CFHA REPORT OF MEETING – October 25 2010

CFHA Minutes


Ms Dominique Francoeur, new CFHA CEO, opened the October 25, 2010 meeting by welcoming the committee members.  UNDE EVP welcomed the CEO.  UNDE also introduced Sister Gallagher, UNDE USO NCR and Ontario.  UNDE EVP advised that the UMCC is very informal considering the size and that consultation is more important than formality.

UNDE EVP expressed concern that the ACFO representative was not in attendance and that the UMCC is not just a UNDE forum.  The HR representative advised that the ACFO representative had previously informed CFHA that they would not be attending.

Approval of Minutes (April 22, 2010 attached).  The Committee members agreed that the minutes had been previously approved secretarially.


Exit Interviews.  In response to a previous question from ACFO, the CEO advised that CFHA will follow the departmental process.

Regional LMRC Structure.  UNDE EVP stated that UNDE had proposed a regional LMRC structure at the last meeting.  Unfortunately little discussion has taken place.  UNDE EVP committed to discussions with the UNDE National Executive and update at the spring UMCC.

Return to Work Training (RTW).  CEO advised that a three-day RTW session is being offered by D Safe G and that a CFHA management representative will be attending.  UNDE EVP advised that she is aware that the UNDE VP NCR is soliciting interest and she hopes that a UNDE Local 611 representative will attend.

Workplace Assessments / NQI Healthy Workplace (standing item). The CEO introduced the discussion advising that CFHA has received their second level certification for Healthy Workplace.

UNDE EVP asked how the NQI assessment is conducted.  CEO advised that onsite visits and interviews are conducted randomly with employees at all levels of the organization by a group of representatives from organizations other than CFHA.

UNDE EVP again raised UNDE’s desire to have Dr Barrett come back to do a sampling across the country as a reassessment of his findings and recommendations in the 2005 workplace assessment.  After some discussion, the CEO stated that she is not closing the door on bringing Dr Barrett back, he is listed on the PWGSC SOA list, but that she is satisfied with the tools that are in place to assist CFHA.

Organizational Review.  The GM Operations provided an update on the progress that has been made advising that the Model A work description (WD) have come back upgraded to AS 3 with an effective date of October 1, 2010.  He also advised that some retroactive pay may be required since some CBOs have been previoulsy performing some of the duties that resulted in the upgrade.

The WD review for the CR 4, CR 5 and EG 3 positions is in progress with results expected in November 2010.

WDs for the smaller sites and satellite offices are in the development, consultation and evaluation phase.

UNDE EVP reiterated that a UNDE representative had participated in the conference calls when the classifications and rationales were shared with the employees.  And that UNDE has a good understanding of the process followed.

Strategic Review, Budget Restraints, Funding for FY 10/11 and Management of Term Employees.  CEO provided a list of the current term positions (14) and the status of each.

CEO advised that the results of the strategic review have been sent to the Minister and that he has been briefed.  The next step is for the Minister to brief cabinet and then wait for the return to the department.

Workforce Adjustment – Ottawa and Toronto:  UNDE EVP asked for an update on the sites facing downzing and the affected numbers.  HR advised:





Affected 1 x AS 5
1 x EG 3/EG 4
  1 x AS 5
1 x EG 3/EG 4
EG incumbent from Toronto is acting in Borden
Surplus 1 x EG 4
1 x EG 3
  1 x CR 5  

As a follow up to a previous meeting, UNDE EVP asked whether a decision has been made in regards to the proposed Ottawa satellite office.  GM Operations replied that he is still looking at various options, talking to people, getting input.  A decision has not been made.

UNDE EVP stated that ongoing communications with the impacted employees is important.

Grievance Report.  Ms Piquette, HR, gave an update on the current grievance statistics:


Level 1                       Effective Date of Work Description                       4          (UNDE)
Discipline                                                                  1          (UNDE)
Group Grievance – Breach of the                                     1          (UNDE)
Harassment Policy, Workplace Wellness
Program and TB Code of Conduct

Level 2                       Contents of Work Description                               4          (UNDE)

Level 3                       Lack of Accommodation/Sick Leave                    1          (UNDE)
Discipline                              t                                   1          (UNDE)

Classifcation             Group and Level      (2010)                                     29        (UNDE)


PSST Complaint – Internal Non-Advertised.  Challenge to the statement of merit.  Unfounded

PSST Complaint – Internal Non-Advertised.  Withdrawn at mediation

PSST Complaint – Internal Advertised.  Mediation was unsuccessful, Hearing November 2010

PSST Complaint – Internal Advertised.  Hearing December 2010

PSST Complaint – Internal Advertised.  Exchange of information stage

In closing, everyone expressed that the discussions were informative.  CEO advised that CFHA is still trying encouraging PIPSC representation.  And UNDE EVP advised that she will follow up with ACFO.

Next Meeting.  Spring 2011 (date to be confirmed).

Questions and comments are welcomed.

In solidarity,

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M.L. Chamberlain
Executive Vice President