March 15-17, 2021

National Executive Minutes

National Executive Meeting

March 15-17, 2021

Virtual Meeting

Chairman June Winger National President
Members Benoit Laberge Executive Vice-President
Dan Frost Vice-President (NL-NB)
Terry Kiley Vice-President (NS)
Michel Allard Vice-President (QC)
Jeff Wrinn Vice-President (NCR)
Grant Tennant Vice-President (ON)
Mona Simcoe Vice-President (MB/SK)
Bryan Meakin Vice-President (AB/North)
T. Mark Miller Vice-President (BC)
Cathy O’Kane Vice-President (NPF)
Eugene Stone Vice-President (CSE)
Paul Jones Human Rights Advisor
Recording Secretary Sandra Mombourquette





The National President welcomed the National Officers to the Spring meeting.


The harassment statement was read aloud by Human Rights Advisor Paul Jones who was also named intervener.



The hours of sessions were adopted as follows:


Monday, March 15                10:00 – 12:00 / 13:00 to 16:00 (EST)

Tuesday, March 16                13:00 to 16:00 (EST)

Wednesday, March 17            11:00 (EST) to termination of business.



The AGENDA was adopted.                                                         m-s Meakin/Wrinn      CARRIED






A moment of silence was observed for the following members who have passed since the last meeting:


Brother John Blair Cameron, Local 21007

Brother David Wu, Local 00641

Brother André Gagné, Local 10501

Sister Della Bennett, Past President of Local 40802

Brother Robert Lisk, Local 70654

Sister Jennifer Aiken, Local 21011

Sister Esperanza Guevara, Local 70654







Harassment in the CAF: This is affecting not only the CAF but the public servants as well.  Aggressive behaviours are unacceptable, need significant systemic change in the CAF.

DM is looking for communication with bargaining agents, she needs to ensure Committees are being trained and abuses are being acted on, need to determine root causes and evaluate them in order for continued improvement.  The DM acknowledged that ALL harassment is violence, no matter what kind of harassment or violence it is.  The National President raised the issue with the DM about changing the harassment article in our Collective Agreement (CA) to ALL harassment or violence.  The DM agreed it is time to change it in our CA.


Vaccination roll-out for public servants:  The DM is working to get certain groups on priority lists such as the Firefighters, Ships Crews and Repair.  The National President reminded the VPs that no leave needs to be taken from members who go for vaccinations, same process as going for a dental or medical appointment.  An announcement is expected soon from the National Joint Council (NJC) on rapid testing to follow.


Carry-over of leave:  The National President raised this as still being an issue, still being problematic, particularly in one region in Real Property Operations Units (RPops), if VP is unable to get it corrected soon, please let the National President know, and she will deal with it nationally.


Harassment in Firehalls:  The National President also said there are still issues at firehalls, particularly in Valcartier and Suffield.



The National President said they spoke mostly about Phoenix damages.  Members received their pay at same time as damages award, all being taxed at once together, however damages should be tax-free.  TBS said they needed ruling on CRA before issuing payments but insisted on waiting until all CAs were ratified prior to requesting the ruling.  Although CRA gave an opinion and not a ruling TBS proceeded with issuing the damages (taxed).  TBS still has not provided direction to retirees on how they will get their award. PSAC continues to push to receive a CRA ruling to have the damages not taxable and have TBS provide the damages to retirees.  More information will follow on the PSAC website.



PREVIOUS MINUTES – ADOPTED                                          m-s Wrinn/O’Kane        CARRIED




ADM-IE (RP Ops) Report                                                                               m-s Miller/ Stone

VP Miller presented his written report.  The next UMCC is coming up in a couple of months.  Question about funding numbers by the RCN.  Problem in Halifax with Red Seals, apparently HR used an old poster which had incorrect information.  Not expecting great changes in advance of meeting.  VP Simcoe added the fact that they have said there is a higher standard of cleaning at the bases but no extra SWE expected, so if you notice or hear about contracting this work please bring up this information, don’t want DCC having all the control.



Real Property Ops Unit Ontario LMCC – Nil Report, verbal update                                              

VP Tennant said 699 continues to be an issue as well as carry-over.  The National President reminded the VPs to bring those up to her or Brother Miller/Sister Simcoe as they are the IE reps.  VP Tennant says members are not willing to put in paperwork for this.  The National President says no need to grieve but let her know if it cannot be resolved regionally nor thru IE and she can bring up to National.


