Air Command UMCC Report of Meeting – Dec. 2012

Air Command Minutes


18 DEC 2012 – WINNIPEG, MB

Arlene Preston, UNDE VP Ontario, co-chaired the meeting; new employer Co-chair BGen JD (Bruce) Ploughman, Mark Miller, UNDE VP BC and Scott Edwards replacing Glenn Maxwell as PIPSC Representative.

Minutes of the July 2012 minutes were accepted. (attached).

2.       ICCT Det Dundurn Update – For the Dundurn update BGen Ploughman said “the Army has slowed down the takeover…and it is a bit of a hold”. I then hit him with the rumour of it being trialed first with no PSs and just a BC and contractors, and if successful then expanded to Winnipeg. Bruce said the airforce “is not tracking that” but as anyone in the centre can voice an idea they cannot “put a stake in the heart yet” but they were and are unaware of it.

3.       Moose Jaw Aramark contract – COS for 2 Air Div stated the contract was extended and that the letters that had been issues to employees early had since been rescinded.

4.       17 Wing Heating Plant – One of the current positions is being filled by an apprentice who is expected to take the position on as a journeyman in March of 2014. For the HP situation, they have hired 2 new employees as per CWMB approval and are interviewing for an HP7. So there is “no contracting piece as there is an in house solution”. However, there is coming a test coming on the Merx to build a business case to keep things in house.

5.       B. Stouffer provided information on the 4 Wing DCC hiring of a DD. She stated that the employer was only trying to augment current staff to get the work completed/ compliment the work currently being done by Public Servants. With regards to DCC concerns in Goose Bay, she advised that there is no back filling by contractor hired by DCC at this time but as persons retire it may be something they may have to look at.

6.       HRMS – notification will be going out to all employees asking them to update current information in HRMS. Questions were raised with regards to access and training on the system and DCHRSC Prairies advised that nationally they are aware this is a concern and they are going to be addressing it at that level. HR suggested that using the HRMS system will be mandatory by 2015/2016 top coincide with the move of the Compensation advisors to the Miramichi.

7.       1 & 2 CAD Civilian Reduction Plan – Management still states that they have met all of their current mandated cuts for FTE’s/SWE through attrition other than the 4 CMP funded Education Coordinator positions. That said they did state that should more cuts be deemed necessary from Ottawa, there may yet be WFA’s. As for the Civ reduction plan, A Preston asked about the work being done when attrition happens, would it be DCC like was done in the CAD section? TM Miller used the opening to question them, and ask if a cost comparison has been done aka a business case between us and the parasites (DCC)? The answer was no as they are constrained by SWE and FTEs. Arlene brought up Petawawa and the new construction “below the hill” and they did not have an answer as the project would dictate required resources but the centre does not have to supply them. (Budget Plan)

8.       Apprenticeship Program – Challenge for the Air Div is that they are not able to bring in new Apprentices as they cannot increase FTEs. The Apprenticeship report was interesting and the second to last bullet under challenges generated discussion as stated above. The Airforce has $8.7 mil for 5 years but needs assurance that a FTE blip is ok due to a temporary increase in #s due to the program. Brother Miller offered to facilitate that.

9.       EAP – concerns raised about the lack of funding available nationally, also a concern with Air Div.

10.     Employment Equity – B. Stouffer identified that commemorative events have been held across the country and that the formal report will be available at the next Air Div UMCC as annual reports are completed for calendar year. For the EE report, the “gap” was explained as “the % of the population vs. the % of the workforce.

11.     Personnel numbers – When asked what the “special” column represented in the report, B. Stouffer advised they were persons who were on call/call in basis.

12.     Goose Bay – The contract has been “maxed out” so it will go to RFP, and there will be no extension. The Hercs will not be relocated from Greenwood to Goose Bay. The Rangers will not be relocated from Gander to Goose Bay, however, they may do a recruitment drive there, and as for the HQs, they may rebalance it. However they are awaiting orders following discussions between the RCAF and the VCDS.

13.     ADM IE Transformation – The position is to resist any centralization8. They acknowledge works needs doing however they prefer 18allowing the 13 wings to decide how to deliver. They agree with the way ahead laid out for Cold Lake, Wainwright and Suffield, that SOAs will be used to augment the PS workforce to fill any gaps in compliance. As for the larger picture of the report, they are getting new infrastructure but not new bodies to maintain, and they have no answers as yet. Brother Miller promoted the apprenticeship program as a means of growing/maintaining skills and retaining corporate knowledge, and he was left with the feeling that the Airforce gets it, that civilians are valued and necessary.

14.     Brother Miller expressed his displeasure over the requirement to go to ATIP instead of getting the information from the UMCC forum. That having to do so, after he made the pitch in the last meeting for pro-active disclosure, meant he took it as a “screw you”. That we have to work better together to share info and kill rumours. That we understand privacy, but that information passage is important. The BGen echoed these sentiments within reason.

15.     Grievance report was not available due to HRMS issues, will be provided secretarially once available.

In solidarity,

T. Mark Miller and Arlene Preston