CFHA REPORT OF MEETING – January 14 2008

CFHA Minutes


Mr Bastarache, CFHA CEO, opened the January 14, 2008 meeting by wishing everyone a Happy New Year. UNDE EVP welcomed everyone back and stated that she felt it was important to have the appropriate representation at the table thus resulting in the December 2007 meeting being postponed.

Approval of Minutes (April 26, 2007 attached) (Word). CFHA CEO and UNDE EVP agreed that the minutes had been previously agreed to electronically.

Old Business

Workplace Assessments / NQI Healthy Workplace. As background information, CFHA CEO stated that the Workplace Assessment Committee has been dissolved and that a NQI Healthy Workplace Committee had beenestablished, some members of the previous committee are continuing with the NQI Committee. CFHA CEO stated NQI is a more structured process and that records of discussion (RODs) are posted on the CFHA Employees Corner. He announced that CFHA received NQI level 1 certification in September 2007. CFHA CEO stated that the use of the Employees Corner has been improved and expanded upon. Now, when employees log on to the site, they will get an automatic pop up of whats new. And that the monthly newsletter is continuing.

UNDE EVP asked if Dr Barrett will be asked to do a follow up to his previous worplace assessment. CFHA CEO said no, that the NQI process is working with, and building on, the workplace assessment observations and recommendations from Dr Barrett. UNDE EVP stated that Dr Barrett is a third party whom the employees appeared to be open with and that there might be a benefit in having a follow up with him. Perry Schippers, PIPSC representative, stated that since there are more than one programs underway at CFHA Workplace Assessment, NQI Healthy Workplace and NQI Progressive Excellence Program (PEP) employees might not see the link of the NQI to the previous workplace assessment.

CFHA CEO stated that it would be timely to send an NQI communication reinforcing the links. He also advised that a Quality Fair is being held in Ottawa on February 8, 2008 for people from all levels of government, and that he has been invited to do a presentation as the Federal Government representative.

Exclusion of the Housing Managers. Ms Hansen, HR, stated that she did not believe that this item had been closed. UNDE EVP stated that although there was more discussion around this issue than is reflected in the minutes it had been agreed at the April 2006 meeting that the exclusion of the Housing Manager positions was not relevant at this time. And that the committee members had felt that the exclusion would likely be more appropriate at the regional level.

Grievance Report. Ms Hansen, HR, gave an update on the grievance statistics. There are currently four (4) PSAC/UNDE staff relations grievances: one (1) Level 1 and/or 2, two (2) at Level 3, one (1) at adjudication.

Organizational Review. CFHA CEO opened the discussion by providing some background information the organizational review was announced in March 2007, it proposed a regional structure to better reflect current and future responsibilities of CFHA, and that it was not a downsizing exercise but a reorganization.

Mr Porter, General Manager Operations (GM Ops), stated that three (3) working groups had been established to review the structure, the functions, and resource levels, and that the reviews also included the review of current WDs and the creation of a generic WD for the Site Managers. All employees that might be impacted by the review were given opportunities for input. The current structure has 26 Site Managers (15 x AS 6 and 11 x AS 4) reporting directly to the GM Ops. Effective 1 April 2008 the new CFHA structure will consist of 3 x AS 7 Regional Site Managers and 22 x AS 5 Manager Housing Service Centre (four (4) Site Manager positions were deemed unncessary).

The duties of the AS 7 Regional Managers were established from a devolution of responsibilites from the National CFHA office, including 1st level grievance hearing officer, and some responsibilities from the current Site Managers.

HR confirmed that no position numbers related to the Site Manager positions changed as a result of the classification review and that the AS 5 positions were not considered new positions as a result of the reclassification. Also that two (2) of the four (4) positions to be deleted are currenly vacant and that all options are being pursued with the two (2) affected employees. The downgraded AS 6 positions will be salary protected.

UNDE EVP stated that although the reclassification of the AS 4 positions to AS 5 would indicate an increase and/or change in duties and responsibililities, a reclassisfication of one level would indicate that it was not a significant increase or change. UNDE EVP reminded Management that they have the right to appoint the current AS 4 Site Managers to their now reclassified AS 5 positions without competition.

UNDE EVP also confirmed that all WDs that may be affected by the reorganization will reviewed as identified, for example: in the four sites were the manager position has been deleted, there may be an impact if additional/new duties are assigned to other remaining employees.

All Managers were to be briefed on the organizational changes on January 15, 2008.

Staffing Complaints. HR reported that there are no staffing complaints at this time. UNDE EVP stated that, although not relevant to CFHA, there has been a recent increase in the number of grievances being received by UNDE for Rejection on Probation. The staffing actions in question have been external non-advertised processes and internal advertised and non-advertised. This calls into question the quality/legitimacy of the staffing selection processes being conducted.

Round Table

UNDE EVP encouraged Management to continue the open communications with CFHA employees.

Next Meeting. October 2008 (to be confirmed) unless requested.

M.L. Chamberlain

Executive Vice President