Can all unions come together in agreement with each other from an international perspective?

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Can all Unions come together in agreement with each other from an international perspective?

The title of this paper will bring a healthy perspective and will allow our unions to have a better reason to consider working together in unity and solidarity. This is not a new challenge but an ongoing one; a shift that we all must be willing to consider. We all live in a global village. Let me raise a few questions and statements that need to be presented to each other as we continue to work together for the common good of our communities. When one hurts we are all affected. I believe this is a true statement.

When we look at our history over the last 40 to 50 years in and out of Canada. What are some of the same problems we are all faced with regardless of our culture or ethnic diversity? As Unions we need to be able to present our needs to the level of government or employers that will consider our demands with a open and willingess to bargain in good faith. We want some of our basic needs provided the ability to come to work and have a safe and healthy workplace. To earn a reasonable wage so we can raise our families and plan for our future. This would have to be included in our benefit packages when we enter into collective agreements. What action do we take when the employer does not care? I’m sure we all could write a long paper on our past history and the unsettled and broken contracts that we have experienced. We must be willing to change our approach; not just locally or nationally; but internationally.

What I have listed above are common needs that we all have and strive to gain and accomplish through our democratic rights and freedoms national and international. Unfortunately those rights and freedoms can be taken away from each one of us as the political shift happens during all of our elections. This is not new to us; we all have experienced this pull of negative and positive reactions of change in the political world we live in. Can we make a difference and change the world we live in?

I believe we can and must try. The welfare of our communities and nation and world depend on it.

We must take up each others issues so they become our very own and move as one. There are leaders in certain unions that have worked very hard in trying to accomplish this over the years. The difficulties they faced in developing this workable relationship have been difficult at the best of times. I believe that in order to accomplish this we must be willing to enter into International Union Collective Agreements. This will bring certain challenges to all of us. It will include a different approach in how we deal with our entire employers. What we will agree to and not. In order to move as one with unity and solidarity we must use everything at our disposal to accomplish this task. I have a plan to develop this type of change that will produce global unity and solidarity within all of our unions.

International accountable for all nations is what this process will develop yes it can be done and we must continue to work toward this new order. Thank you for having an open mind and please get in touch with me concerning any questions or comments you may have with this article.