Education in Wainwright!

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The perfect beginner course to learn who we are and what we do for each other.

Have you ever wondered what YOUR Union does for you?  What we do with the Union Dues?

For Example:

-Before our Union Brothers and Sisters negotiated for us – we used to work standard 50+ hour work weeks, women had to quit their jobs when they had a baby, in certain positions we had to wash up on our own time before leaving for the day (and getting in to our vehicles).  Pay raises weren’t standardised.


With that being said, register with Sheila and come on out on Saturday and Sunday October 21 and 22 from 9AM til 3PM at Meeting Room #1, in the Wainwright PMM for a fun and interactive course all about Union Basics.

Get to know how to have your voice heard for workplace changes.  Meet a few folks from your Executive team.  Eat some cookies!

Completing both days will earn you $50/day to offset your costs.

To Register:  Please contact Sheila Willis at any of the following:  Home Email, Work phone ext 1442 or pop by to say hello!