EVP Report UMCC HR Sub Committee December 5, 2013

Human Resources Committee

DECEMBER 5, 2013


This report is submitted on behalf of the President UNDE who was away and not available to attend the UMCC HR Sub-Committee; VP BC VP BC was already in Ottawa for the regularly scheduled ADM IE meeting and, having attended the October 2013 meeting, provided some continuity in UNDE’s representation. In addition, UNDE was advised that the DND Apprenticeship Program was expected to be discussed.

Opening remarks. ADM HR Civ introduced Jeremy Sales as the newly appointed Director General Workplace Development (DGWD) and announced that Jacqueline Hilton will be the new DG for Strategic Policy starting December 10, 2013.

Term Employment Policy. The meeting opened with an update on the Term Employment Policy by Jeremy Sales. We were informed that the issue was sent to the Civilian Workforce Management Board (CWMB) for consideration and the decision was made to leave Section 7 of the Policy frozen until at least March 2015 to “stabilize the Indeterminate population” and to allow the Department to “meet its reduction targets”.

Leave Self-Serve (LSS). Jacqueline Rigg updated the committee on the Leave Self-Serve (LSS) initiative. Currently, approximately 8% of the population still use paper leave forms, and the Department will continue to accept them. However, once the transfers to Miramichi are complete, all leave will be electronic. As an interim measure, efforts will be made to coach/train/educate those members requiring assistance to transfer to the new system.

Performance Management Initiative. Performance Management Initiative was covered in the handout attached. Presented verbally, but will be supplied secretarially, will be a list of four (4) generic core competencies. As well, a draft DAOD will be shared with the HR Sub-Committee members for review. Finally, a course is on the DND Learn website for those interested; if required DND will supply access to this. It was acknowledged that not all parts of the Department have DWAN access due to the use of a sub-net which does not link up.

Budget Implementation Act. We received a briefing by Andrew Hill on the Budget Implementation Act [attached]. It was emphasized that this is still a Bill and not an Act. Notice to bargain has been extended to 12 months and the Essential Service Agreements (ESAs) are to be done 3 months in advance of that. Lots of discussion on process ensued given that most contracts are well within that timeline; the Federal Government Chargehands Association served notice to bargain last Monday, they will be watched as the first out of the gate to see which process the employer will use. Furthermore, with the Unions now about to be responsible for cost-sharing on adjudication cases, a fee for service mentality should come into play. If we are paying then we deserve timely results.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is now a standing item at this meeting. We were informed that this department has a higher utilization rate of the 1800 # than other government departments. The Referral Agent (RA)/client ratio of 1:100 was discussed and we were told that after research the history of that number was found. It came from the Canadian Labour Congress (CLC) as evidenced in a book by Rick Chernick titled EAP Wellness and Workplace. Apparently the ratio is not based on evidence but rather on the desire to have one RA per work shift. This ratio will be discussed by a working group convened from the National EAP Advisory Committee (NEAPAC) comprising three (1) L1 Representatives and three (3) Union Representatives. There is an upcoming conference call on December 19 for the Coordinators and the much awaited report from Trish McNeil was received last Friday at the EAP office. The next meeting of the NEAPAC is slated for the third week of January and it will be done by conference call. When asked for a face to face meeting instead of a conference call, the answer was a solid “no” due to the Treasury Board travel restrictions. For the most part, this was not argued by the other Unions present.

Pay Transformation . The final update was on the Pay Transformation, done by Jacqueline Rigg. In October 2013 some 1140 accounts were successfully transferred. These accounts came from across the L1s. They are working on the second wave for March 2014. There is full training for those impacted by this and the deliberate intention is to have this done “just in time” so that the knowledge is current and remembered at the time of transfer.

Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC) has a new position on direct deposit. Eventually all employees will be on direct deposit including those currently grandfathered. DND is taking a more compassionate position and while they will convert, they will work with the employees to get them to accept direct deposit. There are currently some 1800 paystubs still being printed and DND has to pay for that until full electronic measures are in place.

Next meeting: March 6, 2014

Questions welcomed.

Respectfully submitted,

T.M. Miller