Activity 2015

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17 Nov 2015
Annual General Membership Meeting

21 Oct 2015
Orientation Transparency and Accountability
Finance Committee Minutes from 8Oct2014 Accepted
Final Claim for Fiscal year end 30 Sep2015 requested by end of week to ensure Audited Financial statemtn can be completed by AGM.Local.  Budget to consider possible  Local Phone repair; possible attendance of Observer OFL on Nov26th  . 2nd savings account transferred to interest bearing investment account approved. Outstanding loan cheque bounced. Component LaptopFollow-up requested. GCWCC program raised $150 with Next year tickest proposed to be $2ea,  $3 for 2 and $5 for 3

Grievance Committee meeting for 15Jul Approved. Submission of reports to Local account discussed. Caseload reviewed, Removal of stwards from active list discussed.
Secretarial Note nominations Committe of Dan,Kris and UNDE RVP struck. for 2 auditors VP and Chief Steward.
Impromptu Special meeting to Consider OFL Resolutionheld.
Resolution 1 to allow area council delegates to OFL Ratified
Resolution 2 That OFL request NDP more effetively utilize e-mails in runup to elections
Resolution 3 That Strategic Voting Antidote be pursued through Proportional representation


16 Sep 2015

Orientation Union Consultation

Bargaining Committee

Item I Call to order Presided over by Dan as VP regrets received. Minute taking Dan Quorum Confirmed Item II Review of Previous RoD 14 April MSC adopted by consensus Item III Old business A) NJC Self-Assessment tool Utilization -addressed in NDQAR -not addressed to date in CFC, Dennison, Unit LMRC at end of Session align with committees like OSH B) Standing items on PMA, Learning and Strike Protocol priorities discussed Additional topics requiring discussion include Strategic Intake Plan, and union consultation during working hrs C) EAP Event coordination from last year discussed Sabrina follow–up requested No bargaining while writ drop scheduled dec?

Executive Committee

Item I Call To Order presided by Carolyn minute taking by Dan Quorum confirmation
Item II  Previous minutes from 15 July of combined Grievance /Exec/Josh and Membership Committee meetings Approved  MSC Dan Cheryl
Item III Old Business:
A)      Outstanding Loan Status  reviewed.  Cheques received 7th-
B)      UNDE Regional Website updates indicated outline, faces, roles responsibilities resources being pursued
C)      Union Promotional items     action Sol to advise
ItemIV New Business
A)      Booking updates till May2016 (AGM Date  Change) 7day notice 1 Monday reminder Wed schedule last year Nov17 agm 11:30class 8  tueday 2nd Wednesday
Action set agenda for AGM by Oct15 including annual report, election of VP, Chief Steward, Finance committee auditors 1 & 2,
B) OFL Convention Delegate MSC Dan Sol  acclaimed Carolyn with alternate Eileen
C) Vote to stop the Cuts (Political outreach) GTAC masks and candies to be distributed to members before 19Oct2015

7 Sep 2015 Labour Day Parade

Martialling point south east side of Dundas and University ( free T-shirt and refreshments) March starts at 9:30 with PSAC got underway at 10:00 as we are in section 4 of 12. Members who attend enjoy event with many other members form other locals in the GTA

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