Real Property Ops Unit West LMCC                                                              m-s Simcoe/Meakin

VP Simcoe presented her written report.  At the last LMRC meeting talked about SWE, they said they will spend everything they have and more with the thinking that they will get more next time around.  The LCol, who is new to the region, did say he wants to help the public servants as much as he can.

Issues with heating plant in Shilo because it is old and no money has been put into it.  Afraid of having major failures.  Members in the workplace are concerned.

Contracting out of armouries has become an issue in the West.  Members who are near retirement are noticing the department is getting ready for contracting out their work once they retire.

ODM, still not started yet but hopeful.

Issues in Dundurn with reporting lines.  Changing org charts around.  Members unsure who they report to and take orders from.  Needs to get sorted out.  Some members’ supervisory status were left out of org chart.  Grievance has been put in.



Real Property Ops Unit Atlantic LMCC                                                         m-s Kiley/Frost

VP Kiley presented his written report.  They had one meeting back in December, they talked about Covid-19 and protocols for cleaning.  A lot of members working from home, well received, flexible, better equipment to be compatible.  If they are called back to the workplace they are given 2 weeks notice.  Struggling with staffing, support from MARLANT.  Discussed filling from within instead of bringing in new people.  Employment Equity and hiring is always an issue, VP Kiley always bring it up at each meeting.  The National President asked what causes the delay in staffing.  VP Kiley said he keeps asking but all they say is problem with manpower. Vacancy management reports, VP Kiley says Locals are always asking for them.  They hired an EE person for the MARLANT whole region.

VP Frost added that some staffing positions have been vacant for a long time.  There has been an increase in cleaning but that has been contracted out.  Also, no one has been pressured to use their carry-over of leave.

Human Rights Advisor (HRA) Jones asked VP Kiley for a copy of the Civilian Diversity Inclusion action plan, also asked who the HRA defence team committee are.  VP Kiley said he would get a copy.  HRA Jones said he receives a detailed vacancy report and will share the report with NE Officers.

RV 3 – CARRIED                                                              


Real Property Ops Unit Quebec LMCC                                                         m-s Allard/Laberge

VP Allard presented his written report.  No discussions with management since last meeting.  He said he needs to ask for vacant positions and will report it at next NE meeting.



Air Command                                                                                                m-s Miller/Laberge

VP Miller presented his written report.  Two issues, both from East coast.  VP Frost was going to look after the IMP situation pertaining to infrastructure issues.  The other issue having to do with a rant on Facebook by a military member.  VP Simcoe talked about Dundurn and continue to push 2 CAD about compliance reviews, it’s been 12 years that corrections have not been made.  Also, a case of 699 leave in 2 CAD, grievance has just been put in, member being forced to use their 96 hours for leave.



2nd Canadian Division Support Group (CDSG) – Quebec                      m-s Allard/O’Kane

VP Allard presented his written report.  At their meeting, they had a presentation on harassment and violence in the workplace.  There have been a couple of issues for annual leave carry-over.  There was also discussion about a new operations plan.  Department subordinates were encouraged to meet with their local union representatives.



3rd Canadian Division Support Group (CDSG) – Western Canada   m-s Simcoe/Laberge

VP Simcoe presented her written report.  The is a meeting coming up and on the agenda will be Shilo as well as FR work descriptions update.  CFB Suffield and BATUS.  Staffing vacancy reports.  For the SWE, management wants to hire and fill positions but it’s taking way too long, why is this happening?  Union no longer accepting explanations, asking them to give concrete examples.  It should not take this long, then what is the point of Standardized Job Descriptions?  Brough up EAP, no longer strong EAP presence, no rep anymore.  Uncover the cost campaign, Peter Hooey sent out to all management to be aware of any job action happening.                                                        RV 7 – CARRIED                           


4th Canadian Division Support Group (CDSG) – Central – Nil Report, verbal update           

VP Tennant said there has been no meeting therefore nothing to report.


5th Canadian Division Support Group (CDSG) – Atlantic Canada              m-s Frost/Allard

VP Frost presented his written report.  He said ODM for Gagetown has been approved and hiring done but not opened yet.  The flu vaccinations have begun but not many signed up as this is late in the game and most have already been done.

