Local 903 – Minutes Of The Local Executive Meeting 9 October 2014

30903 Minutes

Minutes of the Local Executive Meeting
9 October 2014

Meeting held in the Island #7 meeting room.

1.         Meeting called to order at 12:07pm.

2.         Roll Call of executive officers:

President:                                             BR. Rick Parenteau

Vice President:                         BR. Mike Zubrack

Acting Treasurer/Health & Safety:         BR. Wayne Parks (Absent)

Chief Steward:                          SR. Carol McDonald

Secretary/Steward:                               BR. Robert Tucci

Steward:                                               SR. Sherry Dodsworth (Absent)

3.         Reading of UNDE Harassment Policy by the President.

4.         Motion: by the Chief Steward to accept the previous minutes without error.

Seconded: by the Vice President.


5.         The Treasurers report was presented by the President noting there are no changes:

–         Petty Cash: $174.25

–         Chq Acct:   $15,610.72

–         Sav Accts: $8,754.98

–         Common shares from the three accounts: $18.66

6.         NEW BUSINESS:

  1. Budget: The President wants to ensure our books are in order for the audit, including minutes.
  • The fiscal year for us began in October, therefore there should be no new spending or if we must, it will be looked at on a case by case basis; if not urgent it can wait until after the annual general membership meeting.
  • We still do not have any volunteers to assist in the audit; executive members are encouraged to talk with the membership in hopes to obtain the volunteers needed.
  • Local 90305 will be having Sr. June Winger visit them in December; with the possibility Sr. June Winger may be available, our local may push back our AGM into December so she could attend. More to follow.
  1. Treasury Board Bargaining Units: The President talked to Cam Chan, PSAC Regional Representative about preparing for a strike, we need to have the ability to contact our members outside of the workplace.
  • We must prepare an up-to-date list of our membership, the Secretary volunteered to formulate a data base / spread sheet to do this with. The executives will approach our members to get their particulars.
  • We need to find out who is on management’s “Essential Workers” list.
  1. Morale: More and more members are approaching the local Executive members about low morale; they want the Executive to get involved.
  • The Executive to create some kind of poll to address the morale issue to give us insight where we may be able to approach management with. That said, management has always said they want specific issues presented before they will acknowledge there is indeed a morale issue.
  • The Executive does support any member addressing specific issues to management through the use of the chain of command mode and will follow up on those specific issues by mirroring the members concerns to management as well.

7.         Motion: by the Chief Steward to adjourn the meeting;

Seconded: by the Vice President.


 8.         Next meeting scheduled for early/mid November.

9.         Meeting adjourned at 12:30pm.