Air Command UMCC Report of Meeting – December 11, 2013

Air Command Minutes

Air Div UMCC


  1. UNDE was represented by Sister Arlene Preston, VP Ontario and T. Mark Miller, VP BC. No PIPSC rep or alternate was available for this meeting

2.   Introductions of new persons

3.   Minutes of previous meeting were acknowledged and signed off

4.   Compensation Enquiry System (CES) / Pay in Arrears – Communique from PWGSC dated November 22, 2013 Subject: change to payment in arrears, how they are going to deal with the issue of pay arrears – take now pay later (upon leaving the PS).

November 22, 2013

Subject: Change to Payment in Arrears

As the public service payroll administrator, Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC) is implementing a major initiative which involves the transition to payment in arrears for all employees currently paid on a bi-weekly basis, regardless of group and level, bargaining affiliation and employer.  This change will occur on April 23 2014 in the Regional Pay System (RPS).  The transition to payment in arrears is part of a process to streamline and modernize pay processes.

Currently, employees’ pay is calculated and processed in advance of the work being performed and, therefore, the pay often does not reflect recent changes in the employees’ situation, such as leave without pay, departure or salary increases. Adopting payment in arrears means that employees will be paid for the pay period that concluded two weeks before.

Employees will continue to receive their regular salary every two weeks.  At the date of transition, PWGSC will make a system change and from that point forward employees’ salary pay statements will indicate the period worked ending two weeks prior to the issuance of payment.  Two weeks after their departure from the public service, a final transition adjustment will be made to existing employees to take into account the difference between the transition payment made in April 2014 and the employees’ final salary payment.

For details regarding the change to payment in arrears, please refer to the enclosed questions and answers for compensation advisors.

Original Signed by
David Delorey

For Carrie E. Roussin
Director General
Compensation Sector
Accounting, Banking and Compensation

Also discussed at this time was the electronic pay and pay stubs, despite our concerns voiced it was stated by HR that this was a non-issue for the air force. After suggesting we were going to look into it more as we felt it was an issue, HR stated they would review it as well. We voiced concern about access to computers, knowledge base for comfort level with computers and privacy issues.

5.   HRBM Integration – HRBMs will now be administratively reporting to the HR managers for the respective regions effective 1 April 2014. That being said all will remain the same for their responsibilities.

6.   Civilian Workforce Management Plan – concerns were raised by UNDE about lack of consultation and communication, i.e. information on Apprenticeships and Delegation of Authorities for staffing levels. Hearing about this from our membership caused increased workload and unnecessary concerns.   It was agreed by the BGen and HR that better communication would take place in the future in a more timely fashion and the UMCC labour Reps would be added to the information distribution lists. The BGEN also stated that he was not aware that TM Miller had sent him an email 3 weeks ago wrt this concern and was looking into it.

We were also advised that there no expected SWE reductions at this time.

The use of Temp help services, specifically in Winnipeg were raised identifying that jobs that management has deemed “essential” are now being considered to be filled by temp help workers. UNDE advised them the union will be challenging the use of temp workers nationally.

7.   Apprenticeship Operational Development Program Update – HR informed us that the reason for external hires was to have a broader range to choose from but current PS members are encouraged to apply and remain an option, furthermore the issue of terms hires was explained and the process clarified in that if a vacancy exists then the apprentice could be hired indeterminately, should one become available during the apprenticeship the member can be moved to indeterminate status. This was a “work around” due to the FTE cap. – Good news!

8.  EAP– We advised of update on pending ratio review and made a pitch for more training.

9.   Round table – T. Mark Miller asked for an update on AF and ADM (IE), specifically asked them to comment on concerns raised about DCC taking over PS jobs in Cold Lake. BGen stated he was not aware and would get back to us secretarially.

10. Next meeting tentatively scheduled for end May 2014.

Note:In addition to the formal meeting UNDE Reps had an informal coffee and meet and greet with BGen Drouin where issues such as the communication concerns we had, his desire not to close any Squadrons and possible future scenarios for Goose Bay were discussed. v7

In Solidarity,

Submitted electronically,

Arlene Preston

UNDE VP Ontario