December 3 to 7, 2012

National Executive Minutes

December 3 to 7, 2012
Ottawa, ON


Chairman John MacLennan National President
Members Mary Chamberlain Executive Vice-President
Dan Frost Vice-President (NL/NB)
Terry Kiley Vice-President (NS)
Philippe Turcq Vice-President (QC)
Paulette Barker Vice-President (NCR)
Arlene Preston Vice-President (ON)
Della Bennett Deputy Vice-President   (MB/SK)
June Winger Vice-President (AB/North)
T. Mark Miller Vice-President (BC)
Tamara Lindsay Vice-President (NPF)
Clay Joyce Vice-President (CSE)
Gloria Kelly Human Rights Advisor
Recording Secretary Sandra Montpetit




The National President welcomed members to the fall meeting of the National Executive; he welcomed new VPs Tamara Lindsay (NPF) and Brother Frost (NL/NB) as well as Sister Della Bennett who is attending on behalf of VP Walker who is currently off of work.


The harassment statement was read aloud by Human Rights Advisor Kelly who was also named intervener.


The hours of sessions were set as follows:


Monday, December 3, 9:00 – 11:30 / 1:00 to 5:00

Tuesday, December 4, 9:00 -11:30 / 1:00 to 5:00

Wednesday, December 5, 9:00 – 11:30 / 1:00 to 5:00
Thursday, December 6, 9:00 – 11:30 / 1:00 to termination of business.


The agenda was adopted as amended.


A moment of silence was observed for members who have passed:


Brother Steve Beyer, Local 303

Brother Steve Saunders, Local 629

Brother Al Snider, Local 641

Sister Agnes Hill, Local 641

Sister Beverly Gray, Local 680

Brother Rick Ferguson, Local 705

Sister Julie Larue, Local 1008

Brother Dave Hill, Local 1009


PREVIOUS MINUTES – Final minutes from the April 2012 meeting were voted on and adopted.

                                                                                                                        RV 1 – CARRIED




Bylaws Report VP Miller presented his written report.                           m/s Miller-Joyce


A typo was identified in the UNDE Harassment Policy on Page 13/14 which will be corrected. National Office will prepare and send out a new insert to Locals to be inserted in the policy booklet. This insert will also be submitted to the Bylaws Committee for ratification at the next Triennial Convention.                                                                                            RV 2 – CARRIED



EAP Report – National President MacLennan                                  m/s MacLennan-Turcq


The National President presented VP Walker’s report in his absence.


No meetings have been set yet this year, however there is still a big push on advertising for the 1-800 number.                                                                                               RV 3 – CARRIED



FR Report – National President MacLennan                                                m/s MacLennan-Turcq


The National President presented VP Walker’s report in his absence.




Health & Safety Report – VP Kiley presented his written report.               m/s Kiley-Miller


VP Kiley stated that even though there is a National Health & Safety meeting scheduled next week, he is not sure the funding is available for him to attend. There are also problems setting the agenda items as there is no focus on civilian workforce issues.


There was also some discussion by the group on the Return to Work program as the employer is not being accommodating, especially in the region of the National Capital Region. The program is done regionally as opposed to locally and that might be the cause of the problem. Also working on a draft form for Functional Abilities which will be useful across the country.                                                                                                                             RV 5 – CARRIED




Executive Vice-President Report – EVP Chamberlain presented her written report which also includes training reports by region as well as updates from the Union Services Officers at National Office.                                                                            m/s Chamberlain-Winger


The EVP added that she had attended a meeting of the PSAC Standing Discipline Review Committee (SDRC) this past week and that the SDRC will be bringing recommendations forward to the February 2013 NBoD regarding the various disciplinary processes. If the recommendations are adopted, there could be a positive impact on the UNDE education program.


WFA Stats: EVP Chamberlain also advised that according to UNDE’s records, from the lists received at National Office in April, June and November tally a total of 2063 jobs are affected; in response to a question received, the EVP advised that this includes 4 vacant positions, 1017 jobs occupied by male members and 1040 jobs occupied by female members. The EVP explained that UNDE’s numbers and the department’s numbers likely do not match because once the department has provided national office and the bargaining agent with the original lists, there are no updates provided in regards to additions or deletions.



Human Rights Advisor Report – Sister Kelly presented her written report.


