April 22-24, 2015

April 2015 National Executive Minutes

Quebec City, QC

Chair John MacLennan National President
Members June Winger Executive Vice-President
Dan Frost Vice-President (NL/NB)   Absent: Apr 22
Terry Kiley Vice-President (NS)
Philippe Turcq Vice-President (QC)
Paulette Barker Vice-President (NCR)
Serge Desbiens Vice-President (ON)
Mona Simcoe Vice-President (MB/SK)
Brenda Ebear Vice-President (AB/North)
T. Mark Miller Vice-President (BC)
Tamara Lindsay Vice-President (NPF)
Monty Montgomery Vice-President (CSE)
Gloria Kelly Human Rights Advisor
Recording Secretary Sandra Montpetit


  • The National President welcomed members to the spring meeting of the National Executive.  With the recent release of the Federal Budget, he stressed that UNDE as with all Unions need to do more such as the Days of Action on the 19th of every month leading up to the Federal Election.

    The harassment statement was read aloud by Human Rights Advisor Kelly and EVP Winger was named intervener.

    The hours of sessions were set as follows:

    Wednesday, April 22, 9:00 – 11:30 / 1:00 to 5:00

    Thursday, April 23, 9:00 -11:30 / 1:00 to 5:00

    Friday, April 24, 9:00 – 11:30 / 1:00 to 5:00

    He also reminded the Officers that the National Executive stays in session during this week’s PSAC Convention should they need to reconvene.                                                           CARRIED

    Adoption of the agenda.                                   CARRIED


  • A moment of silence was observed for the following members passed since last NE meeting:

    Brother Brian Dorman, Local 406

    Brother Guy Wardell, Local 407

    Sister Lison Auclair, Local 507

    Brother Gilles Prévost, Local 526

    Brother Henrik Wrzesinski, Local 526

    Brother Wayne Anderson, Local 619

    Brother Norm German, Local 619

    Brother Terry Fisher, Local 637

    Brother Pat Burch, retired member of Local 1007

    Sister Margaret Palendat, Local 1008

    Previous minutes were adopted.                                                                                        CARRIED


  • Town Hall – The EVP assumed the Chair in order to allow the National President to discuss a plan to have town hall teleconferences across all regions.  He explained that he and the EVP could possibly each divide the regions and visit them to have calls with members in those regions to rally them and get feedback before the upcoming federal election.  VP Turcq offered Quebec as a pilot region to start.  Each call would be an hour long.

    The National Officers were in agreement with this initiative, however there was some discussion on whether the members should have a number to dial in to the town hall discussion should they choose to, or if they should each be called at home on the date and time that would be predetermined for their region.


  • Air Command Report                                                                                     m-s Miller/Turcq

    VP Miller presented his written report stating that the next upcoming meeting is on June 18th and any agenda items should be sent to him prior.

  • Apprenticeship Program Report                                                                   m-s Miller/Lindsay

    VP Miller presented his written report indicating that funding for this program ends in 2018 but that they will be asking for more funding.  Also UNDE is not renewing its membership to the Canadian Apprenticeship Forum (CAF) although the possibility of re-joining still is a possibility in the future. Concern expressed over length of time it is taking to fill these apprenticeship positions.  VPs to report back with examples from region.

  • EAP Report                                                                                              m-s Ebear/Montgomery

    VP Ebear presented her written report highlighting that the program is a work in progress. Recent developments include: Referral Agent Ratio review, RA roles and responsibilities updated and completion of the RA training prototype. VP Miller asked whether the trainers are unionized. VP Ebear will find out.  Concern expressed on how the 2 days of ‘InterComm’ training will offered in conjunction with PSP & MFRC and not the LCC’s. This is a joint management/union program.

  • Health and Safety Report                                           m-s Kiley/Barker

    VP Kiley presented his written report which outlined updates on work refusals at the CFB Halifax Dockyard as well as CFB Wainwright.  Any work refusals must be brought forward for review by the National Health and Safety Policy Committee (NHSPC).