Recruitment on hold for the EAP Referral Agent (RA).

Staffing and carry-over of leave issues are still happening, but they have been addressed.

Training to continue on Base Gagetown, it has not slowed down.  Soft isolation was allowing them to do their training during the 14-day quarantine, but that has stopped since there have been positive cases.

The National President asked about military spousal employment, if it was posted or not.  VP Frost said he will get more detail.  The National President also asked about staffing vacancy reports, VP Frost said he has received one but waiting on one more.


 Canadian Forces Housing Authority (CFHA)                                                m-s Frost/Laberge

VP Frost presented his written report.  Minutes of last meeting have been sent out to VPs.  Next meeting is in June. Since last meeting there has been a review of all positions, some being reclassified.  Satellite office in Gander will now have a full operational site.

RV 9 – CARRIED                                                        

Canadian Forces Health Services (CFHS) – Nil Report, verbal update                                 

VP Wrinn said there is a UMCC coming up at the end of March, they have done a reorganization which is why it is delayed.  They will talk about mental health support services, they have 31 professionals on site.  There are 160 strategy action items to work on.  They want to grow the SSE Committee by at least 200 people within this year and next. The National President suggested they discuss how CFHS members will be represented via a UMCC.  VP Wrinn said yes they will discuss at the meeting.


DRDC                                                                                                             m-s Meakin/Kiley

VP Meakin presented his written report.  The last official meeting was in December, no minutes received yet.  Been having monthly updates with the other bargaining agents.  Not many issues to discuss.  Carling Campus’ business resumption plan is going to Phase 3 this month but unclear on expectation for DRDC, plan not shared at this time.  Staffing also discussed, will be doing a national pool to hire AS-1 to AS-6.  Next meeting not yet scheduled.  Human Rights Advisor Jones asked about Phase 3, what does it entail?  VP Meakin explained that Phase one was all at home, Phase 2 teleworking at home and Phase 3 with some back in workplace.                                                  RV 10 – CARRIED


 Apprenticeship                                                                                              m-s Miller/Frost

VP Miller presented his written report.  He said he has been reappointed to the BC Federation Apprenticeship Committee. This Committee is always problematic with communications issues and scheduling of meetings.

In reference to UNDE not renewing its membership to the Canadian Apprenticeship Forum, the National President said there have been no reports of activity from this portfolio for the extended term. She reminded VP Miller she asked a year ago for ways to raise awareness on this Committee but received no response from him causing her to question if sending a VP to a conference once a year at a great expense to the Union is the best way to support the portfolio. VP Miller initially requested the membership renewal and conference registration in 2016 to help raise UNDE’s profile. After receiving VP Millers request to renew the membership and register for the conference, the National President asked if he felt the goal of raising UNDE’s profile was being met and what if any plans did he have to review the portfolio but received no response.   The National President explained that she fully supports the Apprenticeship Program at National Defence and would like to see a plan in place of how the portfolio will be reinvigorated.                                                                            RV 11 – CARRIED


Bylaws                                                                                                             m-s Miller/O’Kane

VP Miller presented his written report.  He reminded the VPs about sending him their harassment reports.  VP BC said it is still a problem for the National Officers to send in these reports, he will accept them in any form and even if they are nil reports.

The Standing Bylaws Committee was previously asked to review the UNDE Harassment Statement and make any necessary changes to it. They have reviewed it and will submit a motion separately for this portion of the report.

VP Miller explained there are highlights to Convention Bylaws for discussion purposes only since the Convention was postponed due to the pandemic such as “Convention Committees shall meet in Ottawa.”  The National President said for this to be suspended to allow Committees to meet virtually, a motion is required.  VP BC said they did not discuss as a Committee to motion this.

The National President also asked about the Local Presidents who submitted their names as delegates in 2020 and may not be Local President now in 2021, has the Committee considered and discussed this and how to proceed?  VP Miller said they did discuss it but not sure how big this problem would be, not aware of how many changes there would be.  They are willing to look at it.

VP Simcoe and VP Meakin both asked for clarification on AGMs for those who have deferred them and those Locals who still need to have AGMs before the Convention.  The National President said those Locals who chose to postpone their AGMs until the end of December 2021 can still attend Convention.  Although she said Locals should be trying to have their AGM meetings regardless.




