CFHA Minutes



UNDE submitted the following questions in advance of the meeting:

  • ØHow will the $5.3M projected savings in FY 12/13 and FY 13/14 impact on CFHA’s operations?  How many FTEs will be lost?   Employees affected?
  • ØWhat is the plan for the PMQs in Goose Bay, Toronto, Vancouver and Winnipeg?  How will the loss of revenues (minimal as they may be) impact on CFHA’s operations.
  • ØHow will the announced closures of Chilliwack, Calgary, London, North Bay, and Moncton impact on CFHA?

Ms Dominique Francoeur, CFHA CEO, opened the meeting by welcoming the committee. Brother Carm Icaci attended representing ACFO.

UNDE EVP stated that she and the ACFO representative were confused by the strategic review impact on CFHA considering the CFHA is a revenue generating, essentially self-supporting, organization, and that it had previously been discussed that CFHA was not part of the reviews.

LCol Aucoin was introduced, he is replacing the General Manager Housing Operations who has been assigned to the IE Transformation Team. LCol Aucoin identified that he has worked with civilians in Gander and Halifax.

Agenda. The agenda was accepted as presented.

Minutes Minutes of the October 28, 2011 meeting were accepted and signed.

CEO Message to CFHA Employees. Attached as distributed.

Budget 21012 Impact on CFHA. The CEO stated that the $5M impact on CFHA identified in the strategic review has been known for the past two years, it is their capital funding. CFHA has been advised that they have to be less reliant on capital funding (vote 5, a financial accounting term). They will continue to receive capital funding but it must be repaid from revenues at the end of the fiscal year.

Although not impacted by the DRAP, because CFHA is revenue based, CFHA has been asked to find efficiencies within the organization. As such, CFHA is examining and analyzing the entire operation to identify efficiencies and duplications in processes. CFHA has 300 FTEs. Various options have already been suggested by the management team and employees such as seasonal, part-time employment and job sharing where it makes sense, relocations, and no unnecessary staffing or duplication of services, for example, the elimination of the position responsible for policies when those policies are managed elsewhere in DND. Attrition is also an option; currently there are 33 employees in CFHA who could retire with no pension penalty, 13 with 35 or more years of service.

CEO advised that this is will be a three year process, employees and unions will be kept informed and consulted; CFHA will develop and maintain their own alternation database in addition to the DND and gcforum database; and resulting relocations will be funded. CEO advised that one employee has already put their name forward to relocate.

In response to UNDE’s questions, the following was provided:

Chilliwack:       no site

Vancouver:      previously reported that the office would close in 2013. Affected employees will be relocated.

Calgary:           no site

Winnipeg:        south side will eventually be disposed of, no immediate impact on staff.

North Bay:       no impact

Toronto:           previously reported, office is already closed

London:           no site

Moncton:         one employee will be relocated to Gagetown

Goose Bay:     the number of housing units exceeds the CF’s needs, as such a lot are vacant. Minimum maintenance is being performed, some are beyond economical repair, there will be no future investment. No immediate impact on staff.

Old Business

Healthy Workplace. The survey previously shared with the unions has been postponed until June so that the CEO and management team can complete the three-year plan and share it with employees. Also, the results of the 2011 Public Service Employee Survey (PSES) will be incorporated. CEO stated that the 2011 PSES showed progress in CFHA from the 2008 PSES.

The CEO stressed that the NQI and review of processes is not a FTE reduction exercise; it is intended to streamline process and eliminate duplication.

Accommodation Policy and Housing Requirements. The CEO reported that the Defence Executive Committee, chaired by the CDS and DM, has approved phase 1, housing requirements, at 12,000 units and granted authority to move ahead on phase 2, to be more sustainable.

WFA Report




Ottawa EG 4 Declared surplus and   in the priority system
Ottawa EG 3 x 2 Affected. SRLO to be conducted.
Ottawa PE 5 Declared surplus and   in the priority system

Term Report





Start Date /

Forecasted End Date

Corporate   Office AS   1 May   16, 2011

March   31, 2013

Corporate   Office CR   5 June   13, 2011

June   1, 2012

Corporate   Office CR   5 October   26, 2010

November   16, 2012

Corporate   Office EG   1 September   2, 2009

March   31, 2014

Esquimalt EG   3 October   17, 2011

December   30, 2011

Goose   Bay CR   4 November   29, 2010

September   28, 2012

Greenwood EG   3 January   4, 2011

October   31, 2012

Halifax CR   4 July   26, 2010

September   28, 2012

Halifax EG   3 July   12, 2010

September   28, 2012

Petawawa EG   3 November   21, 2011

August   31, 2012

Trenton EG   3 January   4, 2010

May   1, 2013

Wainwright CR   4 August   15, 2011

September   5, 2012

Winnipeg CR   4 April   4, 2011

June   30, 2012

Grievance Report

Level 1                        PSAC/UNDE               Effective Date of WD               5

PSAC/UNDE               Work Description Content       1

Level 2                                                                                                            0

Level 3                        PSAC/UNDE               WD Content                            4

Classification               PSAC/UNDE               Group and Level                     30

CEO advised that the classification results for the collective work descriptions (CWD) for the small sites (less than 150 housing units) have been released. The EG 3 CWD, remained EG 3; the CR 5 CWD was reclassified to AS 1 with an effective date of April 1, 2012. The paperwork process must be completed, but it was confirmed that the intent is to reclassify the incumbents. The CEO also confirmed that retroactive pay prior to April 1, 2012 will be recognized on a substantiated case by case basis.

Round Table

CEO advised that as progress is made in the review, the unions will be consulted, as such, anticipate another meeting in May. UNDE EVP thanked the CEO for the information provided. UNDE EVP encouraged accurate information versus timely information so as to avoid the problem currently being encountered in representing UNDE members in DND.

Next Meeting. Regularly scheduled for fall 2012 (date to be confirmed), however, more frequently has been proposed. TBC

Questions and comments are welcomed.

In solidarity,

Sent electronically,

M.L. Chamberlain
Executive Vice President