Sister Kelly insisted that UNDE must push the department to get stats on surplussed members to verify if equity groups are being targeted. Even though the department says they can’t disclose this information, the question will be asked at the next National Workforce Adjustment meeting.


Sister Kelly also informed the National Officers that the PSAC will soon be holding a Mental Health Conference.                                                                                       RV 7 – CARRIED





Canadian Apprenticeship Forum (CAF) – National President MacLennan explained that VP Miller now sits on the CAF Executive Committee as a Champion for the program. VP Miller stated that their funding has been cut and that they have now created a championship status as a means to obtain funding to keep the program going. By being on the CAF Executive Committee VP Miller also hopes to increase its funding through Treasury Board. A link to the CAF will be added to the UNDE website as well as VP Miller’s bio.



UNDE website problems – VP Turcq informed the group that the English and French sites of the website are not the same. He asked that President Local 527 be contacted for specifics. EVP Chamberlain stated that concerns about the website have been received from many members. The EVP explained that different options are being explored on maintaining the site and making it user-friendly to end these recurring problems. The site is still under construction.   The EVP also stressed that if any of the Locals or OPIs need updating their web pages that they can send their updates to National Office and it will be done.




British Columbia Report – VP Miller presented his written report.                       m/s Miller-Kiley


UNDE VP BC reported that he and other UNDE members are actively participating in many PSAC organized events for the “We Are All Affected” campaign.   VP Miller created and purchased a UNDE tent which was proudly displayed at such events to bring awareness and promotion of UNDE.

VP Miller also attended the UMCC HR-Sub Committee in October, meeting minutes were included in his report as well as his review of his first meeting of the Apprenticeship Program.



Alberta and the North Report – VP Winger presented her written report.           m/s Winger-Turcq



Manitoba/Saskatchewan Report – Sister Bennett presented VP Walker’s report in his absence.

m/s Bennett-Miller


It was noted that an addition must be made to his list of activities to include his attendance at the Saskatchewan Federation of Labour at the end of October 2012.      RV 10 – CARRIED



Non-Public Funds Report – VP Lindsay presented her written report.      m/s Lindsay-Joyce


VP Lindsay informed the group that at their last National LMRC the unions (UNDE and UFCW) presented more of a united front which will benefit them both by providing consistency in their collective agreement including rights and benefits.                                      RV 11 – CARRIED






Communications Security Establishment Report – VP Joyce presented her written report.

m/s Joyce-Preston


VP Joyce gave the National Officers an update on collective bargaining as well as ongoing issues with members.                                                                                                RV 12 – CARRIED



Ontario Report – VP Preston presented her written report.                                  m/s Preston-Turcq


VP Preston gave the group an update on the campaign to keep members (cleaners) in Local 636 Borden whose jobs have been cut. After much pushback with publicity and a press conference the Base might be looking at other solutions such as possibly retaining a smaller contract. UNDE needs to raise Health & Safety issues. EVP Chamberlain stated that CFHS has implemented a program in the medical and dental clinics that could be impacted by the Base’s decision and that she will raise the issue at the upcoming UMCC. UNDE HR Advisor Kelly stated that she believed that there are specific standards of cleanliness that are legislated for on-site daycares, as well as necessary certification. The Local will follow up on this.                                                                                                                                                  RV 13 – CARRIED


Quebec Report – VP Turcq presented his written report.                           m/s Turcq-Joyce


VP Turcq stated that his region has also been hit hard with identified job losses. He encourages the fightback on this for his as well as all regions. It was also noted that he has a new Local established in St. Jean, Local 17752.                                                                     RV 14 – CARRIED


Nova Scotia Report – VP Kiley presented his written report.                     m/s Kiley-Turcq


VP Kiley outlined his activities which included a meeting with Member of Parliament for Halifax Megan Leslie where they discussed the issue of contractors hired through DCC to do their work.                                                                                                                        RV 15 – CARRIED


NL/NB Report – VP Frost presented his written report.                              m/s Frost-Lindsay



TC Bargaining – VP Winger, who sits on the bargaining committee was asked to give the National Executive an update on the negotiations.