To present amended UNDE Harassment Statement changes which were part of the Bylaws Report.



Employee Assistance Program – Nil Report, verbal update

VP Wrinn said he is waiting to hear when the Committee will hold their next meeting, it could be in April.  He said there have been 84 complaints with regard to hateful conduct both civilian and military in the NCR.  There are webinars being given on mental health and burnout.

The new champion for management is Rob Chambers from ADM-IE.                                                                                                                  

Finance                                                                                                           m-s Meakin/Wrinn

VP Meakin presented the Finance Report, stating UNDE has over 18,000 active members now.

Over 4,000 on the RAND list.

VPs are asked to talk to their Locals so that they go through their MUD sheets to ensure they are up to date and belong to correct Locals.

2020 Financial Audit report will be done soon, was delayed due to server issues at National Office.  Covid-19 has had an impact on finances, have not spent as much on travel and in-person meetings.

There are still outstanding claims, VP Meakin asks to please remind all Locals to send them in.

Reminder to NE Officers to verify their Visa card charges.

21 Locals still not have sent in their AGM minutes or notice to differ.

Marc Natal is leaving Montrosco Bolton, he has introduced the National President to his replacement, Rob Hiscox, through e-mail.  The National President says a virtual meeting may be scheduled at the Finance Committee’s request to have an introductory discussion with this new person.



Firefighter Steering & Wellness                                                                     m-s Meakin/Wrinn

VP Meakin presented his written report.  Firehall issues continue, nothing seems to change.  Majority of firehalls are working on minimum manning, staffing is a concern.  No official Steering Committee since October.  On Feb. 23 had inaugural situational table FR meeting.  Union brought up concern about shifts.  Also brought up environmental concerns.  Terms of Refence are being tweaked, almost done.  Shift schedules were on the agenda.                                                                RV 14 – CARRIED


Health & Safety                                                                                             m-s Kiley/Laberge

VP Kiley presented his written report.  He said there were no work refusals over the past period.  Harassment Violence Prevention Working Group (Bill C-65) is being talked about a lot, it has been working well since January when it was launched.  There are workshops being offered to all employees.  Office of Disability Management (ODM) is getting additional funding in order to be expanded.

RV 15 – CARRIED       


Honours and Awards                                                                                    m-s Kiley/Allard   

VP Kiley presented the Committee’s report.  The Committee recommended an application for a 30-year pin for Sister Jacqueline Neufeld, Local 30905, which was approved by the Committee.

Human Rights Advisor Jones asked about the Human Rights Award proposal his Committee sent to the Honours and Awards Committee.  VP Kiley said the Committee will look into it and get back to him.

The National President asked for an update on the development of a process to be established in the event of a need for the removal of lifetime memberships. VP Kiley said the Committee will look into this and bring a proposal back to the National Executive.



Young Workers                                                                                             m-s Simcoe/Meakin

VP Simcoe presented her written report.  She said there are still vacant representative positions in some regions (BC, ONT, NCR, QC, NS).  The National President asked if there is something we can do to attract members to these positions. The main reason is most age out and need to be replaced.  VP Simcoe said if there are some members are interested, they can just observe during one of the Committee’s monthly meetings to get a feel for it and see if interested.

The Committee continues to have monthly Teams meetings, they are working on resolutions for Convention.  The Committee is also working on a job description for the young worker representatives.  VP O’Kane asked about regional surveys as she has not seen any yet.  VP Simcoe said she will ask the NPF young representative to send one along to her.  VP Stone said his representative has said it is difficult to get any work done on this Committee as participation is low, especially with all the vacancies.                                                                                                                    RV 17 – CARRIED


 LMCC Army Commander                                                                              m-s Frost/Miller

VP Frost presented his written report.  He said he has not been able to get the minutes of the last meeting.  He said there was discussion on 699 and that they will follow Treasury Board’s direction.  There was a discussion related to some of the challenges at CDSG Gagetown and the Lodger Formation, CTC, some of the communications issues have been resolved.                          RV 18 – CARRIED


ADM Mat GLMC                                                                                            m-s Simcoe/ Meakin

VP Simcoe presented her written report.  Last meeting held December 2.  Firefighter station wear, following up on where timeline is on a piece of equipment requested since 2017. VP Meakin says the CFFM is aware that station wear needs to be updated.

