Annual Membership Meeting Minutes 30 November 2015

00629 Minutes


UNDE LOCAL 629 – 30 Nov 2015

Executive Grant Tennant 1st Vice President
Vallerie Griese Treasurer
Steve Yashinskie 2nd Vice
Dan Boutilier 3rd Vice
Vacant Secretary
Vacant Chief Shop Steward
Guest Speakers Mark Miller VP British Columbia  ADM-IE
Terry Kiley VP Nova Scotia

Health & Safety

Carolyn Handley President Local 625 Toronto

John McLennan

UNDE National President

Serial Discussion Action By
1 Call to Order         15:00 hrs. 1st Vice
2  Moment of Silence

Moment of silence for all members who have passed away.

1st Vice
3 Introduction:

Introduction of quest speakers

Introduction to executive members

Harassment Policy Read.

1st Vice
4 Review of Previous Minutes

Review of 16 June 2015 General Membership minutes

1st Vice
5 Review of Financial Statement

2014/2015 Year end financial statement

6 Elections 2015-2016

Conductor Caroline Handley

Nomination Committee

Janice Bedard – No nominations received

Ben Godin – No nominations received

List of Positions up for nomination:

  1. President
  2. 1st Vice
  3. 2nd Vice
  4. 3rd Vice
  5. Treasurer
  6. Chief Shop Steward
  7. Secretary

1.   Call for Nominations for the position of President

Nomination – Grant Tennant

Nominated by – Vallerie Griese

Seconded by – Jeff Daiken

2nd call for nominations: None

3rd Call for nominations: None

Closed and accepted

2. Call for Nominations for the position of 1st Vice

Nomination – Steve Yashinskie

Nominated by – Janice Bedard

Seconded by – Dan Boutilier

2nd call for nominations: None

3rd Call for nominations: None

Closed and accepted

3. Call for nominations for the position of 2nd Vice

Nomination – Dan Boutillier

Nominated by – Jim Sell

Seconded by – Jeff Daiken

2nd call for nominations: None

3rd Call for nominations: None

Closed and accepted

4. Call for nominations for the position of 3rd Vice

1st call for nominations: None

2nd call for nominations: None

3rd Call for nominations: None

Closed , position remains vacant


5.  Call for nominations for the positon of Chief Shop Steward

1st call for nominations:  None

2nd call for nominations: None

3rd call for nominations: None

Closed, postions remains vacant


6. Call for nominations for the position of Treasurer

Nomination – Vallerie Griese

Nominated by – Kim Reid

Seconded by – Dawn Jackson

2nd call for nominations: None

3rd Call for nominations: None

Closed and accepted

7. Call for nominations for the position of Secretary

Nomination – Diane Patrouskie

Nominated by – Dan Boutillier

Seconded by – Jennifer Clouthier

2nd call for nominations: None

3rd Call for nominations: None

Declined, position remains vacant

Caroline Handley

UNDE National President – UPDATES

 –          Federal Election although its early some pre election promises are coming to light.

–          Bargaining teams will be back at the tables after Christmas. 300 demands are to be paired down

–          For the first time since 1948 Trudeau addressed the labour council and has stated he intends to repel bills C377 & C525

–          There was a case conference held after the federal election on how to proceed with protecting sick leave

–          The use of contractors have been addressed and more to follow on this subject in the coming months

–          For your info there are 17000 Public servants with DND

–          Telecom Town halls have been successful and informative.   Because of their success they will continue. Plans to follow up on more communication tools as well in the future.

John McLennan
8 ADMIE Liaison Officer

–          Very optimistic about the future of the public service

–          The only list of demands posted on the PSAC website currently are the SV group

–          Steel workers were out on strike for 66 months and were shut down by the steel workers union. Initial reason for that stick was a $3.00 wage difference.

–          Pay centralization is not going well.   Where there were 1400 employees to perform these duties there is now 500 . There are still more file to be moved to Miramachi

–          This transformation was so poorly implemented that there are employees not getting their paycheck, pension or death benefits are delays by months.

–          The Phoenix pay software program will be used to insert overtime. Phoenix and people soft will run simultaneously until all files are transferred

–          Refugees, meeting this coming Thursday with the duty minister to discuss what basis are designated and to discuss heath and safety issues concerning DND employees.

–          ADMIE is not allowed to grow beyond Defense renewal action plan. There is 3000 indeterminate civilian position on paper, currently there are 2500 to 2600 of those filled.

–          CE Design no longer fits the current footprint.   RPOPS undertaking a task review of all bases as a starting point to redesign each CE at each base. (Site specific) . You may be asked if you are willing to accept retraining but you will not be expected to do a job you do not want. The resolution will be once you retire the SWE will move from your position to the new position.

–          There will be a classification officer on site to review all positions affected with a 30 day turnaround.  You must call your local office for all classification inquiries or grievances first.

–          There is a 1 Million dollar shortfall for infrastructure not forcasted for ongoing maintenance funding. Buildings are being recognized as required and funding allotted for building but no allotted money for yearly maintenance.

–          If you have example of DCC infractions notify your local president and it will be escalated.


Mark Miller
9 VP NS – Health and Safety

–          All Health and Safety minutes that are produced here in Petawawa are forwarded to Head office and reviewed by Terry Kiley

–          All harassment complaint are to go through your Health and Safety committee

–          Health and Safety committee conference Dates and location are forth coming.

–          RTW (Return to work) it is imperative that each base has a return to work committee.

–          Honors and Awards Program – A reminder that this benefit is there for you children, step children etc. There were only two applicants last year. Members are missing out on a great benefit for student today, .

Terry Kiley
10 Swearing in of new executive

President – Grant Tenant

1st Vice – Steve Yashinski

2nd Vice – Dan Boutilier

Treasurer – Vallerie Griese

John McLellan


11 Meeting Adjourned  -16:10

Motioned to adjourn –Steve Yashinski

2nd ER   –   Kim Reid

Minutes prepared by Vallerie Griese, Treasurer

Minutes approved by Grant Tennant, President