Local 903 – Minutes Of The Local Executive Meeting 10 April 2013

30903 Minutes

Minutes Of The Local Executive Meeting

10 April 2013



Meeting held in the 7CFSD Afghanistan Lunch Area.


In Attendance:

President:                                 Carla Van Dyk

Vice President:                        Mike Zubrack

Sec.Tres.Chief Steward:         Rick Parenteau

Health & Safety:                       Wayne Parks

Steward:                                   Carol McDonald

Steward:                                   Ed Yerex


1.         Meeting called to order at 12:04pm.


2.         Reading of UNDE Harassment Policy by Br. Rick Parenteau.


3.         Reading of Minutes from the Local Executive Meeting held 27 November 2012 and reading of the previous Minutes.


            Motion by Br. Mike Zubrack to adopt both of the minutes;

            Seconded by Br. Ed Yerex.



4.         President brought forth a memo from PSAC President Sr. Robyn Benson on boycotting the upcoming National Public Service Week. Executive discussed the events of last year’s Public Service Week and decided to hold a general membership meeting on 18 April 2013 to discuss this year’s Public Service Week.


5.         President brought forth information about the Northern Alberta Leadership meeting to be held on 29 April 2013. Local 30903 President and Local 30903 Vice-President are unable to attend the meeting on the dates. Executive discussed sending an alternate delegate and sending an observer to the meeting with the local covering the observer’s loss of salary.


Motion by Sr. Carla Van Dyk to send Br. Rick Parenteau as the delegate for Local 30903;

            Seconded by Br. Mike Zubrack.



Motion by Sr. Carla Van Dyk to send Br. Ed Yerex as the observer for Local 30903 and to cover the loss of salary;

            Seconded by Br. Rick Parenteau.


6.         Executive discussed the upcoming Day of Mourning for workers that have lost their lives on the job on April 26. President will talk with the CO of 7CFSD to have a moment of silence as commemoration.


7.         Executive discussed upcoming education opportunities being offered by the union. The information is available on the union’s websites.


8.         Motion by Br. Rick Parenteau to adjourn the meeting;

Seconded by Br. Ed Yerex.



9.         Meeting adjourned at 12:27pm.