Local 903 – Minutes Of The Local Executive Meeting 19 March 2014

30903 Minutes

Minutes of the Local Executive Meeting

19 March 2014

Meeting held in the Island #7 meeting room.

1.         Meeting called to order at 12:03pm.

2.         Roll Call of executive officers:

President:                                 BR. Rick Parenteau

Health & Safety:                       BR. Wayne Parks

Chief Steward:                         SR. Carol McDonald

Employment Equity:                 VACANT

Vice President:                         BR. Mike Zubrack

Secretary:                                 BR. Robert Tucci

Treasurer:                                 VACANT


3.         Reading of UNDE Harassment Policy by the Health and Safety Officer.

4.         Motion by the Vice President that the reading of the previous minutes are without error and should be accepted as so;

Seconded by the Health and Safety Officer


5.         The Treasurers report was read by the President which of note was that the February bank statement was not yet reconciled.

6.         NEW BUSINESS:

  1. The President appointed Br. Wayne Parks acting Treasurer until the next annual general membership meeting; appointment was accepted
  2. There are three terms that now have new employment and thus will be contacted to receive their $50.00 gift card. The two CR terms are being put on hold for now to see if they will be employed within the Depot or not.
  3. The President along with the Vice President will be attending the upcoming Council of Locals here in Edmonton. The Chief Steward is unable to participate and will not be attending.
  4. LMCC Debrief was emailed to the unit, thus nothing of note was discussed.
  5. President to approach CO to discuss the why and how of the Kitting contracting and how it affects training and resources from within the depot.
  6. The committee has decided to post the notice the President received from PSAC and let members decide if they want to participate in the National Public Service Week or not.

Motion by the Chief Steward to allow the President and the Vice President to sign the cheque to pay for the Council of Local expenses;

Seconded by the Health and Safety Officer


10.       Motion by the Chief Steward to adjourn the meeting;

Seconded by the Health and Safety Officer


11.       Meeting adjourned at 12:23pm.