Executive Meeting Minutes April 2015

00629 Minutes



       22 APRIL 2015

In Attendance:               Grant Tennant                      A/President

Steve Yashinskie                 A/1st Vice

Dan Boutilier                       A/2nd Vice

Vallerie Griese                     Treasurer & A/Secretary

Chief Shop Steward            Vacant







Call to Order            16:40hrs

 2 Introduction:

Harassment Policy Read

Reminder that the Harassment policy must be read at ALL UNDE events.   Executive members are requested to review the harassment policy.


Review of Previous Minutes: Read

4 Old Business:


Financial Report


24 Marc – 22 April (Monthly report)

01 October 2014 – 22 April 2015 (year to date report)





5 New Business


LMCC – 2nd Vice

DOA’s for Local 620 LMCC representatives have been reviewed.   List of all non and active members has been created. Non active members were requested to provide letters of resignation some are not complying.

Suggestion that the Portfolio rep simply note on DOA that member has no interest in continuing with commitment and file as non-active.

Health and safety

DOA’s not reviewed – Will complete by next meeting.

Request clarification ref issues continuously re-appear on Health and safety agenda.

Issues not resolved in a timely manner (where they are on the agenda for a second time) are to be push to the LMCC committee to address.   Such concerns as Work Descriptions & WSIB issues are items that will take anywhere from 2-24 months to resolve or longer so they will remain as part of the LMCC agenda.   Both committees meet once every 3rd month.

Suggestions : 1. Health & Safety and LMCC portfolio holders attend each meeting to introduce themselves, provide contact info as well as responsibilities and expectation of each committee member representing Local 629

Note* Reiterate to each committee that it is their responsibility to highlight there main issues and submit to portfolio holder for discussion by the executive.






3rd Vice






2nd Vice


6 19 Minute Solidarity March

Issue with Roads & Ground not being able to attend these marches because of the time, a request to mg to allow employees to change their lunch hour in order to attend if they wish to should be considered.

This topic should be address at the LMCC and also be pushed to the Area LMCC. Support issues need to addressed at other areas of the base as well such as the Kitchen.



2nd vice





7 Office Cleaning

Only one quote received for stripping and waxing of the office floor.   Expecting another by this evening.   Quote review to be push to next executive meeting as old business





8 UNDE Grievance Handling Course

4-8 May 2015, Peterborough ON

5 Attendees from this local

Vallerie Griese      Sig Svcs

Dan Boutillier       ESS

Terry Yashinskie 2 Svc Bn

James Dent             2 Svc Bn

Wayne Wagner       Engr Svcs






Presidents report

Public Service Week

Management will be holding event throughout the week. As in the past few years PSAC National office has sent out a letter advising that we are not to participate in any events put on by the employer.

UNDE Office Handbook – All executive will be provided a copy of this manual. The manual provides guidance, responsibilities for local on meeting frame work and history of PSAC gains.

TUB Course competed last month

Wilbur Lavedure

John Mecom

Streve Yashinskie

Labor Day Event

Final Planning meeting on site June 24th @6pm

Letter need to be drafted for T-Shirt donation & funding





10 National Day of Mourning

28 April 2015 @ 6 PM Riverside park marina Ampa-theatre area (Memorial stone directly across the walking path) Poster to go out 24 April to bulk membership email listing.



11 Schedule of Meeting/conferences


Exective Meeting May 27th, 2015


General Membership Meetings

June 17th         –   Agenda to be determined

(2nd & 3rd Vice to speak on Portfolios

September 23rd – Focus – Elections for Vacant Positions

Chief Shop Steward


Presidents Conference – 3-6 June 2015   Toronto


12 Meeting Ajourned   – 18:40 hrs All


Prepared by Vallerie Griese, A/Secretary


Approved by Grant Tennant, A/President