Quebec: New way to communicate – VP Turcq informed the National Officers that following his regional conference his members are keen at finding different ways of bringing awareness of the fight back campaign against the cuts. They want to do something new and are thinking of maybe putting up some billboards. They will pitch their ideas at an upcoming PSAC meeting in Quebec City. More funding might be needed for this effort.


Policy in Bylaws against Locals inviting financial institutions and advisors to their Local meetings – VP Barker spoke on behalf of one of her Local Presidents who wants to know why she was denied the right to hold lunch-hour sessions for members presented by a financial institution. VP Barker also expressed concern that this decision could result in conflict between two Local Presidents in the NCR. EVP Chamberlain provided the UNDE National Executive with the background to the VP’s inquiry and explained that it was not UNDE’s direction that we should not promote one financial institution over another, in this case Primerica, but the direction of the PSAC NBoD. EVP Chamberlain also stated that it was unfortunate that the Local President in question has made false assumptions.


DCC Report – VP Turcq was accompanied by Consultant Tim McGrath who presented an update on DCC issues in the regions.                                                                       m/s Turcq-Chamberlain



UMCC Meeting Update – National President MacLennan returned from an afternoon UMCC meeting and gave the National Executive members an update of his meeting which mostly included information concerning workforce adjustment issues, some essential services are affected by recent WFA announcements, as well, most ASD contracts will be terminated by the end of 2015. They also have said they are correcting Health & Safety problems within the department.


TUESDAY, December 4 and Wednesday, December 5

MEDIA TRAINING:   UNDE National Officers, along with two UNDE staff members, spent two days learning how to put together news releases, news conferences and how to handle interviews by the media. Rick Grant, a Strategic Communications Consultant, delivered the training which provided useful information on skills and techniques. The UNDE COMTRA Committee was tasked with putting together a UNDE Strategic Communications Plan and a Crisis Plan.



WEDNESDAY, December 5

Infrastructure and Environment Transformation Committee                       m/s Turcq-Lindsay

VP Turcq presented a written report from his LMCC-T meeting which he also attended with National President MacLennan and VP Miller. The ADM IE has offered to organize a joint Consultation Committee, involving two other unions (PIPSC and CAPE) in order to work together on dealing with the concerns raised in Chapter 5 of the Auditor General’s Report. For UNDE, the committee will consist of VP Turcq, VP Miller and VP Walker. There will also be an ad hoc or sub-committee created. The ad hoc committee will include management representatives from the Army, Navy and Air Force, UNDE’s three VPs, as Brothers StephenMcNamara and Randy Stevens.


The UNDE DCC Committee no longer exists. The role of the LMCC-T Committee will be to study the issues and concerns around the 21 base buildings (CE members from Air, Navy and Army) that are not up to code according to the AG’s report with the focus being on keeping the work in-house. The National Officers agreed unanimously by consensus.



THURSDAY, December 6

The previous day’s minutes were reviewed and adopted after minor changes.


Honours & Awards Committee Report                        m/s Kiley-Miller

VP Kiley presented the committee’s written report. There were six candidates who applied for the memorial scholarship awards and the four successful recipients are:

Michaela Ryan, Local 90101, St John’s NL, awarded the Ken Green Scholarship

Kyle Sinon, Local 70641, Ontario, awarded the Ken Green Scholarship

Josh Hoekstra, Local 70637, Ontario, awarded the Gary Smith Scholarship

Tyler David Jollimore, Local 80406, Nova Scotia, awarded the Bob Percher Scholarship

CARRIED unanimously by secret ballot.

National Office will prepare the $2,000 cheques for each recipient.



MOTION FOR SPECIAL PRESENTATION                                                m/s Preston-Chamberlain

“WHEREAS Sister Lori Baker organized her membership and on 1 October 2003 became the Local’s President and has been since that time; and

WHEREAS she has long been a fighter to ensure that private sector membership needs are addressed within our Component, the PSAC and their respective employers. Her collective bargaining skills and working with others on her team have resulted in benefits that private sector members doing similar work had not previously seen; and

WHEREAS she has been active when called upon to provide her knowledge and skills as part of an investigation team.

BE IT RESOLVED that it be acknowledged that even though Sister Baker does not have the minimum 10 years required as an active UNDE member to obtain the 10-year pin, that you consider this request given the fact that she will cease to continue being a member of UNDE/PSAC through no fault of her own. (DND not renewing contract with the cleaners from Borden)”

CARRIED unanimously by secret ballot.

