented his written report. There was a discussion about Return to Work and how it is not functioning well in some regions because it is not communicated enough to members.

    Following his next National Health & Safety Meeting, VP Kiley will provide more information concerning the lack of an evacuation plan in Rocky Point, B.C. since there is no system in place out there.

    EVP Chamberlain said she received a copy of a Local Violence Prevention in the Workplace Policy; she has sent back to D Safe G with concerns that the policy that the unions consulted on and agreed to forms part of the DND Safety Program, there should be no Local policies. In addition, the Local policy as received is not in total compliance with the national one.

    There was also a discussion on First Aid in the workplace and whether there is a full-time First Aid Officer on staff as it seems to vary in each region. Sister Gloria Kelly also pointed out that according to the Canada Occupational Health & Safety Regulations Act, see link,

    which states that any building with 200 or more employees MUST provide a First Aid room and that DND is not in compliance.

  • Finance Report                                                                            m/s Turcq-Winger

    VP Turcq presented his written financial report along with Comptroller Loshuk who joined the meeting. UNDE is in a good financial position and in line with the budget. Of note, the line item for the Union Action has nearly been exhausted on DCC and Fight Back campaigns.

  • MOTION                                                                                       m/s Winger-Walker

    Whereas UNDE must reappoint an auditor for every fiscal year to verify their financial statement;

    Whereas UNDE has used the service of McCay Duff LLP as auditors of their financial statements and are satisfied with the results and costs;

    Be It Resolved that UNDE reappoints McCay Duff LLP for the audit of their 2014 fiscal year.

  • National Capital Region                                                               m/s Barker-Turcq

    VP Barker presented her written report which contained a list of activities she attended in her region as well as various meetings.

  • Executive Vice-President Report                                       m/s Chamberlain-Lindsay

    EVP Chamberlain presented her written report which contained the COMTRA Report as well as the USO Reports. Hard copies of the regional training reports were given to each of the VPs separately for their respective region.

    EVP Chamberlain added that the UNDE Module 10 – UNDE Harassment Policy is still under development. Other commitments of the Committee members had pushed it to the back burner, however, based on questions recently received from two regions, it is being completed for final review by the members of COMTRA.

    EVP Chamberlain advised that the NCR JLP Coordinators announced at the convention this past weekend that a JLP Mental Health Workshop has been developed.

    There was some discussion about how the new “PSAC Discipline Investigation Training” should be rolled out to members since trained investigators are now required in accordance with the PSACConstitution. Following consensus by the group, National President MacLennan will inform the NBoD that UNDE will train its own facilitators and provide the training to our own members and maintain our own bank of trained members.

  • Update on upcoming Triennial Convention – Both National President MacLennan and Sister Sandra Montpetit updated the National Officers on the progress of the organization of the upcoming Convention in Quebec City in August 2014.

    The per diem rate has been set at $95/day per delegate        m/s Chamberlain-Turcq

  • Consolidation of compensation services – Sister Gloria Kelly expressed awareness of the lack of service with the now implemented consolidation of compensation services. It seems members are experiencing difficulties dealing with Human Resources concerning their files. EVP Chamberlain stated that if the members are experiencing difficulties at the Local level, those issues should be identified to national office to be raised with the corporate director.

  • Bylaws Report                                                                             m/s Miller-Winger

    VP Miller presented his written report.

    MOTION to table the Bylaws Committee Report                    m/s Chamberlain-Lindsay

  • WITHDRAWN – The resolution put forth as part of the Report was withdrawn by VP Miller.

    THURSDAY MAY 15, 2014

  • Youth Report                                                                               m/s Barker-Winger

    VP Barker presented her written report. The Committee had two conference calls where they discussed activities in their regions (see attached).

  • MOTION from Bylaws Committee                                                   m/s Joyce-Lindsay

    Whereas the PSAC 2003 Triennial Convention amended the PSAC Constitution, section 18 sub-section 1 to allow any member in good standing to be nominated and run for election.

    Be It resolved that UNDE Bylaw 9, Article 2 be amended to read “All nominees for elected office shall be a UNDE member in good standing” thus deleting ……..”voting delegates to the Triennial national Convention and in attendance at the time of election”.

  • Alberta and the North Report                                                       m/s Winger-Walker

    VP Winger presented her written report where she gave an update of the TC Bargaining group as well as the Council of Locals in March. There was also some discussion on the employer’s progressive career advancement program and how it differs across the regions.

  • British Columbia Report                                                              m/s Miller-Walker

    VP Miller presented his written report which highlighted his activities including the success of his regional conference and AGM cycle meetings. Of note was his region’s May Day activities where leaflets were handed out.

  • Human Rights Advisor Report                                           m/s Chamberlain-Joyce

    Sister Kelly presented her written report outlining her activities including the Human Rights Coordinators which held a successful and informative symposium in March.

  • Motion                                                                                         m/s Barker-Turcq

    Whereas the Young Workers Initiative Committee is struggling to solidify their rightful place in their union;

    And whereas their activities report has proved how motivated some of our young workers reps are within other sections of the labour movement ie: Quebec Federation of Labour.

    Be It Resolved that the Union of National Defence Employees send five (5) active Young Workers Initiative Committee reps to the UNDE 2014 Triennial Convention with a mandate, this could be jointly developed or delegated by this body (NE).

  • Honours and Awards Report                                            m/s Chamberlain-Turcq

    VP Kiley presented the Committee’s written report.

    Motion to divide all three parts.                                             m/s Chamberlain-Turcq

  • Part A – 30-year service pin for Brother Claude Bertrand, Local 70611

  • Part B          – Honourary membership for former VP NPF

  • Part C          – Lifetime membership

  • Motion to destroy ballots.                                                               m/s Kiley-Desbiens