CFHA Minutes


Mr Bastarache, CFHA CEO, opened the September 15, 2009 meeting by welcoming the committee members and thanking UNDE EVP for hosting the UMCC at the UNDE office.

Approval of Minutes (March 12, 2009 attached).  CFHA CEO and UNDE EVP agreed that the minutes had been previously approved secretarially.

Old Business

Workplace Assessments / NQI Healthy Workplace (standing item). CFHA CEO provided an update on the recent workplace/home life balance survey.  He explained that once more detailed communications were shared in regards to the intent of the survey a 73% return was achieved.  The responses are now in the hands of the consultant for an evaluation, with a requested report date of end-September.

The CEO explained that CFHA is looking at other venues where employee concerns are raised, such as the recent Public Survey and concerns and comments he hears when he visits the various CFHA worksites.

CEO advised that three (3) working groups are being established to address three (3) key concerns within CFHA:

  1. Governance and Accountability, including roles and responsibilities
  2. Communications and Dialogue, not just information down, but encouraging and receiving feedback from employees
  3. Learning and Growing, to address such things as location of offices in relationship to the customers and revitalizing CFHA values and the corporate culture.

CEO also advised that classification training and understanding the standards has been delivered at all sites.

The CEO reminded the committee members of the NQI process:

Level 1 – identify the issues

Level 2 – develop a strategic plan.  This is the level that CFHA is currently at with an NQI external audit scheduled for January-March 2010

Level 3 – implementation and measurement (two year period)

Level 4 – maintenance and continuous Improvement

In closing, the CEO stated that he truly believes that people are the most important asset to CFHA.

Organizational Review.  Mr Eric Perrault, Acting GM Housing Operations, stated that the site WDs (five (5) functions) have been developed and reviewed by an inter-departmental committee.  Some concerns were raised during the evaluation process in regards to the impact the classification decisions could have on other government departments with similar functions, which are now being addressed.

CEO stated that in conjunction with the DND strategic review, CFHA will also be looking for cost effienciences within the organization.

UNDE EVP asked if CFHA is affected by the recent financial crunch faced by DND and the pressures on SWE?  CEO replied no, that unlike other DND worksites who receive their SWE from the centre, CFHA’s funding for all operating costs (including SWE) comes from revenues ($86M) and capital funding ($19M).

Update of the Terms of Reference (TORs).  In response to the discussion at the March 2009 meeting, a draft TOR was prepared and shared with the committee members.  Following a discussion on the contents and minor amendments, it was agreed to postpone finalizing the TORs until after the revised TORs for the National UMCC are signed in order to ensure consistency.

New Business

Grievance Report.  Ms Hansen, HR, gave an update on the grievance statistics:


Level 1                       Violence in the Workplace             1          (UNDE)
Compensation                                  1          (AFCO)

Level 2                       Discipline                                          1          (UNDE)
Reimbursement of Sick Leave      1          (UNDE)

Level 3                       Harassment                                      1          (UNDE)
Reimbursement of Legal Fees      1          (UNDE)

Adjudication              Contents of WD                               1          (UNDE)

Classifcation                                                                         8          (UNDE)


PSST Complaint – Internal Non-Advertised, in progress.  Challenge to the statement of merit.

It was decided that the labour relations report would be expanded to identify harassment complaints filed.  UNDE EVP stated that UNDE does not support the harassment complaint process and recommends that UNDE members file grievances, however, having that additional information would be beneficial.

Round Table

UNDE            UNDE EVP again requested that Dr Barrett be brought back to re-evaluation his 2005 recommendations stating a different understanding that the CEO’s explanation.  It was agreed that a meeting will be scheduled with Dr Barrett, the CEO and the UNDE EVP.

 ACFO             Requested clarification on CFHA’s approach to “alternate work arrangements”, ie flexible hours.  CEO stated that we have to keep the structure of the CFHA offices in mind, some have only one or two employees.  He stated that he supports alternate work arrangements as appropriate to meet operational requirements.  It was also identified that a delegation of authority for approving alternate work arrangements has been developed and posted.

ACFO asked about the status of the FI 2 competition.  CEO explained that the current FI 2 pool did not meet the essential qualifications of the CFHA position.  As such, CFHA is conducting their own FI 2 competition.  Ongoing.

Next Meeting.  End-April 2010 (date to be confirmed) to coincide with the NQI evaluation results.

M.L. Chamberlain

Executive Vice President