Local 903 – Minutes Of The Local Executive Meeting 26 August 2014

30903 Minutes

Minutes of the Local Executive Meeting

26 August 2014

Meeting held in the Island #7 meeting room.

1.         Meeting called to order at 12:02pm.

2.         Roll Call of executive officers:

President:                                             BR. Rick Parenteau

Vice President:                                     BR. Mike Zubrack

Acting Treasurer/Health & Safety:       BR. Wayne Parks

Chief Steward:                                     SR. Carol McDonald

Secretary/Steward:                              BR. Robert Tucci



3.         Reading of UNDE Harassment Policy by the Secretary.

4.         Motion: by the Vice President to accept the previous minutes without error.

Seconded: by the Treasurer.


5.         The Treasurers report was read by the acting Treasurer:

–          Petty Cash: $174.25

–          Chq Acct:   $15,610.72

–          Sav Accts: $8,754.98

–          Common shares from the three accounts: $18.66

6.         NEW BUSINESS:

  1. General Membership Meeting: The President mentioned to the Treasurer to have a copy of the operating budget for the membership to look over at the upcoming meeting.
  • Door Prizes: We will have three $25.00 gift cards and a backpack as the prizes.
  • President to bring up the membership gift cards valued at $50.00 each which was talked about at the previous general membership meeting.
  • The President will ask for volunteers for the upcoming audit.

Motion: by the Secretary to spend $75.00, ($25.00 ea) to purchase three gift cards to be given out at the general membership meeting.

Seconded: by the Treasurer.



  • A committee to go over the local’s budget with the Treasurer as chair will be brought up by the President.
  • The executive committee will pose the idea to gather member’s information as the members are receiving their gift cards should the vote for giving the gift cards is passed.
  • Food: We are planning for 25 members to attend including the executives. The Secretary will organize the ordering of the pizzas and we will purchase water from the depot canteen.
  • $50.00 gift card for a retired member will be coordinated by the President and Vice-President.
  • Work description review will be brought up at the next LMCC meeting scheduled for 25 Sep 2014; we would like union involvement in the overall process.

7.         Motion by the Secretary to adjourn the meeting;

Seconded Vice-President



11.       Next meeting scheduled for late September before the LMCC meeting.

12.       Meeting adjourned at 12:29pm.