EVP Report UMCC HR Sub Committee June 7, 2013

Human Resources Committee

JUNE 7, 2013

Following opening comments, the minutes and agenda were accepted.

Previous Business:

Human Resources Contact information – has been provided to the unions

Paperless Pay – ongoing

Conflict Management Training – update to be provided in round table

Leave Management – being addressed locally (Halifax)

Peoplesoft and Leave Records – raised by PIPSC, done

Health Canada EAP – on the agenda

EAP Report – done

Self-ID Survey – results will be made available October 2013

Harassment DAOD – out for consultation


Item 4 – Update on EAP

Intent is to examine the program so that it is up-to-date and affordable.

Committee members reviewed the Health Canada (HC) stats for FY 12/13:

  1. oRAs are referring more employees to HC services;
  2. oMore family members are using HC services than is typical

RA Report:

  • FY 13/13 7.4% or 2003 clients; 5.7% in the previous year
  • Issues of referral, it was noted that although the issues are the same, the number of calls/referrals is of reversed importance:



Work Mental/emotional   Health
Family Family
Mental/emotional   Health Work

RAs have 4 hours a week to carry out their 5 responsibilities. In FY 12/13 26% of all RAs saw no clients while 4 RAs saw 72-96 clients which is the expected average.

No one knows where the 1 RA to 100 clients came from.

Projects Underway:

  1. 1.Maximize external EAP services; RFI has been issued; examining other departments’ programs.
  2. 2.Review current internal DND program.
  3. 3.Review EAP administration.
  4. 4.EAP Awareness Communications: report, information and educational materials, newspaper articles, update EAP module in Managing Civilian Human Resources course.

Next Steps: annual report, communications with N EAP AC, and training

John asked if the N EAP AC is still active, will the committee meet?

A/DGWM advised that MGen Miller is the new champion. There is so much going on that the N EAP AC will be engaged secretarially and likely meet in the fall, not necessarily face-to-face.

Des stated that usually the bargaining agent representatives have input into the champion. ADM HR Civ took ownership of not including the unions, she was not aware of past practice; Des said he raised it as a process question not because of who the person selected is.

John stated that DND has to look at why RAs are leaving and are not being replaced.

The response was that everything will be looked and examined.

Item 7 – Civilian HR Transformation/Integration

One of nice (9) DRAP commitments

Three (3) initiatives:

Business process review – standardizing services across the country;

New technology

Integration/restructuring (people)

Scheduled to be done by March 31, 2015

Glenn said that more consultation with the unions is needed, same respect as is given to the level 1s. PIPSC Collective agreement speaks to the professional development and training required, will provide a list; how will classifications and the grievance process be impacted? Briefings at committee are not meaningful consultation.

ADM HR Civ said that there are not significant changes in the structure that will impact on the concerns raised. She would like to have further discussions regarding the unions’ expectations.

Lorne stated that there are a lot of changes going on, actively involving the unions in the past has lessened the number of grievances and complaints, there is value in consultation.

Fabian stated that the CA calls for early and transparent consultation.

ADM HR Civ stated that there will be continuous changes, processes will be followed. Later she added that she must eliminate 100 FTEs.

Round Table

DG ADR          Staffing is a priority; 9 positions have been approved for staffing – there have been 11 AS-5 and 9 AS-6 successful applicants, more may be screened in; still trying to staff the 4 military positions

Trenton and Winnipeg CRC closed sooner than expected; Borden will be closing this month.

Performance Measurement – using/piloting “shared point”; also tracking time and travel.

Services and Training – finishing up on the employee distance learning module, 2 days plus 1 day in classroom, to be implemented this fall. Other training continues as requested. Review of military training ongoing.

Des                  Expressed concerns about the future of the ADR Program; payment in arrears caught everyone by surprise, TB/PWGSC wants comments by mid-June, people are living pay day to pay day, cannot afford a claw back; performance management not a problem in DND, how will the TB process impact on the current process and rating guide?

A/DGWM         Employment Equity Plan – 1st draft will be provided for input for further discussions at the September meeting.

Mental Health Training – 17 classroom sessions to date, 281 managers trained, feedback has been positive. On-line version will also be available.

Joint Classification Training – delivered in Winnipeg and Montreal, well received. An on-line version will be made available.

Harassment DAOD – feedback by June 28, more consultation at the September meeting.

Glenn              pipsc.ca emails are being treated as spam and not always being received; 373 mental health issues, how do we address or identify where?

                        A/DGWM will follow up with ADM IM on email issue. With HC and mental health, there is a confidentiality issue, even HC does not have that information. No all the 373 are DND employees, some are family members.

DGMDO          List of contact information has been provided to the unions but updates only on the Directors will be provided in future.

Paperless Pay initiative is moving along; still 11K pay stubs being issued, asked the unions to help encourage employees to move to paperless, PWGSC is mandating no more paper

Des responded that employees need easier access. Unions were asked to monitor and identify problem areas

John                FIN program is being used in BC, will it spread? A/DGWM will follow up.

Army restructuring and ASB, delegations have to be in place for grievances, etc.

Overtime recording – we have just learned that employees will have to input their own OT on line. Anticipating problems.

Vacancy Reports are not being provided at LMRCs as per previous agreements or is UNDE’s understanding incorrect? ADM HR Civ is not aware of the agreement and will look into it.

Leave requests are being entered but not being authorized in a timely fashion.

EAP and RFI – DND has long been identified as having the best program in the government. Where can the unions plug into the RFI process? Unions will be consulted on the services required.


Provided more information regarding the recently announced Performance Management:

–                  Recognize and reward good performance

–                  Deal with unsatisfactory performance;

–                  Be a standard process, with same forms, across the government;

–                  Applies to all non-executives; and

–                  Allows for more active monitoring during probationary periods.

CDA will be responsible for training military managers.

Glenn stated that PIPSC and UNDE provided feedback at a meeting last fall, what happened to that feedback? Response: A/DGWD / A/DGDMO stated that DND is addressing the diversity of classification in DND; three (3) DND representatives are attending the working group.

A/DGWD / A/DGDMO advised that the final AODP report has been received; 12 recommendations are being examined.

Jean-Marc, Labour Co-Chair

Performance management is a concern for his group, they have peer reviews and so is payment in arrears.

ADM HR Civ, Co-Chair

As a result of DRAP, losing 100 FTEs

Questions and comments welcomed.

In solidarity,

Submitted electronically,

Mary L. Chamberlain

UNDE Executive Vice President