Local 903 – Minutes Of The Special General Membership Meeting 11 December 2012

30903 Minutes

Minutes Of The Annual Special Meeting

11 December 2012


Meeting held in the 7CFSD training room.


In Attendance:


President:                                 Carla Van Dyk (Absent)

Vice President:                          Mike Zubrack

Sec./Tres./Chief Steward:         Rick Parenteau

Health & Safety:                       Wayne Parks

Membership:                            See Attached List


1.         Meeting called to order at 12:03pm.


2.         Vice president gave introduction with regrets from the Local president.


3.         Reading of UNDE Harassment Policy by Br. Rick Parenteau.


4.         Agenda for the meeting was presented.

Motion by Br. Rick Parenteau to approve the Agenda;

Seconded by Sr. Denise Potts.



5.         Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on 1 October 2012 were presented.

Motion by Sr. Carol McDonald to adopt the minutes as presented;

            Seconded by Sr. Melinda Garcia.



6.         Vice-president passed the chair to Br. Rick Parenteau to present Local 30903 Financial Audit Report.


7.         Local 30903 Financial Audit for 2011/2012 fiscal year was presented;

Discussion on 3 cheques written in Sep. 2012 that will carry into next fiscal year.

Motion by Sr. Jayne Fisher to accept the Financial Audit;

            Seconded by Sr. Judy Donaldson.



8.         Chair turned over to Vice-President for any questions; there were no questions.


9.         Motion by Br. James Zubrack to adjourn the meeting;

Seconded by Br. Duane Vye.



10.       The meeting was adjourned at 12:09pm.