CFHA Minutes


Ms Dominique Francoeur,CFHA CEO,opened the April 4,2011 meeting by welcoming the committee members,including Brother Carm Icaci,representing ACFO,and Brother Mike Franke,representing PIPSC.UNDE EVP welcomed the Brothers to the table.

Agenda The agenda was accepted as presented.

Approval of Minutes (October 25, 2010 attached).The Committee members agreed that the minutes had been previously approved secretarially.

New Business Finance,Planning and Resource Management (FPRM) aka Comptroller Branch.The ACFO representative asked for an explanation of the reorganization of the Comptroller’s Branch.CEO advised that it is not a reorganization but a realignment of duties and responsibilities triggered by a classification review and the dominoe effect.The WD review of the FI 2, AS 5 and AS 3 positions is complete, with no changes.Now there will be a review of the FI 1 and CR 5 WDs.There could be new FI3 positions created, however, staffing will have to be done withing the current SWE allocations as CFHA now faces the same restrictions as the rest of DND.

Old Business

Regional LMRC Structure.Further to previous discussions, the UMCC explored its options in the creation of the regional LMRC.CFHA has three regions with a regional manager responsible for each: West (MB, SK, AB and BC),Central (NCR and Ontario) and East (PQ, NL, NB and NS). UNDE EVP explained that the UNDE structure would result in more than one UNDE regional representative attending the meetings respecting that each UNDE VP would want to represent their respective regions. CEO asked if the meetings could be conducted by conference call, UNDE responded that this is an option that could be considered. Frequency of meetings was also discussed with a suggestion that two(2)meetings per year would likely be sufficient with the option to schedule additional meetings should circumstances warrant. A question about whether or not local sites could be represented at the Base/Wing LMRCs arose;discussion was that they could, however,any decisions reached there would have to be supported by corporate because the CFHA employees do not fall under the command of the Base/Wing Commander to enforce an agreement.

UNDE EVP reinforced resolution of issues at the lowest level. Workplace issues from the Base/Wing should not have to come directly to the UMCC,an interim level of consultation is warranted.CEO agreed.

Note:feedback is requested from the UNDE NE

NQI Healthy Workplace (standing item).The CEO introduced the discussion reminding the committee that CFHA has received their level 2 certification last year and advising that they are now working towards level 3 with a self-imposed, very aggressive, target date of December 2012.

CEO advised that an action plan has been developed in consultation with the NQI; it will include the regions(examples areas,mapping processes and customer services) and that it will continue to include the Healthy Workplace initiatives.CEO advised that all employees are engaged.

CEO advised the committee that October is Healthy Workplace Month and that during the October 2010 CFHA corporate and the Shilo site both won prizes from the NQI sponsors.

Respect: posters have been develped and are displayed in the CFHA offices.

To address concerns raised by employees on how they should respond/address different circumstances they encounter that are outside their scope of responsibility, ie child neglect, family in stress, learning opportunities have been arranged engaging the Family Resource Centres,the Dispute Resolution Centres,and others (Padres).The session was pilotted in Esquimalt was considered a success and will be made available to other sites.

Organizational Review.The GM Operations provided an update on the progress that has been made advising that the WDs for the smaller sites and satellite offices are still under review. He acknowledged that there may be an overlap of duties as employees take on more responsibilities and that the effective date is yet to be determined. UNDE EVP thanked CFHA for acknowledging that generic WDs written in Ottawa do not always meet the needs of a local site and for taking all aspects of the individual worksites into consideration, including available support services.

Workforce Adjustment – Ottawa and Toronto GM Operations provided an update, stating that the Toronto office will officially close January 2012 with the transition to Borden starting in August 2011. The Ottawa office will continue as a satellite office (147 PMQs) and will be relocating to Uplands. It is still hoped that all employees needs will be accomodated. Current status of employees:


Affected 1 x AS 5
2 x EG 3/4
Toronto and Ottawa
Surplus 1 x AS 5
1 x EG 4
1 x EG 3
1 x CR 5
Toronto and Ottawa

It was also announced that four x AS 5 positions are to be staffed, Bagotville, Montreal, Borden and Greenwood.

Strategic Review, Budget Restraints,Funding for FY 11/12.

Nothing new on the strategic review results. CEO repeated that although CFHA is a revenue generating organization,they are now subject to the same SWE and staffing restrictions imposed on the rest of DND including the Workforce Management Committee. UNDE EVP commented that you would think that an organization would know its resource needs better than someone outside of the organization.

UNDE EVP asked if CFHA has budgetted for the upcoming negotiated salary increases, the response was yes.

Accomodation Policy Review. Process is still ongoing with the next meeting scheduled for June 2011. Panel recommendations still have to be confirmed with local realities, ie accommodation availability in the surrounding area.

Term Employees(standing item). A list of current term employees was provided; all the start dates are in 2010.

Grievance Report, Human Resources gave an update on the current grievance statistics:


Level 1 Effective Date of Work Description 8(UNDE)
Discipline 1(UNDE)
Breach of the Harassment Policy ,1UNDE)
Workplace Wellness Program and
TB Code of Conduct

Level 3 Lack of Accommodation/Sick Leave 1(UNDE)
Discipline 1(UNDE)
Contents of Work Description 4(UNDE)

Classifcation Group and Level 29(UNDE)

HR advised that the 29 classfication grievances on hold pending the outcome of the associated staff relations grievances for effective date and content.


PSST Complaint Internal Non-Advertised.Withdrawn at mediation

PSST Complaint Internal Advertised.Mediation was unsuccessful,hearing April 2011

PSST Complaint Internal Advertised.Witrdrawn at the exchange of information stage

PSST Complaint Internal Advertised.Mediation declined by employee,waiting hearing date

PSST Complaint Internal Non-Advertised.UNDE requested an extension for exchange of information

In closing, everyone agreed that the discussions were informative.CEO proposed an NQI presentation at the next UMCC.

Next Meeting. Fall 2011 (date to be confirmed).

Questions and comments are welcomed.

M.L. Chamberlain

Executive Vice President