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19 Nov 19 AGM Agenda

  1. Review of last AGM
    1. We will review the last AGM points collectively as a group. We will also formerly introduce the new executive team for members who were not present for the last AGM
    2. Question period about last AGM
  2. Union Cards
    1. President Huss will discuss the importance of union cards and request all members sign one. All members attending the AGM will be provided with union cards to sign on the spot.
    2. Attending stewards will be given union cards for their respective buildings
    3. The process of signing a card and what it means will be explained in detail
    4. Question period about union cards
  3. Yearly Finances
    1. Review of 2018/2019 finances to take place by Treasurer Patrick Feghali
    2. Discussion on finances and a way forward for the new year
    3. President Huss to discuss new stricter measures the executive team has implemented to better account for finances of the local
    4. Vote to take place on yearly finances
  4. Local Secretary/Stewards
    1. Question will be raised for a volunteer to act as the local secretary. Additionally we will canvas for stewards to represent each building
    2. Question period on this
  5. By-Laws
    1. President Huss to discuss the By-Laws. By-Laws require an update to reflect the times. Proposed changes to the By-Laws to be discussed by President Huss. Proposed changes will be voted on with a simple majority, vote will not take place during this AGM. Once by-laws are updated members will be provided with 30+ days notice prior to a vote taking place
    2. President Huss to discuss further changes on the by-laws with question period. Future changes will be made and voted on during next meeting.
  6. Regional Conference UNDE & PSAC

    1. Vote to take place on attending of regional conference by 2 of the executives (PSAC & UNDE to cover expenses)
  7. Vote on new Executive Role
    1. Nominate individual for Auditor/Controller Role (currently being filled by Lisa Nault in Acting until official)

Please feel free to contact any of our executives below. We are all here to assist you and represent our local.

If you belong to this local but have yet to sign a union card please ensure you contact one of the members below.

Thank You!