EVP Report UMCC HR Sub Committee October 2012

Human Resources Committee

OCTOBER 3, 2012

UNDE was represented by Brother Mark Miller, UNDE VP BC.

The National Executive voted to return to the UMCC HR Sub-Committee and, at the request of the UNDE National President, Brother Miller attended due to the President’s and EVP’s unavailability.

2.       The agenda was accepted as presented. The June 8, 2012 minutes were accepted secretarially (attached).

3.       Previous Business (matrix attached).

4.       Classification Renewal (presentation attached) was discussed with the emphasis on Collective Work Descriptions (CWDs) instead of the needed changes to the Classification Standard. The uptake on the collective work descriptions has not been that great, so the Department is embarking on a new implementation strategy as the current classification program “is not sustainable long term”. The “unique” job descriptions, of which there are 20K +, are “just not cutting it – we need to move away from them”.

5.       ADR (presentation attached). An update on the ADR program was presented with nothing new being discussed. It was a rehash of the regional consultations which took place earlier. The 71% reduction was discussed and the 3.6% rate of military/civilian grievance related interventions was discussed briefly.

7.       Staffing. The concept of “Fast track staffing” was discussed and essentially glossed over as there really is no staffing anymore.

8.       Civilian Personnel Education Support Program (previously known as the DND Scholarship Program). We were informed that the Civilian Personnel Education Support Program has been shelved/suspended for at least a year if not 18 months due to reductions. During this hiatus the program will be reviewed for the first time in its 12 year history and a revamped program will be launched after the 18 months. The corporate awards and the manager’s network will continue.

9.       Apprenticeship Program (AODP). As a result of the last National UMCC, the Department is embarking on an Apprenticeship Program Review, to include the unions.   UNDE committed to this forum; the suggested first meeting is scheduled for Oct 24. The group is to meet a maximum of three times, to discuss the Department’s successes and challenges in the AODP, and should have a final report for the June 2013 UMCC meeting. The Unions involved will be UNDE and the union Councils.

Note: UNDE AODP OPI, Brother Mark Miller, is requesting the following information: a snapshot of the Apprentices within their regions, numbers by trade, where they are in the program (1st year, 2nd year etc), employer, ie Command they come under, location by Base/Wing/Depot, gender, age (if available), and the successes and weaknesses of the program from the apprentice’s perspective.

As well, if available, UNDE AODP OPI, Brother Mark Miller would like to have the Base’s/Wings wish list for future Apprentices (business case).

10.     Talent Management Focus Group (attached). The Unions were invited to a focus group on October 2, 2012 to discuss “Talent Management”, proposed changes to the current PRR process. UNDE VP BC attended on behalf of UNDE. The UMCC HR Sub-Committee was provided with update on the focus group’s discussions.

ADM HR Civ explained that this was her initiative as a result of what she learned from Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. Regardless, it is UNDE’s opinion that the timing is inappropriate.   As well, the language being used in the form is threatening to our members. For example, they have changed Personal Learning Plan (PLP) to read Personal Improvement Plan (PIP) which has a negative connotation.

UNDE’s position at the focus group was that the department should wait for the cuts to be completed before implementing a new PRR process. UNDE added that once the mandated and legislated training is completed, there is no money nor time for employees to participate in other training, thus employees stop asking.

EAP. For the EAP program, the requested Health Canada statistics by region were thin. The uptake rate for the January – March period was 0.5%. The NCR led the country with 37% with BC and NS being tied second spot; 49% came from Admin support, with 60% of that being from female members. An information bulletin is coming out next month to highlight the program which will include posters, pamphlets and wallet cards. As well, due to the contract with Health Canada, there will be fridge magnets produced showcasing the 1-800 only. Brother Randy Walker, UNDE MB/SK was announced as the new Union Co-Chair of the program.

Round Table

We were advised that the Treasury Board is asking departments and the unions to review the new Harassment Policy and comment on the current policy. Offline discussions are in the works.

Note: UNDE National Office has done an intensive review of the DND Harassment Policy and provided feedback to the department.

UNDE raised questions in regards to the implementation and optics of the Federal Internship Program. Responses will be
provided at the next meeting.

Next meeting: December 6, 2012, which conflicts with the next UNDE National Executive meeting.

Jean-Marc Noel, University Professors (RMC Kingston) was elected the new UMCC HR Sub-Committee Co-Chair.

In closing, while I support the decision of my peers, having now attended a meeting, I question the validity of our presence at the UMCC HR Sub-Committee.

Respectfully submitted this date,

Submitted electronically,

T. Mark Miller


October 3, 2012