December 5 to 8, 2011

National Capital Region Minutes

National Executive Meeting

December 5 to 8, 2011

Ottawa, ON

Chairman John MacLennan National President
Members Mary Chamberlain Executive Vice-President
Debbie Graham Vice-President (NL/NB)
Terry Kiley Vice-President (NS)
Philippe Turcq Vice-President (QC)
Paulette Barker Vice-President (NCR)
Arlene Preston Vice-President (ON)
Randy Walker Vice-President (MB/SK)
June Winger Vice-President (AB/North)
T. Mark Miller Vice-President (BC)
Daniel Verreault Vice-President (NPF)
Clay Joyce Vice-President (CSE)
Gloria Kelly Human Rights Advisor
Recording Secretary Sandra Montpetit


The DVPs were also in attendance for this first NE meeting of the new mandate:


Daniel Frost Region of NL/NB
Gerald McEachern Region of NS
Michel Allard Region of QC
Enza Ricci Region of NCR
Della Bennett Region of MB/SK
Carla Van Dyk Region of AB/North
Randy Stevens Region of BC
Louise Courbron Region of NPF
Terri Tomchyshyn Region of CSE
Glenn Standen Alternate to Human Rights   Advisor








The National President welcomed members to the fall meeting of the National Executive. Deputy Vice-Presidents are attending this first meeting in the mandate, in accordance with a resolution adopted at the triennial convention. National President MacLennan presented the Oath of Office to all in attendance.


The harassment statement was read aloud and Human Rights Advisor Kelly, who was also named intervener.


The hours of sessions were set as follows:


Monday, December 5, 9:00 – 11:30 / 1:00 to 5:00

Tuesday, December 6, 9:00 -11:30 / 1:00 to 5:00

Wednesday, December 7, 9:00 – 11:30 / 1:00 to 5:00
Thursday, December 8, 9:00 – 11:30 / 1:00 to 5:00

Friday, December 9, 9:00 – 11:30 until finish of business


The agenda was adopted as amended with minor changes.


The minutes of the previous meeting in August were reviewed and adopted.


CFIB – VP Graham inquired concerning information to be given to business owners supporting the CFIB. EVP Chamberlain stated that this information along with the petition had already been sent to the National Executive members along with supporting documents and web links. This will be re-sent again to ensure everyone has it.


This subject will be discussed more later during the week.





Newfoundland/Labrador/New Brunswick – VP Graham presented her written report.

m/s/c Graham-Miller


A moment of silence was observed in honour of Nancy Riche, a strong union activist in the region, who passed away early fall.





Nova Scotia – VP Kiley presented his written report.                       m/s/c Kiley-Chamberlain


                                                                                                                                    RV-2 CARRIED


Ontario Report – VP Preston presented her written report.                        m/s/c Preston-Chamberlain


Local 641 has been put into Trusteeship and a Committee has been set-up to review findings and provide a report by February 9, 2012.





Executive Vice-President Report                                                      m/s/c Chamberlain-Walker


EVP Chamberlain presented her written report which also contained an update on COMTRA Committee activities and the USO Reports.


EVP Chamberlain advised that the PSAC Standing Discipline Committee is in the process of reviewing Regulation 19. Included the recommendations is that training in conducting disciplinary investigations be developed. EVP Chamberlain questioned whether UNDE needs a module, could the component use the PSAC’s? Following discussion it was decided that UNDE will continue to develop a module on the various disciplinary investigations which will be based on UNDE’s Bylaws and Harassment Policy.


EVP Chamberlain also advised that once the Bylaws and Harassment Policy are updated from the recent convention, COMTRA will proceed with developing Harassment and Intervenor training.




National Capital Report – VP Barker presented her written report.

m/s/c Barker-Chamberlain


VP Barker attended the Return to Work Program 10th Anniversary ceremony, however she informed the group that some union members refused to attend since they say this program is not working. UNDE has not been at that table since 2009.




Communications Security Establishment – VP Joyce presented her written report.

m/s/c Joyce-Allard


Following their recent elections, the Local has a new executive. VP Joyce wished to underline the hard work and dedication of Brother Smeaton at the regional and local levels over the past 8 years as he did not run for a seat on the executive this time.



Human Rights Advisor Report – HRA Kelly presented her written report.

m/s/c Chamberlain-Joyce






Health & Safety Report – VP Graham presented a written report 

m/s/c Graham-Winger


VP Graham stated that there are many people sitting on Committees representing unions who were appointed by the employer. After some debate and discussion on how this is rampant in most regions, it was agreed that in order to keep a closer eye on this issue is to ensure the minutes of ALL the workplace committees are to be sent to her.