National President MacLennan presented Sister Baker with a 10-year UNDE pin. (photo)


Local 605 Complaint – Investigation Report                                                m/s Lindsay-Chamberlain

The Committee’s Report was read aloud by Sister Baker who was Chair of the investigation committee.


A grammatical error was noted in the report when quoting the PSAC Constitution, however, according to the PSAC Rules of Order it was confirmed that the error could be corrected. MOTION by VP Preston to amend the report, seconded by EVP Chamberlain. CARRIED by show of hands. VP Barker abstained from this vote.


Report as amended was accepted by a show of hands. VP Barker abstained from the vote.

Each of the six recommendations from the report were voted on as follows:


Recommendation #1                                                                                      RV 20 – CARRIED

Recommendation #2                                                                                      RV 21 – CARRIED

Recommendation #3                                                                                      RV 22 – CARRIED

Recommendation #4                                                                                      RV 23 – DEFEATED

Recommendation #5


MOTION to amend to read “use for union business” m/s Miller-Turcq. CARRIED by show of hands. VP Barker abstained from vote.


Recommendation # 5 as amended                                                               RV 24 – DEFEATED


Recommendation #6                                                                                      RV 25 – DEFEATED



Finance Report       m/s Turcq-Winger

VP Turcq was accompanied by Comptroller Loshuk, they presented the Committee’s written report and financial statements dated August 31, 2012. There was some concern because only 20 of the 80 Locals have submitted their audited financial statements. The National President indicated that if the Locals did not submit them before year’s end then rebate cheque will be withheld and that they will not be approved for any training or to attend conferences.



MOTION                                                                                                         m/s Lindsay-Frost


“WHEREAS Local 181 Non Public Funds/Goose Bay has been considered inactive for more than two years as per the definitions outlined in the UNDE Bylaw 7, Articles 3, 4, 5 and 6; and


WHEREAS Local 181 has been placed in trusteeship since in accordance to bylaw 7 article 8; and


WHEREAS 3 different attempts were made by 2 different National UNDE/NPF-VP and one exit committee (as per the directions given in UNDE Bylaw 7, Article 10) in order to reactivate the Local with no positive results or interest from any of the members from that Local; and


WHEREAS the Local has been placed in abeyance (UNDE Bylaw 7, Article 13) for more than one year and that all attempts to reactivate the Local have been unsuccessful.


BE IT RESOLVED that Local 181 Non Public Funds/Goose Bay be amalgamated to Local 90125 (an active Local within the Region) as per UNDE Bylaw 7, Article 14;


BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that all assets from Local 181 NPF/Goose Bay being held at a local bank as well as the National UNDE office be transferred to Local 90125 Local.”


MOTION TO TABLE                                                                            m/s Chamberlain-Bennett


Bylaws Committee to examine other solutions.



Youth Report m/s Barker-Turcq

VP Barker presented her written report.



NCR Report  m/s Barker-Turcq


VP Barker presented her written report.





WFA – Members attending without union representation


VP Barker explained that members in the NCR Region are being asked to attend meetings with management and are being told it is not necessary to have a union rep present because it is not disciplinary but rather administrative.


EVP Chamberlain said that it has always been the employer’s position that representation is not warranted during an administrative process. However, it can be and should be argued that it is in the best interest of both the member and management to have union representation in case follow-up is needed.            This way, everyone is aware of what was said.



UNDE unwilling to deal with employer’s violation of WFA appendix of CA


VP Barker stated that members in her region have indicated that National Office has not kept the members informed on details pertaining to WFA. They have questioned what National Office has done regarding the WFA situations and the contraventions of the collective agreements.


The National President said that lots of information has been shared to date, such as news conferences, letters and meetings with the Department, letters and meetings with Members of Parliament, the PSAC policy grievances, individual grievances have been filed, the numerous fight back activities. In addition, information is available on the UNDE website. He stated that it is up to the VPs and Locals to filter this information down to their members.


Fightback Campaign and the way ahead


National President MacLennan gave an update on the current situation and on notices served to date. He also stated that the PSAC is putting together a policy grievance although the date for this to be sent is still pending.   Lastly, National Office has retained Sister Kim Brackhahn on staff to continue work on this campaign.