Local 903 – Minutes Of The General Membership Meeting 30 January 2014

30903 Minutes

Minutes for the General Membership Meeting
30 January 2014


President:——————————————————- Rick Parenteau

Vice President————————————————- Mike Zubrack

Treasurer:——————————————————- Marissa Crosswhite

Secretary/Steward:——————————————– Robert Tucci

Health and Safety:——————————————— Wayne Parks

Employment Equity/Steward:——————————- Ed Yerex (Absent)

Chief Steward:————————————————- Carol McDonald

  1. Meeting called to order:
    1. The President called the meeting to order at 12:01 pm
  2. The Harassment Policy
    1. The Harassment Policy was read out loud by the President
  3. 3.Reading of Previous Minutes
    1. The Previous minutes were read by all without errors
    2. MOTION: to accept the minutes-Moved by Doug Fulfit, seconded by Jayne Fisher – Carried
  1. 4.New Business
    1. Local 30903 Budget 2013 – 2014
      1. Treasurer’s Report as of November
        1. Chequing Account closing is over $14,000
        2. Two savings account $8,500
        3. Common Shares $17.25
        4. Petty Cash is $42.00
        5. A member would like to know why last year the Hospitality budget was $0 and this year is $1,800. The reasoning is to have more general meetings and to be able to spend more on them. With this meeting expected to last an hour and only receiving 30 minutes there may be more meetings after work hours. There may be cost due to space etc.
        6. MOTION: for budget to be accepted Wayne Parks seconded by Tony Murphy – Carried
    2. Gift Cards
      1. 2011 was the last time gift cards were given to the membership
      2. MOTION: To give out $50.00 gift card to members in good standing Moved by Wayne Parks second by Gladys Magega
      3. A member asked if the gift cards are different from gifts and yes the gift cards are different from the gifts. This is money that hasn’t been spent in previous years. Gift cards would roughly cost $4,000.
      4. Another member noted that there are uncertain times ahead of this Union, the severance pay was lost, and sick leave could be next. What happens if there is a strike? Shouldn’t the $50 be saved for strike pay? This is a bargaining year for the Union and money may be needed for the strike if there is one.
      5. A different member feels that a gift card is a great gesture of appreciation to the members
      6. The previous member stated that this isn’t just a matter of support but to help fight some of the things going on before they happen instead of after.

b     Gift Cards Continued

  1. A different member is caught between both arguments and suggests if the Terms are let go 1 April 2014, a gift card of $50 be given to them then. This will show the terms the Union appreciates them. If there isn’t a strike in the fall then the rest of the members should receive their gift cards then.
  2. The original motion was not voted on and the motion to amend is offered.
  3. MOTION: To amend the original motion to keep the money in the bank for now. April 1st if the terms (in good standing) are let go then they receive a gift card. The rest of the monies are kept until the general meeting in the fall to be re-evaluated for the other members at that time. Moved by Yves Blouin – second by Garry Lavallee Carried
  1. Question Period
    1. It looks like Cold Lake is looking for CR4 positions as well as jobs on the public service site open to the public, but according to the CO’s Town Hall, Tuesday 27 January 2014, there isn’t any hiring going on in the Canadian Forces. The President doesn’t know everything that is going on and will ask about this. In mid February there will be a Labour Management Consultation Committee. What the President believes is going on right now is for different types of hiring then they require higher level of approval. It is unknown if Cold Lakes hiring ability is different from 7 CFSD
    2. There should be clarification for external and internal processes for letters of offers for hiring. The President will ask the CO for clarification.
    3. Pools for STS4 are only valid for 2 years. What happens to these pools and how does HR utilizes them? The President will get clarification on this. This will apply for CR4’s as well.
    4. Are terms eligible to apply and what about when they become casuals?
    5. We have $14,000 in the Chequing account why are we carrying so much money? Why don’t we put the money into GIC’s or something like that? This was talked about before but the President is not a good investor. A portion of that is for the strike fund. If people would like it invested please bring options to a general meeting. It is membership money and the President doesn’t know what the ruling is. If people want a committee to do this the President is all for having this happen. A member brought up the point if people are afraid of a strike coming up and you put money in an investment can we get it out? A committee would be a way to go to find out what can and can’t be done
    6. Is the Savings account tax free? The President doesn’t know at this time
    7. Can the head office be contacted to see what other unions are doing with their money?
    8. The President will get clarification for the pools – normally an e-mail is sent to the people in pools letting them know the pools are no longer valid
    9. A member asks “Are we going to approach the CO for longer meeting time?” There was authority given for a longer meeting but then was nixed at the last minute unless people with half hour lunches wanted to work the extra time taken up for the meeting. The executive members took a vote and decided it would be better to have a half hour meeting and see about having after hour meetings at later dates. This would offer more time to discuss our issues.
  2. Meeting Adjourned
    1. MOTION – Adjournment – Moved by Patsy Marchand seconded Camille Vaccaro – Carried
    2. Meeting adjourned at 12:31 pm.