August 13-15, 2014

National Executive Minutes

Quebec City, QC

Chair John MacLennan National President
Members Mary Chamberlain Executive Vice-President
Dan Frost Vice-President (NL/NB)
Terry Kiley Vice-President (NS)
Philippe Turcq Vice-President (QC)
Paulette Barker Vice-President (NCR)
Serge Desbiens Acting Vice-President (ON)
Randy Walker Vice-President (MB/SK)
June Winger Vice-President (AB/North)
T. Mark Miller Vice-President (BC)
Tamara Lindsay Vice-President (NPF)
Clay Joyce Vice-President (CSE)
Gloria Kelly Human Rights Advisor
Recording Secretary Sandra Montpetit


  • The harassment statement was read aloud by Human Rights Advisor Kelly and EVP Chamberlain was named intervener.

    The National President welcomed members to the National Executive Meeting in Quebec City prior to the UNDE’s 16th Triennial Convention which is the following week. He reminded the National Officers that the National Executive will remain in session right through to the end of Convention.

    The hours of sessions were set as follows:

    Wednesday, August 13, 9:00 – 11:30 / 1:00 to 4:00

    Thursday, August 14, 9:00 -11:30 / 1:00 to 4:00

    Friday, August 15, 9:00 – 11:30 / 1:00 to termination of convention

    The agenda was adopted.                                                                 m-s Chamberlain/Turcq


  • A moment of silence was observed for Al Robb a member from Local 1016 who has passed.


  • The final minutes from the May 2014 were adopted.


  • Air Command Report                                                                                         m-s Miller/Turcq

    VP Miller presented his written report. Since Sister Preston’s resignation, he has moved into the Chair of this portfolio until a new Committee is appointed in the new mandate. He said that although the relationship with 1 CAD RCAF is a good one, there is still work to be done in Goose Bay to strengthen communications.

  • Apprenticeship Report                                                                                       m-s Miller/Turcq

    VP Miller presented his written Apprenticeship and Operational Development Program (AODP) report. The program is funded for into 2018 and the struggle continues to have those members who have completed the program staffed into indeterminate positions. UNDE continues to be a member of the Canadian Apprenticeship Program (CAF) in a supporter capacity.


  • Newfoundland/Labrador/New-Brunswick                                                       m-s Frost/Winger

    VP Frost presented his written report which identified some workforce adjusted members in his region. As well, Treasury Board bargaining continues within all the groups including Serco which is finalizing a new contract with the members in Goose bay.

  • Nova Scotia                                                                                                         m-s Kiley/Desbiens

    VP Kiley presented his written report which highlighted his meetings and activities since the last meeting. He wished a happy retirement to Brother Dave Yeomans, Local 80406, on his retirement. There is an urgent campaign underway concerning parking issues since the department is now going to charge members for parking on the base in Halifax. This move by the department may spread to other operational bases across the country; the National Capital Region and CSE are the only two that have been paying for parking up to now.

  • Quebec                                                                                                           m-s Turcq/Winger

    VP Turcq presented his written report which outlined the fierce job cuts in his region as well as the investigation into the work Defence Construction Canada (DCC) is doing which is taking away from members’ jobs, although with ongoing Access to Information (ATI) requests being made by UNDE National Office, this will help expose the poor work they perform.

  • Ontario                                                                                                           m-s Desbiens/Turcq

    VP Desbiens presented his written report as the interim Vice-President for the remainder of this mandate, which outlined meetings and activities he has assumed in this role.

  • Non-Public Funds                                                                                           m-s Lindsay/Walker

    VP Lindsay presented her written report which identified updates on negotiations in her Locals. She also spoke of the ongoing issue of dealing with the department concerning dress policy.

  • Manitoba/Saskatchewan                                                                              m-s Walker/Winger

    VP Walker presented his written report which outlined his activities during his mandate. He identified a new collective agreement has been reached with Aramark for some of the Local 807 members. Negotiations with Sodexo for the other members of Local 807 will begin soon.

  • Alberta and the North                                                                                   m-s Winger-Turcq

    VP Winger presented her written report which highlighted events and activities in her region during her mandate. The work on career progression for EG members is ongoing. She also gave an update on TC Bargaining.

  • THURSDAY AUGUST 14, 2014


  • Bylaws Report                                                                                                                 m-s Miller/Turcq

    VP Miller presented his written report. The Committee has met on two occasions to deal with issues in two different Locals, one of which has resulted in a resolution going to Triennial Convention for debate.