Also, there will be an upcoming UNDE Health and Safety Conference this spring, there was some discussion on agenda items and that the topic of Mental Health in the Workplace is an important one and should be included.



Members’ Plan for 2012 PSAC Triennial Convention – Presentation by Sarah Bélanger, PSAC Staff


Sister Bélanger provided the group with highlights of a survey the PSAC is currently running to engage members concerning their interests for the next mandate. These items are being gathered for the upcoming convention. The survey closes January 6, 2012.


EAP Report – VP Walker presented his written report.                    m/s/c Walker-Chamberlain


VP Walker noted that the implementation of a 1-800 number is still of concern. Also discussed was the issue that there is a disconnect with the program itself and the RAs who were trained to provide it.






Québec Report – VP Turcq presented his written report.                            m/s/c Turcq-Joyce




FR Standing/Wellness Report – VP Walker presented his written report.

m/s/c Walker-Turcq


The Committee would like to recognize Brother Elder for the extensive work in organizing the Firefit Challenge which took place in Medicine Hat, AB in September 2011.








Non-Public Funds Report – VP Verreault presented his written report.

m/s/c Verreault-Barker



Manitoba/Saskatchewan Report – VP Walker presented his written report as well as his LFWA report.                                                                                                            m/s/c Walker-Turcq



Alberta/North Report – VP Winger presented her written report.

m/s/c Winger-Walker


VP Winger identified problems with payroll being delayed for members in her region who are in acting positions or who have overtime due to them. The group expressed that this problem is happening in all the regions despite being brought forward at LMRCs and that it won’t improve with the new transitional move of the Compensation Advisors. Need to find a way to correct this.




Notice of motion by VP Barker 



British Columbia Report – VP Miller presented his written report.                        m/s/c Miller-Turcq







Motion to reconsider joining the HR sub-Committee                                                         m/s/c Chamberlain-Preston

“WHEREAS UNDE withdrew from the Department’s UMCC HR Sub-Committee in June 2010 due to the committee’s lack of substance, authority and value towards protecting or bettering the rights and quality of life of UNDE members;

WHEREAS the UMCC HR Sub-Committee will be positioning itself to be the Department’s Workforce Adjustment Committee (WFA) during the upcoming period of forecasted budget reductions;

WHEREAS UNDE represents the majority of Public Service workers in National Defence;

WHEREAS the smaller Unions and/or Bargaining Agent representatives currently have a full voice and influence over any WFA issues and decisions regardless of the membership affected;

BE IT RESOLVED that UNDE return to the HR Sub-Committee with full voice and influence;

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the UNDE National President represent UNDE at future UMCC HR Sub-Committee meetings; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that by a consensus of the National Executive UNDE can withdraw from the UMCC HR Sub-Committee in the future without a resolution. “



Presentation by Steve Webb on new UNDE website


Steve Webb, an expert consultant, gave the group an overview of the upcoming launch of a new UNDE website which will be more user-friendly and which will also provide a forum for discussion. Launch date is set for January 1, 2012.






Human Rights Update on Report “Removing Barriers”                      m/s/c Chamberlain-Turcq


Human Rights Advisor Kelly presented four recommendations from a report that was previously prepared by Sister Shirley Ryan and seen at the last National Executive meeting, however at that time it was to be referred back to the National Executive in the new mandate.


Motion to divide                   m/s Chamberlain-Walker                                           CARRIED


Recommendation #1: That once annually the Human Rights team of the National Advisors and the Regional Coordinators meet for two full days to consider current and emerging issues, hear from a speaker on a current Human Rights issue and plan the way ahead for the coming year. The estimated cost of this would be $46,100 for meetings in 2012 and 2013.



Recommendation #2: That annually during the Local Presidents’ Conference a half day is dedicated to Human Rights briefings with speakers/panels provided on issues that have been identified as current and important. This is recommended as in the majority of Locals it is the Local President that also carries the Human Rights duties and it is the Local President who is in the best position to move information downward throughout the locals. The estimated cost of this would be $1,000 for speakers assuming a Local Presidents’ Conference in 2012 and 2013.



Recommendation #3: In the regions the Regional Human Rights Coordinators visit Locals once a year. This could be done in coordination with the Vice-Presidents during annual general meeting season when there is likely to be greater participation from membership. The cost of this is estimated at $30,000 for 2012 and 2013.


Motion to amend first sentence with instruction to add “visit when requested by the Locals once a year”                                                                                  m/s Chamberlain-Kiley   CARRIED



Recommendation #4: Throughout the mandate members of the Human Rights team attend conference and workshops on Human Rights issues so that we are current with issues that are emerging and have the potential to impact on our union and our members. The estimated cost of this would be $42,000 for educational conferences/workshops in 2012 and 2013.