  • Land Forces Report                                                                                        m-s Simcoe/Turcq

    VP Simcoe presented her written report which stated there is a concern on the new civilian personnel performance reviews which shows a change in the rating scale as well as concerns over how members are being rated with the new talent management plans.

    The next meeting is scheduled for May 12th agenda items should be sent to VP Simcoe.

  • ADM/IE Report                                                                                              m-s Miller/Lindsay

    VP Miller presented his written report.  He informed the group that Colonel Darlene Quinn, ADM/IE has been invited to speak at our upcoming Local Presidents Conference in June. Concerns raised from VP Simcoe that locals are still looking for better communication on what this will mean for them.  VP Miller stated LCol Quinn will be making town hall visits to hopefully help with this.  VP Miller also reminded the VPs to watch for SLAs between Army/Navy and Air Force.


  • Nova Scotia Report                                                                                        m-s Kiley/Desbiens

    VP Kiley presented his written report.  He, along with VP Miller, attended a Fleet Maintenance Facility National Meeting to discuss how the Future In-Service Support Initiative will affect members.  Also, with the Firebird now out of service, members who had been assigned ot the vessel have now been moved into other jobs.


  • Bylaws Report                                                                                                     m-s Miller/Turcq

    As Chair of the Bylaws Committee, VP Miller presented his written report.


    To divide the amendments to Bylaws and Harassment Policy                 m-s Lindsay/Desbiens


    PART 1: Bylaws – Amendments to Regulation 12 and Regulation 7 regarding audited financial statements due to some Locals being tardy in getting these reports into National Office.


  • PART 2: Amendments to the Harassment Policy and Regulation 1305-01 to come in line with the PSAC process in addressing investigations.



  • Quebec Report                                                                                               m-s Turcq/Kiley

    VP Turcq presented his written report which outlined activities that have taken place in his region such as demonstrations on the 19th of every month as well as canvassing door to door where members were encouraging people to vote against the Harper Government.


    Communications and Security Establishment Report                          m-s Montgomery/Ebear

    VP Montgomery presented his written report which gave an update on the move to the new building, the issues arising from the new construction are still being worked out.  The employer also has announced a new classification system called the Classification and Career Path Improvement Initiative set to be ready in 2016.

  • Non-Public Funds Report                                                                                   m-s Lindsay/Ebear

    VP Lindsay presented her written report which highlighted her meetings and training for this period including a Day of Action demonstration in Val Cartier on April 20.  She has also been working with the COMTRA Committee in preparation for the upcoming Presidents Conference.

  • Manitoba/Saskatchewan Report                                                                  m-s Simcoe/Desbiens

    VP Simcoe presented her written report which outlined activities and highlights from her Locals as well as her involvement with the COMTRA Committee in organizing the Presidents Conference.


  • Presentation by Marc Natal, Client Servicing Officer with Montrusco Bolton Investments.  Marc gave an update to the National Officers on UNDE’s investment portfolio as at March 31, 2015.

    Bid Presentations for UNDE’s Triennial Convention in 2017 – Brother Lance Jesson and Brother Randy Stevens presented a bid to host the next UNDE Triennial Convention in Victoria, B.C.  With no other bids being presented, Victoria won the bid to be the upcoming convention’s host city.  The National President along with the Human Rights Advisor and Staff will be visiting the site in June to iron out the contract details with the hotel.


  • Alberta and the North Report                                                                         m-s Ebear/Desbiens

    VP Ebear presented her written report which detailed her region’s activities during this period as well as her extensive work with the EAP Program.

  • British Columbia Report                                                                                     m-s Miller/Simcoe

    VP Miller presented his written report which outlined various employer meetings he attended.  There has also been training in his region of UNDE Modules 6 and 8.  His region will be having their first Regional Conference of this mandate in May in Courtenay, B.C.

