Air Command UMCC Report of Meeting – June 28, 2013

Air Command Minutes

Air Div UMCC
Winnipeg 28 June 2013
0900 – 1100 hrs

In attendance:

BGen Bruce Ploughman DComd FG

Arlene Preston (UNDE)

Mark Miller (UNDE)

Peter Jozsa (PIPSC)

Col Glenn Naldrett, A1

Brenda Stouffer (A1 CHRM)

Maj Spiers, Compt 2 Air Div

Col Kevin Horgan, A4 CE Director

Patti Charaqch, Mgr HR Svcs Air

Colleen Laferrierre, A1 Div Civ HR mgr

1.Dundurn Update – The transfer from Air to Army “died on the vine”, the Army was hot to trot but cooled quickly. Business is as usual as an Airforce entity.
2. Goose Bay – Not sure where the contract is going. Continuing with the contract with the possibility of two 1 year extensions. The Air Force recommendation is that the expiry date of 2014 be extended for 1 year. They are awaiting federal government direction. Items discussed were: possible trg centre for Goose, increasing size of Rangers providing support to the North. CHRM suggested this discussion should be at National LMRC. BGen Ploughman stated that the Airforces requirements in Goose Bay have not changed. The arrestor gear issue was brought upas a concern, but it was stated again that the Airforces mandate is still the same.

3. Satellite Site Rationalization – DCC Armouries – The employer re-emphasized again that it was never about saving money. Arlene Preston stated that we are constantly being told different things and focuses by different entities; DRT says they want to hear where efficiencies can be realized and want to see business cases demonstrating such while other entities says it is only about numbers of FTEs and the need to cut (DRAP). The use of taxpayers monies needs to be spent wisely and if the unions need to bring that to the political forum, the information of costs for the contracts is required to do an appropriate comparison. The request was made informally but with the information not being provided it will have to be requested through an ATIP.

Further discussion ensued with the following:

(a)L1, L2 and L3 all have designated staffing authorities – details at BGen Russell letter dated June 13, 2013
(b)BGen Poughman stated that 1 Air div is doing 3 – 5 staffing actions a week at their level so things are moving
(c)Reclassification issue – they go to the L2 for approval, must be within the SWE. Issue in Greenwood was raised. We were told that there are approximately 40 files in the system that require staff input. Suggested that personnel in Greenwood request and update on status. Was stated by employer in general terms that should reclassifications take place, and there was no money in the “fixed pot” that duties may have to be removed.
4. ADM (IE) Transformation – Briefings are on going, next one in Trenton Tuesday and Bagotville on the 5th July. The Air Force is currently running independent of the

Transformation project with apprenticeship program and staffing, etc. Initiatives are not synced at this time which leads to more questions and uncertainty. Questions to members are generally not answered in the briefings as there is no update in the way ahead and the Master Implementation Plan (was supposed to be early July!).

5. Apprenticeship and Operational Development Program – The Airforce remains wary of not having a fence around the FTEs and allowing for a blip in the numbers. That being said they are proceeding with all the staff wok to validate and action the list received this week from the weeks. The HRBM and General Russell are meeting on July the 8th to discuss the way ahead. UNDE acknowledged the CAF AODP as a positive example of the program expressing concern that it is the only environment not risk managing the program within the current constraints.

6. EAP – Concerns about lack of training raised by UNDE and that in Gander there is no EAP peer referral due to a retirement and maternity leave of the two RA’s. They are going to advertise in Gander in the hopes of recruiting as well have briefing sessions to educated members on the Health Services option. 2.8% of clients nationally are using the 1-800 number which is far below the 8% of Other Gov’t Dept’s. (fact sheet/link for EAP)

7. Employee numbers – Identified again hat there is not interest on UNDE’s part to get the mil numbers but that we are interested in getting contractor numbers. Was stated by A1 that it could be years off as it will have to be pulled form DRMIS and they are no where close to calling up that info at this time (not available).

8. Round table – Mark Miller brought up the discretionary vs non-discretionary funding issue with Units acting as their own contacting agency or self help entity and the implications that may have on infrastructure and CE as a whole. Email from 17 Wing Winnipeg stating Units may have to fund discretionary requests.

9. Next meeting will be early to mid November 2013.

In solidarity,

Arlene Preston / T. Mark Miller