  • EVP Report                                                                                              m-s Chamberlain/Walker

    EVP Chamberlain presented her written report which outlined her meetings and activities for this mandate. She noted an addition to her report concerning the AEU bargaining which has successfully resulted in the ratification of a new collective agreement for the staff of Unit 14.

  • Health & Safety Report                                                                                      m-s Kiley/Turcq

    VP Kiley presented his written report. There was some discussion on First Aid and how it differs across the country, some buildings have dedicated first aid rooms and trained personnel, while others simply provide a station, policies and regulations must be enforced. Also discussed was the issue of building repairs, or lack thereof for some regions.


  • Human Rights Advisor                                                                                               m-s Lindsay/Winger

    Sister Kelly presented her written report. She gladly reported that she has a full team of Regional Coordinators across the country now. It was reminded that the Vice-President of the region must be copied on all correspondence coming from the Regional Coordinator of that region.


  • Local 70607 – Non-payment of Per Diem to delegate to Convention

    VP Barker brought a member’s e-mail to the National President’s attention for interpretation of Local 70607’s Bylaws. The member in question was being denied the Local per diem while attending Convention as a delegate because she was no longer part of the Local Executive. National President MacLennan raised it at this meeting for discussion with the National Officers and by a consensus will honour the member’s request to have her per diem paid. A letter will be prepared by the National President and sent to the member and the Local Executive.


  • British Columbia                                                                                            m-s Miller/Winger

    VP Miller presented his written report which itemized his activities and meetings for the past 3-year mandate.

  • Communications and Security Establishment                                                  m-s Joyce/Lindsay

    VP Joyce presented her written report. The biggest change has been in the management at CSE, now that they are more aligned with other government departments and the move to the new CSE building is underway.

  • National Capital Region                                                                                     m-s Barker/Turcq

    VP Barker presented her written report (not available electronically) which summarized the activities and meetings she attended on behalf of her region during her mandate.


  • Finance Report                                              

    VP Turcq gave a verbal report stating that UNDE is in a good financial position and the only change has been to the actuary which is now Morneau Shepell. He thanked VP Walker and VP Winger for their work with him on this Committee during this mandate, as well as Brother Brian Loshuk for his continued support.

  • FR Report                                                                                                        m-s Walker/Winger

    VP Walker presented his written report on this Committee which can be found as part of his Regional report. This Committee had a meeting in July where the CFFM attended and informed them that they are trying to bring back the firefighter’s testing, there is a working committee to review and evaluate this system.

  • LMCC ADM-IE Report

    VP Miller presented his written report on his most recent monthly meeting. This included a Powerpoint presentation outlining the move to a single custodian for the Department’s Real Property (RP) section, which is an incremental one spread over several years. With the Department being secretive about the move this shows a lack of transparency and respect to those it will affect.

  • Employee Assistance Program                                                                                 

    VP Walker gave a verbal update stating that there have been a few video-conference calls which Sister Brendalee Blaney from National Office participated on in his absence. There is a working group established to discuss training for the Referral Agents of the 1-800 number. VP Winger will co-facilitate the training with the first session being in Halifax at the end of October 2014.

  • Honours and Awards                                                                                     m-s Kiley/Desbiens

    VP Kiley presented the Committee’s written report and the following pins will be awarded:

    LOCAL 50705: Brother Chris Young – 30-year pin

  • LOCAL 00637: Brother Barry Turner – 30 year pin

  • And finally, following a secret ballot vote, Brother Barry Turner Local 00637 will receive a Lifetime Membership.

    MOTION to destroy ballots                                                                                          CARRIED

    MOTION – Renaming of scholarship                                                      m/s Chamberlain/Kiley

    Motion for one of the UNDE Scholarships to be renamed the Patricia McGrath scholarship in memory of the Sister from Local 70605 who passed earlier this year. VP Barker will make the announcement on the Convention floor.


Host Committee Presentation

The members of the Host Committee introduced themselves to the National Executive Officers and made a brief presentation on the planned Convention activities of the week.

Appeal – Local 619

The National Officers heard from the Appellant and his representative by way of teleconference. A point of order came from EVP Chamberlain due to a lack of information by those in the room. The hearing was then recessed until the proper documentation could be reviewed by all.

The hearing reconvened on Monday August 18th, the Appellant was not available for the teleconference, however he had his representative there acting on his behalf.

Following a secret ballot, the appeal was UPHELD. The National President said he would send a letter to the Appellant in the coming days informing him of this decision.


  • The National President reminded everyone that the National Executive members remain in session for the duration of the Triennial Convention.