Also followed up on a push for 202 workshop to move forward with an apprenticeship program, as the program they currently have in place is not proper, therefore looking to change it.  Covid has put a delay on this but will keep raising the issue.

                                                                                                                              RV 19 – CARRIED

CMSG                                                                                                              m-s Simcoe/Laberge

VP Simcoe presented her written report.  This Committee constantly talks about the urgency of modernization.  Project DMINO has 3 phases before it’s completion, currently they are in Phase 2.  VP Simcoe always asks on this project to be kept in the loop as they move through the phases.

They have no room for material inventory, they are trying to move out old stuff to make room for new stuff.  There are no minutes from previous minutes therefore hard to determine what has been discussed in the past at this Committee.                                                            RV 20 – CARRIED


OATH OF OFFICE: The National President administered the oath of office to Brother Grant Tennant, the new VP Ontario.




Newfoundland, Labrador & New Brunswick Report                                   m-s Frost/Kiley

VP Frost presented his written report.  Grievance handling training coming up and Classification training (both will be done virtually).  Five Locals decided to defer their AGMs.

Brother Dennis Sheppard (Local 90102) retired on Feb. 18th, Brother Dave Meade (Local 60303) moves up as Deputy Vice-President.

SERCO has been awarded the contract bid for 20-year contract.

New youth and human rights reps to come soon.

                                                                                                                              RV 21 – CARRIED


Nova Scotia Report                                                                                       m-s Kiley/O’Kane

VP Kiley presented his written report.  Covid is still the biggest issue, most employees continue working from home.  He gave updates on his Locals, when an issue arises they have meetings with the employer to find a solution, there are more frequent LMRCs and health & safety meetings continue as well.  The Directorate of General Safety (DsafeG) is putting out lots of information.

Since there are no face to face meetings, VP Kiley wants to encourage Locals to do virtual AGMs.

Human Rights Advisor Jones asked about the Human Rights Coordinator in Nova Scotia, but VP Kiley said he has not heard from her.



 Quebec Report                                                                                           m-s Allard/Frost

VP Allard presented his written report and said there has not been much change in his region.

Since he cannot meet face to face with his Locals, they do have a conference call every two weeks. There are still some Locals who need ot have elections done.  Issues still exist at the Valcartier site, even though there have been recommendations made there still is a lot of work to be done.  The meeting with ODM went well, it was a constructive meeting.

                                                                                                                                       RV 23 – CARRIED         

Ontario Report – Nil Report        


National Capital Region Report                                                                    m-s Wrinn/Laberge

VP Wrinn presented his written report.  Ottawa-Gatineau Union Locals (OGUL) is busy getting ready for the launch of the “Uncover the Cost” campaign on March 19.

Update on Local 70607’s morale and wellness fund, the Commandant had meeting with the Local and decided they will buy gift cards and have draws to encourage mental health.

The National President asked about carry-over of leave issue member had in his Local, VP Wrinn said he is dealing with it.

                                                                                                                            RV 24 – CARRIED       


Communications Security Establishment Report                                        m-s Stone/Meakin

VP Stone presented his written report.  He said bargaining still remains the main issue, they have a strike mandate, majority was in favour.  There is an information picket tomorrow in front of building, press release went out.

Management still offering less that the core of public services received, they refuse binding arbitration.

The National President asked about Essential Services Agreement lists for CSE, if letters were handed out.  VP Stone said management didn’t take it as a priority and now trying to move positions around now, letters were sent out in Oct-Nov 2020, no formal requests received yet.

VP Kiley asked about harassment and violence in the workplace prevention at CSE.  VP Stone said new courses are coming which is mandatory training for all employees.

It is through the school of public service, free of charge, although must be on Government network which is an issue because 70% still working from home.

                                                                                                                          RV 25 – CARRIED


Non-Public Funds Report                                                                               m-s O’Kane/Frost

VP O’Kane presented her written report.  She said most members back to work in workplace, although most of the managers work from home.

Continuing with negotiations, 5 Locals have settled, 5 still struggling with negotiations, hoping to settle by summer.

Submitted ATIPs, PSAC requested lists of layoffs, employers not sharing much.

National Health & Safety Meeting was mostly about the vaccinations, the biggest issue is that they are not allowing leave for these, members are expected to work around their schedules, VP O’Kane has discussed this with the managers, they will review going forward.