Air Command Report – VP Preston presented her written report.              m/s/c Preston-Miller




Bylaws Report – VP Miller presented his written report.                             m/s/c Miller-Turcq


The Committee presented a draft document to be used as the entry point for the UNDE message board on their new website. There was discussion around the issue of liability that UNDE has for all comments posted by members on the forum and how these will be monitored. National Office will retain the services of a lawyer to ensure to limit UNDE’s liability. The issue of the forum being monitored will be reviewed by the COMTRA Committee for decision.



Youth Initiative Report – VP Barker presented her written report.                        m/s/c Barker-Turcq


VP Barker informed the group that the PSAC is looking at revising the age limit of this group from 30 to 35 and wishes UNDE to follow suit. A motion will be prepared on this and presented when the meeting reconvenes tomorrow.



Request to reinstate member from Local 60303                                 m/s/c Graham-Walker


VP Graham presented the group with some background information from Brother Jeff Richards, who wishes to be reinstated as a member in good standing after being suspended as a strike breaker.


A motion to reinstate this member was presented

Motion to refer back with instructions.                                             m/s/c Winger-Chamberlain




The previous day’s minutes were reviewed and adopted after minor changes.


Long Service UNDE Pins – VP Kiley


30 year pins: VP Kiley presented the Committee’s document which contains instructions describing how the pins will be awarded.


Motion to amend sub paragraph one to read“The pin and certificate will only be awarded to a person who is an active member in good standing and who havenot been disciplined for a contravention of UNDE bylaws or PSAC Constitution”.

m/s/c Chamberlain-Graham



10-15-20-25 year pins: VP Kiley presented the Committee’s document which contains instructions describing how the pins will be awarded.


Motion to refer back the 10-15-20-25 year pins document m/s Walker-Preston       CARRIED


Motion to reconsider the document for the 30 year pins by VP Turcq.


Lifetime Memberships                                                                                  m/s/c Barker-Joyce

VP Barker presented the two nominations sent in for lifetime memberships. Following secret ballot votes, the two successful recipients were:


Sister Donna Gourley, Local 80406, Nova Scotia

Brother Wayne Little, Local 80407, Nova Scotia


Motion to destroy the ballots.


Scholarship Awards – VP Joyce informed the group that there were a total of 10 applicants. All are very deserving applicants, however, the four successful recipients of the $2,000 scholarships were:


Elaine Hoyeck, Local 406, Nova Scotia awarded the Ken Green Scholarship

Claire Smeaton, Local 654, CSE awarded the Ken Green Scholarship

Amy Johnson, Local 629, Ontario awarded the Gary Smith Scholarship

Derek Megrath, Local 629, Ontario awarded the Bob Percher Scholarship

     RV-25 CARRIED


Finance Report – VP Turcq presented the Committee’s written report and financial statements dated August 31, 2011. Some clarification was requested concerning costs for CSE negotiations and also training for CSE and NPF, VP Turcq will get information.



Centralization of Pay and Compensation, Presentation by Howie West, PSAC staff


Brother West provided the group with a summary update on the transitional move of the Compensation Advisors to Miramichi.






Occupational Group Structure, Presentation by Seth Sazant & David Orfald, PSAC staff


A review of the new proposed occupational group structure was presented and discussed.



Defence Construction Canada, Presentation by Tim McGrath, Subject Matter Expert


Tim McGrath presented a summary on his findings after visiting various bases across the regions over the past year with VP Turcq.



Local 60303 – Brother who is terminally ill


VP Graham addressed the group concerning Brother Stephen Beyer, a dedicated lifetime member of UNDE who is terminally ill. VP Graham presented the group with some historical UNDE documentation which Brother Beyer wishes to donate to the UNDE National Office for safe keeping. It is also his wish to have the UNDE crest printed on his headstone for which National Office will contribute towards.



Motion to revise age of Youth Members to age 35                                               m/s Barker-Turcq


VP Barker presented a motion to increase the age of young worker representatives from 30 to 35. The National President ruled it out of order. VP Barker challenged the Chair, stating there are problems retaining young members. Following the vote, the Chair was sustained.




Long Service UNDE Pins – VP Kiley


VP Kiley, Chair of the Honours & Awards Committee, presented the amended instructions which were adopted.




Request to reinstate member from Local 60303                            m/s/c Graham-Chamberlain


VP Graham presented the amended resolution along with background information in support of the motion to reinstate the member, which will be presented at the next NBoD.                                                                                                                                                  RV-27 CARRIED


Local Presidents Conference


The National President informed the group that a UNDE Local Presidents Conference is tentatively planned in Ottawa for April 26-27, 2012 to coincide with the PSAC Convention the last week of April. There will also be a UNDE Caucus Meeting on April 28 for delegates attending the convention.