  • Human Rights Advisor Report                                                                     m-s Lindsay/Desbiens

    Sister Kelly presented her written report.  There continues to be an increase of members dealing with mental health challenges, Managers are trying to find new ways of handling these issues as they arise.  There is a new on-line course she strongly recommends called Mental Health for Managers at DND-Learn.  There is also a plan to have a meeting with training in September for the Regional Coordinators.

  • Executive Vice-President Report                                                            m-s Winger/Montgomery

    EVP Winger presented her written report which included her activities during this period as well as reports from the Union Services Officers.  EVP Winger also informed the group that the Local Presidents Conference Committee has asked each of the Officers to give a 10-minute presentation of who they are as well as a synopsis of their respective portfolios at the upcoming Conference.

  • MOTION TO DIVIDE the employer meeting minutes from the EVP’s report                 m-s Miller/Turcq




  • Use of the employer’s e-mail system – VP Kiley opened the discussion by asking why members are asked not to use the employer’s e-mail system to perform union business.  After much debate, the National President said the letter he sent out to Local Presidents on this matter in 2011 will be sent out again as a reminder for members to use discretion when using the employer’s e-mail system for union business.



  • Honours & Awards Report                                                                            m-s Kiley/Lindsay

    Part A – Service Pins

    30 year pins will be awarded to Brother Randy Walker and Brother Willie Yaworzky both from local 50704.  Sister Elaine Haase from local 30905 will also be awarded a 30 year pin.

  • Part B – Special Memberships

  • Motion to divide

    Honourary membership will be awarded to Sister Jenny Bowler from local 70607.

  • Motion to destroy ballots                                                                             m-s Lindsay/Ebear

    Notice of motion


  • APPEALS – The National Officers heard two separate appeal hearings by teleconference, both appeals came from members of Local 619 in Borden.  A secret ballot was done for each separately and both appeals were denied.                                              DENIED by secret ballots

    Motion to destroy ballots                                                                      m-s Turcq/Montgomery

    MOTION                                                                                                         m-s Turcq/Simcoe

    Whereas UNDE must reappoint an auditor for every fiscal year to verify their financial statements;

    Whereas UNDE has used the service of McCay Duff LLP as auditors of their financial statements and are satisfied with the results and costs;

    Be It Resolved that UNDE reappoints McCay Duff LLP for the audit of their 2015 fiscal year.


  • Ontario Report                                                                                               m-s Desbiens/Turcq

    VP Desbiens presented his written report.  There has been a few training sessions in his region of UNDE modules 1, 4 and 8.  Also, some members of Local 619 in Borden attended a session on strengthening the workplace which was very successful.

    • Ontario Report
    • RV 22 – CARRIED
  • National Capital Region Report                                                                    m-s Barker/Miller

    VP Barker presented her written report which outlined the various meetings and activities in her region.  PSAC held awards for International Human Rights Day that recognizes members for their contribution to the union, Sister Zelma Buckley was awarded the Human Rights Award and the late Sister Pat McGrath awarded the posthumous Public Service Award.

  • Newfoundland/Labrador and New Brunswick Report                                m-s Frost/Barker

    VP Frost presented his written report.  He reported that all of his AGMs are now complete and there will be some upcoming training in his region, UNDE module 8 and LMRC training.


  • Whereas UNDE Bylaw13 and the UNDE Harassment Policy Annex B allows UNDE members to form written Complaints member against member;

    Whereas UNDE Regulation 1305 and the Annex B provides written instruction when dealing with written Complaints;

    Whereas UNDE Regulations 1305-01 c,1305-02 c and the Annex B provides an Appeal process should a members Complaint is determined not meeting requirements towards Prima Facie ;

    Whereas UNDE Regulations 1305-01 c, and 1305-02 c are in contradiction to the PSAC Constitution.