She told them the members work with the public and need their vaccination.

                                                                                                                            RV 26 – CARRIED


Manitoba/Saskatchewan Report                                                                 m-s Simcoe/Allard

VP Simcoe presented her written report.  The “Uncover the cost Campaign” is going well, the signs brought attention to management.  Going to MP offices next month for demonstration.

Management is saying it is taking too long to hire and fill positions, so they are contracting out the work and not advertising these jobs.  VP Simcoe reminded her Locals to get the employment vacancy reports.

VP Simcoe gave an update on her Locals.

One member on 699 leave was forced to take their 96 hours of leave, grievance to follow by end of week, this is discrimination since she can’t work from home due to the kind of work she does.

The National President said she is concerned with NASCO doing public service work in the kitchens.  VP Simcoe explained that they were brought in temporarily although their contract keeps getting extended, especially due to Covid, she assured that their contract renewal in 2021 is being investigated.  The National President asked if other VPs are having this issue with their kitchen staff.  It seems limited to Ontario and Man/Sask.

VP Simcoe made special mention about the passing of Past Local President Della Bennett.  National President Winger said she will be missed.



Alberta & The North Report                                                                     m-s Meakin/O’Kane

VP Meakin presented his written report listing his activities since the Fall.  He said the region has been busy, Locals were having Teams meetings and teleconferences as a group (every third Tues of the month) but stopped the Teams meeting.

Training in Wainwright and Suffield has continued, concerned about additional military personnel on site although they are following protocols (negative Covid tests, distancing, isolating).  Main concern from members is return to work as some have been told to come back to the workplace.



British Columbia Report                                                                               m-s Miller/Frost

VP Miller presented his written report.  He said the highlight was when he presented scholarship cheque to deserving recipient.

PSAC BC Regional Convention is ramping up, the date is coming up in May.

RPops updates: annual leave situation is an issue that is still being dealt with.  Improper interpretation is the problem.  Another issue discussed was that monitor mass is mandatory although Col Rancourt says it is voluntary.  The monitor Mass is a computer program that contains and tracks information on employees (leave, training, committees, etc…) used across the country at varying levels and depths.

RPops is back up to 100% so there is no more Covid reporting.

RV 29 – CARRIED        


Human Rights Report                                                                                   m-s Frost/Stone

Human Rights Advisor Jones presented his written report.  He says the PSAC National Human Rights Committee had three meetings, but they never send a call out for agenda items.

The Human Rights Committee met on Feb. 13, highlights are they talked about training and utilizing funding to go to Convention.

UNDE Statement on Racism was released as well as a statement on Myanmar.

Human Rights video update: just received the dialogue program for the video, it still needs some tweaking.

                                                                                                                            RV 30 – CARRIED




Executive Vice-President Report                                                                  m-s Laberge/Allard

The EVP presented his written report.  He said the dates for the Local Presidents Conference are Dec. 3-4, 2021 in Ottawa, although the Committee will revisit the date in June due to pandemic and ongoing restrictions. There is a meeting with COMTRA next week to talk about moving the dates of the Conference to either just before or right after Convention to save on travel costs.

VP Simcoe said her region felt it was not safe to have it in person, although in person is always preferred.  She also asked about the timing of the Conference since it has changed from being in early Spring and how this will be done going forward since AGMs are in the Fall, having it this late in the year, following Convention this year.  Timelines are short and tight.  She said the Manitoba/Saskatchewan region would like COMTRA to revisit the date of the LPC.

VP Kiley said it’s good that the Conference is after the Convention and is in favour of having them separate, it is what the Local Presidents want since it’s their conference.

The Human Rights Advisor said it might be a good idea to ask Locals to have their AGMs earlier this year due to the current situation.

The EVP says we need to be flexible with the Bylaws since this is a special circumstance this year with the pandemic.

VP Simcoe says this is a short timeline to organize it as there may be new VPs following Convention.

Concerning the Labour Relations Reports (LRO), the EVP asked National Officers to remind all Locals that documents need to be sent up to National Office concerning their grievances.

Training, the COMTRA Committee is looking at setting up virtual Zoom for any upcoming training modules.

AEU Collective Agreements: both units for Staff negotiations (14 and 18) are settled, working on MOA for telework now.





