General Membership Meeting May 2016

00629 Minutes


25 May 2016


Executive in Attendance:   Grant Tennant                         President

                           Steve Yashinskie                     1st Vice

                                         Dan Boutilier                          2nd Vice

                              Vallerie Griese                        Treasurer

                           Kim Reid                                Secretary





Call to Order               1635 hrs



Moment of Silence

Request a moment of silence from local 629 members.





Introduction of the executive.

Harassment Policy Read.




Review of Previous Minutes

Review of the Nov 30, 2015 membership minutes.

Accepted: Del Sallafranque

Seconded: Dawn Jackson-Bertrand.

Brief review of the Apr 14, 2016 membership minutes.

Accepted: Bev MacLeod

Seconded: Denis Baker.





Review of Financial Statement

Treasurer read current financial statement.




Local 629 Tent

President apologized to the memberships for the general procedural error at the GM meeting on Apr 14 where The popup tent was disccused and agreed but not motioned. The local would like to purchase a portable shelter (pop-up tent) to use at the Labour Day Event and other activities. It will provide visibility of Local 629 to people during events and a proper venue for the membership volunteers. The original quotes was for $3,450 plus taxes and an additional quote of approx. $1,200 plus taxes was received. The executive will continue to source the tent and compare for quality and cost effectiveness to obtain the most economical tent. The membership was supportive to spend a maximum of $3,000 for this request.

Motioned: Andrea Lobzun

Seconded: Denis Baker

Motion was carried.




Public Service Week

The position of national is to recommend to our local membership UNDE employees not participate in Public Service Week events or activities hosted by the employer as a show of support for collective bargaining rights. The president reiterated we ask our membership not to participate, we do not tell them they cannot participate and there will be no reprimand if your employer sponsors an activity and you chose to participate.




Bargaining Updates

The union is seeking improvements and not concessions with the current bargaining rounds. There have been two meetings with the new government and all four tables are in bargaining the week of Jun 17-23. The union wants the government to stop asking us to do more with no pay (i.e. restore the public service), provide healthier workplaces and fair wages. A market adjustment payment to increase wages of the SV group and a 3% yearly wage increase for all groups during the three year contract was requested.

Presently, the election promises of the new government have not been lived up to at this point. The new government has proposed only a one day change in the past government’s sick leave proposal from 7 to 8 days and has adjusted their wage increase offer from 0% to 0.5% yearly.




National Day of Action

PSAC has called for a National Day of Action on Wed, Jun 8 in support of the collective bargaining process, by asking the membership to leave their respective workplace at noon and gather outside as a show of support. The president has asked for members to take photos and to forward the pictures to him so he can send them to head office. The Local has provided poster boards for members to write their own message on it for display, t-shirts to be worn, and for those who can make it, to join him at the park outside the main gates at noon to show our support to the bargaining team.




UNDE 50TH Anniversary

UNDE has provided funds for Locals to celebrate their 50thanniversary. The president has asked for a committee of volunteers to help plan and organize a social event and a plan to submit for required funds as soon as possible. We had one member, Katherine MacKinnon express interest.



Phoenix Pay System

The president advised the membership to contact any member of the executive if they are having issues with their pay and the president will steer them in the right direction for assistance. There are still pay issues occurring and issues of privacy to the member`s information is also being addressed.




P3s Initiative

P3 is the Public – Private Partnerships (P3s) Federal Organization which was created in 2008, additional details can be found on their website Treasury Board and National Defence are currently discussing the initiative, whereby any major DND combined infrastructure >100M would be handled by P3, resulting in TB handling the tender, bids and issuing the contract. The winning contractor would design, build and maintain the infrastructure for the entire lifespan. Currently ADM(IE) has five personnel solely employed for P3 projects and Halifax is being sent out first as a project for the P3 initiative. The president encourages all members to read the website as we need public support against this initiative. The public needs to understand the impact this would have on our jobs, local jobs, local businesses and the economy. At the national level all union members went and spoke to the government directly on the P3 initiative and the president will ask HQ if he can publish the speaking notes from the meeting on our website.




Meeting Adjourned – 1550 hrs

   Motioned: Karen Tysick

   Seconded: Andrea Schellenburg

Minutes prepared by Kim Reid, Secretary

Minutes approved by Grant Tennant, President