CFHA REPORT OF MEETING – November 29 2012

CFHA Minutes




Ms Dominique Francoeur, CFHA CEO, opened the meeting by welcoming the committee. Unfortunately, Brother Carm Icaci, ACFO representative, was not available.


Agenda. The agenda was accepted as presented.


Minutes of the July 13, 2012 UMCC meeting were agreed to secretarially and signed.


Workforce Adjustment



UNDE EVP requested an update on the status of employees declared affected. CFHA CEO reminded UNDE that CFHA is not part of the DND DRAP, that any reductions are a result of an internal review of processes and operations. CFHA will do their best to accommodate individual employee’s needs and plans; those employees that want to stay on until the end-state of March 31, 2015 can do so when circumstances allow. The following statistics were provided:



As of June 27, 2012 –   Total affected employees


Current Status

Affected employees


Opting employees


WFA Processes Completed

Departure – Option A


Departure – Options B,   C(i), C(ii)


No longer affected   (volunteers met the cuts, affected letters were rescinded)




Registered alternates, 18; completed alternations 3; one alternation from another department being considered. It is anticipated that no SRLOs will be required.



The CEO stated that these are the same statistics that are provided to ADM HR Civ every two weeks.



UNDE EVP asked why a staffing process for CR 4 is being conducted, closing date December 5, 2012.



The CEO advised that it is an internal DND deployment opportunity because although the CWMB has approval to staff some EG 3 and EG 4 positions, the CWMB will not give approval to staff all CFHA vacant required positions. CEO stated that every option is considered before a staffing process is considered, priorities, affected, etc. CFHA has requested an exemption from the staffing approval process and is awaiting a response.


UNDE EVP asked if the newly announced affected employees were considered, identifying a variety of administrative classifications including CR 4s at the poster identified sites. The response was that a review of priorities and affected employees was done but that the poster was out before the recent list was released and CFHA was not aware of impending affected employees outside of CFHA. The CEO also reconfirmed that CFHA is considering alternations in and out of DND.



CFHA Human Resources noted that additional employees in DND are now affected. And UNDE EVP committed to sharing the CR deployment opportunity with UNDE Locals.



Status Changes – RHUs (PMQs)



UNDE EVP asked for a status of the PMQs in light of the recent announcement in Borden, are there other sites where civilian are occupying PMQs and may be asked to move? Any other changes that could impact on the civilian workforce?



CFHA CEO reminded UNDE that the Moncton and Vancouver offices are closing. She further advised that at some sites there is an overabundance of units and at other sites there is a shortage. As a result, construction has been approved at various sites across the country, for example Bagotville and Petawawa. And, using Goose Bay as an example, PMQs declared beyond economical repair, have been/will be torn down.



Old Business


Healthy Workplace. The CEO advised that the employee survey postponed in the spring was completed in September/October, results are still being analyzed.


The NQI Programme has been renamed The Excellence Programme with a revised set of standards including Excellence, Innovation, and Wellness. CFHA will review their NQI progress to date, determine where there are gaps with the new standards, and adjust. CFHA is currently completing the Business Process Mapping, of 21 identified processes, three (3) have been completed.


The CEO advised that to address the results of the recent Public Service Employee Survey, an action plan has been developed by a working group of employees from across the country. A union representative from corporate office also participated. The plan has been shared with managers and will be implemented.


The CEO expressed concern that no matter what is done to address the issue of harassment in the workplace, the statistic never seems to improve. Committee members surmised that perhaps it is not harassment between two employees, but that employees are feeling harassment by clients?


Multi-Function Review (MFR)


This issue was previously raised, addressed, and shared with the UNDE National Executive. CFHA CEO asked if the information previously provided was sufficient? UNDE EVP advised that the information previously shared by the CEO had been distributed to the UNDE National Executive for furtherance as deemed necessary and that no other concerns had been received. UNDE EVP stated that she also advised the Locals through the National Executive that if employees did not feel comfortable completing the MFR-related surveys, they should advise the management representative of their concern and not do so. Committee members agreed that completion of the surveys is voluntary.


Standing Items


Term Report (as of November 21, 2012)


            Human Resources advised that term employees are still required to backfill encumbered positions that are vacant for sick leave, maternity leave or some other short term reason such as a staffing process is ongoing.






Start Date /

Forecasted End Date

Esquimalt EG   3 17   October 2011 – 31 March 2013
Greenwood EG   4 4   January 2011 – 1 April 2012 (seasonal)
Halifax CR   4 26   July 2010 – 1 October 2013
Halifax EG   3 12   July 2010 – 1 October 2013
Ottawa CR   5 26   October 2010 – 15 June 2013
Ottawa EG   1 2   September 2009 – 31 March 2014
Ottawa AS   1 16   May 2011 – 1 April 2013
Petawawa EG   3 21   November 2011 – 31 March 2013
Petawawa CR   4 16   April 2012 – 9 February 2013
Trenton EG   3 4   Jan 2010 – 1 May 2013
Winnipeg CR   4 4   April 2011 – 1 January 2013



Grievance Report (as of November 29, 2012)



Level 1                        PSAC/UNDE               Effective Date of WD               4


Level 2                        PSAC/UNDE               WD Content                            2


Level 3                        PSAC/UNDE               Termination                             1



Classification               PSAC/UNDE               Group and Level                     33



No pending PSST (staffing) Complaints.


Round Table



The CFHA CEO shared a copy of the Strategic Plan Update which will be posted on the CFHA website “Employees’ Corner”. She also shared a copy of ADM IE’s email regarding the status of Service Delivery Options for Housing Program – Accommodation Policy announcing that they are moving into Phase II and that the consultant will be visiting various sites across the country.


In closing, the CEO asked if all of UNDE’s concerns and questions had been addressed?


UNDE EVP responded yes, that unlike other DND organizations CFHA has a plan for the way ahead, has provided the requested rationale to support their proposals and has been transparent in the process so far. The sharing of information is appreciated; it goes a long way in addressing concerns that may arise, and this benefits both the union and the employer.



Everyone wished each other a happy holiday season.



Next Meeting. February/March (date to be confirmed)


Questions and comments are welcomed.


In solidarity,

Sent electronically,

M.L. Chamberlain
Executive Vice President