MOTION                                                                                             m-s Miller/Simcoe

The Standing Bylaws Committee (SBC) was previously asked to review the UNDE Harassment Statement and make any necessary changes to it. The Committee reviewed and submitted for the NE’s consideration the following amended statement:




 (to be read by the Intervener aloud at all UNDE events)

The Union of National Defence Employees promotes a zero-tolerance policy in regard to harassment and discrimination.

The component believes and promotes full equality of all its members and the right of each member to be treated with dignity and respect.

UNDE will neither tolerate nor condone attitudes and behaviours at union events, regardless of intent, that are likely to undermine the dignity, self-esteem or security of an individual or create an intimidating, threatening, hostile or offensive environment.

If you experience harassment at this event, please contact (xxxxx) who will assist you through the process outlined in the UNDE Harassment Policy and the Guidelines and Procedures for Managing Harassment Complaints.

Add below para >>>

In addition, UNDE recognizes that accessibility is an essential requirement for the participation of members with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS). In consideration for the health of our members, UNDE requests that all participants attending this activity refrain from using scented products.  These include scented perfumes, colognes, lotions, hairsprays, deodorants and other products promoted by the fragrance industry.


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In addition, UNDE recognizes that accessibility is an essential requirement for the participation of members with environmental sensitivities disabilities. In consideration for the health of our delegates and observers who may suffer from environmental sensitivities disabilities, and with the goal of eliminating a contaminant from the air, UNDE requests that all participants attending this activity refrain from using scented products.  These include scented perfumes, colognes, lotions, hairsprays, deodorants and other products promoted by the fragrance industry.





Human Rights Award – Honours and Awards Addendum to Report:

VP Kiley said the Human Rights Committee were mandated by the Human Rights Policy to develop a Human Rights Award and have put together a list of requirements and instructions.  The Honours and Awards Committee suggested a list of eligibility guidelines.

The Human Rights Advisor indicated the award would be in the form of a plaque accompanied by a certificate, to be awarded to one recipient per mandate.

There was some discussion on the requirements, presentation and adoption of this award.  The Human Rights Committee were then tasked to go back and tweak the award criteria, it will then come back to the National Executive for ratification.


PSAC Bargaining Conference:

The National President informed the National Officers that all UNDE delegate names submitted have been accepted.  The National President said UNDE is in the early planning stages of planning UNDE Bargaining Strategy Meetings (Caucuses) for each table, possible dates are: April 20, 21, 22, one bargaining unit per day. Treasury Board National Officers will be invited to attend.  More information to follow.


Reminder to members to update their contact information on the PSAC website.  Also, any changes in Local Executives please inform the National Office.


UNDE Triennial Convention:

The National President said that since we are still in a pandemic, she is considering offering a hybrid convention (in person and virtual) for those who are unable or unwilling to attend the convention in person due to the pandemic. Also, if we are unable to proceed with an in-person convention due to the pandemic we will be able to proceed with a fully virtual-only convention.

VP Stone said it should be only offered to those who cannot attend in person.  The National President said it is difficult to determine who is unwilling or unable as these are two different things.

VP Kiley said it’s a slippery slope if you give them the option, then they will never attend another Convention in person.

VP Wrinn asked about having regional hubs where delegates from each region could attend together in a meeting room.

VP Meakin said he likes the idea but that we should add a caveat that says this is a one off for this Convention only.

EVP Laberge said he thought is was important to have a plan B.

VP O’Kane supports this idea, she says we need to accommodate members as much as possible.

The National President says she wants the National Officers to think about this and also about when it would be a reasonable deadline to determine if we can proceed with an in-person convention or if we need to pivot to a virtual convention.


Fire Chief Inclusions:

VP Tennant asked if it was the intent that all the Fire Chiefs and Deputy Fire Chiefs be excluded.

VP Meakin said yes that it was.

VP Tennant thinks we should try to get them back in.

PRESENTATION:  PSAC Negotiations – Staff from PSAC which included Brenda Shillington, Darren Pacione and Liam McCarthy gave an update to National Officers about negotiations.



VP Kiley asked the National President if UNDE would fund those regions who wish to book a meeting room to virtually attend the PSAC Regional Conventions as a group in their region.

The National President said to first reach out to the PSAC REVP as these are PSAC events that are fully funded by PSAC.  If that fails, the VP should outline what exactly is being requested in writing to the National President for consideration.