    Therefore be it resolved that UNDE Regulations 1305-01 c and 1305-02 c be removed from UNDE Regulations and that the Annex B (2c) be amended to remove the appeal process


  • Whereas many locals have local youth representation;

    Whereas PSAC has a National Young Workers committee that created a 3 year plan of action focusing on ways to make young workers more prominent and a vocal part of our union;

    Whereas PSAC Regional young workers continue to meet in regions, for example Alberta/Saskatchewan/Manitoba held a conference in September 2014;

    Whereas young worker representatives are nominated to Regional Councils;

    Whereas social media is more prevalent with today’s technology which we rely on youth’s engagement;

    Whereas we want to ensure that young people are ready to take up the challenge of senior leadership in our union and to do this we must ensure young workers are included and consulted at every step possible;

    Whereas we want to encourage building and strengthening the relationship and involvement of young workers.

    Be It Resolved that UNDE reinstate the Youth Committee.


  • Whereas the UNDE Harassment Policy Annex B allows UNDE members to form written Complaints member against member;

    Whereas the Annex B provides written instruction when dealing with written Complaints;

    Whereas Annex B provides an Appeal process should a members Complaint is determined not meeting requirements towards Prima Facie which includes the use of witness statements;

    Whereas Annex B involves the Reviewing Office to determine witness statements in the determination of Prima Facie;

    Whereas witness statements and or witnesses can only be determined by investigation committee members.

    Therefore be it resolved that the Annex B (2c) be amended to remove the use of witness statements in determining Prima Facie.


  • Regulations regarding ex-military personnel (Bill C-27) – VP Kiley is seeking guidance on medically released soldiers who are then put into civilian jobs.  The National President stated that they have a 5-year window where they need to apply for advertised competitions.  If a member sees unfairness in the workplace they should contact Union Services Officer Louis Bisson.  The National President will get clarification at the next UMCC meeting.

    Updating UNDE Harassment Policy – Sister Kelly has a concern with the conflict resolution process which needs to be added into the UNDE Harassment Policy, there will be a cost to do this, to train people, will it be done locally or nationally?  She said a process needs to be determined.  EVP Winger said they will look at trying to establish a process where the Respondent has an opportunity to address the complaint made against them before it escalates to conflict resolution.

    Human Resources and the lack of support with grievance responses – VP Barker said it takes up to a year or more to get a response on a grievance from the Department.  This is undermining the grievance process, is there any legal action that can be taken to have management cease this behaviour?  The National President asked that Locals provide grievance numbers to EVP Winger and identify whether any extensions have been granted to these as well as if they went to 1st or 2nd levels before going to the 3rdlevel.  Currently the EVP sends a letter to HR on outstanding grievances, although dismissals take precedence over grievances.  If no response on a grievance then file another one.

    Acting Pay/LWOP Challenges – VP Barker is inquiring why it is taking so long to receive acting pay.  The National President says it is because the Compensation department has other priorities right now, he says to file a grievance when it is taking too long.

    Alternate Dispute Resolution – VP Barker says there is no response and it is a waste of time.  EVP Winger says she needs concrete examples to take back to the Department, Locals need to send it to her and the National President in writing, members learn this during UNDE’s module 8.

    PSAC Mobilization/strike support structures – VP Simcoe is concerned that the PSAC Regional Offices don’t seem to be working the same way, each one does their own thing in a different direction.  The National President said to go to the REVP of the region and challenge them as to why they are operating differently.

    Treasury Board Personnel Files – VP Simcoe says it’s problematic when the Department has a number of different files for a member in various locations, this causes confusion and duplication.  The National President said that members should ask in writing for a listing of what is in each file.

    Treasury Board Talent Management Plans – VP Simcoe voiced concern over the fact that Treasury Board has changed the scales on their talent management forms.

    National Officer Photos – VP Simcoe asked whether photos of the new National Executive Committee will be taken.  National Office will look into having this set-up.