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Greetings All,


The PSAC had made a request last week to inquire whether we could get access to some material from CCOHS on telework, mental health and ergonomics at a reduced rate. CCOHS has just informed me that, after our request,  they decided to make some of their products free of charge to help organizations through this crisis.


CCOHS will be coming out with a formal news release on this decision today. I wanted to share the list of material now available free of charge (some material was already free of charge while others were not).



Pandemic Planning

Mental Health: Health and Wellness Strategies

Mental Health: Signs, Symptoms & Solutions

Mental Health: Psychologically Healthy Workplaces

Mental Health: Communication Strategies

Musculoskeletal Disorders Prevention  

Office ergonomics

Already free:

Pandemic Awareness (already free)  free

Mental Health: Awareness free

Musculoskeletal Disorders Awareness free

Publications (offer free PDFs)

Emergency Response Planning Guide

Telework and Home Office Health and Safety Guide


Already free:

Flu and Infectious Disease Outbreaks Business Continuity Plan free



I would stress the need to download the required material rather than sharing PDF files. The downloads are being monitored and this is the bread and butter for CCOHS. Once a personal account is open, it is very easy to get information and resources.


Should you need to resolve any workplace issue, please contact your local, your component, or your Respective PSAC Regional Office.


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