Bill 47: What it Means for your Workplace Injury Compensation

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Greetings all,

The Alberta UCP government has passed a number of sweeping changes to H&S, including Workers Compensation Benefits, which are set to commence January 1, 2021.

For this communication, I would like to focus on the direct implications of these changes to federal public service workers. In future correspondences, I will outline some of the changes that attack provincial workers’ health and safety (which we don’t currently represent within the PSAC), and the long term implications. As horrible as some of the new provincial legislation is, the changes to WCB will immediately and significantly affect all of our Alberta members.

Some of the key changes include;

  • Changes to the presumptive clauses for psychological injuries
  • Lowering of the cap for wage loss, and a reduction in percentage covered by WCB
  • No longer the requirement to rehire injured workers
  • Reductions within the support system for appeals
  • A reduction in time to file a claim (one year instead of two)
  • Wording preventing unions (including PSAC H&S Rep) from filing claims, information, and appeals on behalf of the affected worker

In all, the government is looking to save hundreds of millions of dollars directly at the expense of injured workers. These changes affect federally regulated members because the Government Employees Compensation Act (GECA) in essence defers adjudication of WCB claims to the jurisdiction to which the worker performs their duties.

I encourage all to review the information contained in the attached slide presentation and in the links in the email below, including ways you can become more informed and more involved.

Should you have any questions regarding the information provided, or have any other health and safety related concerns, please do not hesitate to contact your local, your component, or myself at any of the coordinates below.

Stay Safe,

Clint Wirth

Regional Representative, Health and Safety- Prairie Region

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