Local 70611 NCR Uplands

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Supporting members at Uplands, Leitrim, Thurston Road, Walkley Road, Star Top, Shirley’s Bay, Connaught Ranges and beyond!

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UNDE Local 70611 Bylaws (OFFICIAL, 20201028)

UNDE Local 70611 Bylaws (OFFICIAL with highlights, 20201028)


At our first virtual Local AGM via Microsoft Teams on 25 November 2020, we approved our first bylaw amendments in two decades! We also elected our Executive. However, the following positions are still vacant:

  1. Second Vice-President
  2. Secretary
  3. Chief Steward
  4. Health and Safety Officer
  5. Human Rights Advisor
  6. Communications Officer

We will also be holding another general meeting in the coming months to approve our 2019 finances, and to elect for any new positions. Watch this space or email 70611@UNDE.org for more info!