Local 903 – Minutes of the General Membership Meeting 28 August 2014

30903 Minutes

Minutes of the General Membership Meeting

28 August 2014

Meeting held at the 7CFSD Midway Café.

1.         Meeting called to order at 4:05pm.

2.         Roll Call of executive officers:

President:                                            BR. Rick Parenteau

Vice President:                                    BR. Mike Zubrack

Treasurer/Health & Safety:                 BR. Wayne Parks

Chief Steward:                                    SR. Carol McDonald

Secretary:                                            BR. Robert Tucci


3.         Reading of UNDE Harassment Policy by the President.

4.         Motion: by the Chief Steward to adopt the agenda.

Seconded: by Br. Robert Boisclair.



5.         Reading of the previous minutes:

Motion: by Sr. Patsy Marchand to accept the previous minutes without error.

Seconded: by Sr. Isabell Betancourt.


6.         Treasurer’s report:

The acting Treasurer went over the local’s budget to date including comparing it from last year’s budget.

–          Chequing Account :   $15,992.40

–          Savings Account #1: $5,325.43

–          Savings Account #2: $3,470.78

–          Petty Cash:                 $200.00

–          Common Shares:        $18.66

  • Br. Rick Goodin asked why does the Benevolent Fund have an odd total spent not rounded to the normal $30.00 increment?
    • The Treasurer responded that a gift basket was purchased for a member which led to the odd number.
  • Sr. Judy MacRae asked if the Depot as well as the Union gives its members something related to benevolent situations.
  • The President responded that yes both parties give something.
  • Br. Rick Goodin asked about donations, specifically he wanted to know what was donated as he noticed a $50.00 difference.
    • The Treasurer said that the $50.00 was for “Tools for Schools” and to date the cheque has not been cashed.
  • Br. Rick Goodin asked if there is a policy on the Benevolent Fund?
    • The President replies that as far as he knows, no there isn’t; the Executive Committee has decided that the limit is $30.00.
  • The President explains that it is up to the member to approach the union in regards to the Benevolent Fund as in some cases the union is unaware of a member’s case. If the union knows about a case, it proactively gifts the affected member with a gift.
  • Br. Robert Boisclair asks if we run out of money in one of our allotted expense funds do us as a local need to vote to re-look at the budget?
    • The President explained that even though the members vote on the budget at the beginning of the fiscal year, allotments can be moved and looked at with the membership at the next general meeting.
  • Motion: by Br. Robert Boisclair to accept the $10.00 overage on donations.
    • Motion: by Br. Rick Goodin to amend the motion to raise the donations account.
    • Motion WITHDRAWN by Br. Rick Goodin.
  • Original motion CARRIED.
  • The Treasurer explains that the $60.00 error on Donations should have been for the Benevolent Fund.

Seconded: by Br. Duane Vye

  • Motion: by Br. Rick Goodin to increase the Benevolent Fund to $500.00 from the current $250.00.
  • The President wanted to make the membership aware of some new and informative videos posted on the PSAC website and encourages everyone to check them out.
    • Also of special note; Marianne Hladun was re-elected as the Regional Executive Vice-President for the Prairies during the PSAC Prairie Region Convention.
    • The President addressed the membership about his trip to the UNDE Triennial Convention.
      • Br. John McLennan was re-elected as President.
      • Sr. June Winger was elected as Executive Vice President.
      • Br. Blair Winger is now the Vice President of our region.
      • PSAC Bargaining update: where various PSAC different components make up the bargaining team.
        • Mid-September: The team meets with the employer.
        • Next round is in November.
        • Another round set for January.
        • To follow what is happening members are encouraged to visit the PSAC website.
        • The employer has brought in a presenter on sick leave; as such PSAC filed a grievance because it was not brought to the table by the employer before.
        • Something new strategy wise is that all three tables are supposed to ratify at the same time, there will not be any overlap between tables this time around.
        • Work Descriptions:
          • Sr. Carol MacDonald asks if there is a committee set up yet.
            • Answer is that there is not, however is a topic that is scheduled to be brought up on the next LMCC meeting.
  • The President mentioned that the 25 CFSD local President agrees this topic will affect a lot of members at both depots.
  • Our goal here at the depot is to push for a committee that encompasses both management and the union, more specifically the members.
  • The concern right now is that a member is given a work description and has no input into it; the Vice President reminded the membership they always have the right to grieve it if they are not satisfied with it.
  • Sr. Carol MacDonald asks how does the local executive get involved in the work description discussion?
    • Answer from the President is that we are attempting to incorporate the Joint Learning Program with management and there seems to be some progress happening. Another resource we have is at LMCC meetings for sure.
  • The topic of gift cards for the members was brought up by Br. Rick Goodin. The status was in question as at the last general meeting the members wanted to discuss it at the next meeting.
    • It was mentioned that since the bargaining process was ongoing, we are not in strike position as of yet.
    • The discussion then led to a suggestion by a member that for members in good standing as of today should get a $50.00 gift card, this would exclude any new hiring’s after today.
    • Motion: by Br. Rick Goodin that for members in good standing as of today 28 August 2014 they would receive a $50.00 gift card. This would not apply for any new member we may gain after today.
      • Discussion: Sr. Judy had done some quick calculations and estimated the gift cards would cost our local $3,500.00. She also suggested that the money come out of the local’s savings account.
      • Br. Robert Boisclair stated he thought this was not a good idea at this time because of too many unknowns.
      • The Vice President brought up the fact that if we give gift cards during a strike (if that were to happen), then he would like to see only members on the picket lines be awarded the gift cards. He further went on to say that PSAC gives $50.00/day and our local could give $25.00/day of course only in gift cards as no cash is allowed to be given out.
  • The President wrapped up the meeting by reminding the members to keep up to date by checking the union boards on a regular basis.
  • Next meeting scheduled for late November/early December.

Seconded: by Sr. Patsy Marchand.


7.         NEW BUSINESS:

Seconded:by Sr. Judy MacRae.


8.         Motion: by Br. Felix Brassard to adjourn the meeting;

Seconded: by the Treasurer


9.         Meeting adjourned at 5:33pm.