Events 2016-2017

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Local Meetings Orientation Sessions for Oct2016-Sep2017 Session

Upcoming Event

27Sep2017 11:30-13:30
Orientation: Consultation and the Right to Inform
Bargaining/Grievance Committee meetings

Past Events

4Sep2017 9:00-12:00 @University and Dundas to Dufferin gates
Toronto Labour Day Parade

16Aug2017 11:30-13:30
Orientation Union Management Relationship
Recreation & Welfare/Executive Committee Meeting

19Jul2017 11:30-13:30
Orientation Labour Day Parade
Action/ Membership Committee Meetings

21Jun2017 11:30-13:30
Grievance/ Executive Committee Meetings

17May2017 11:30-13:30
General Membership Meeting

19Apr2017 11:30-13:30
Orientation Right to Inform and Consultation
Bargaining/ Executive Committee Meetings

15Mar2017 11:30-13:30
Orientation – How CLC Part II rights complement General Safety requirements
Grievance/ JOSH Committee Meetings

15Feb2017 11:30-13:30
Orientation Political Action Rights and Responsibilities
Action/ Executive Committee Meeting

18Jan2017 11:30-13:30
Orientation Duty To Represent
Membership Committee Meeting
Rep Election/Appointment JOSH, Rec& Welfare, Membership

1 Dec2017 11:30-13:30
Annual General Meeting

16Nov2016 11:30-13:30
Executive Committee Finance Committee Meeting

25Oct2016 11:30-12:00
Orientation Accountability and Confidentiality
(Exec and Finance meeting rescheduled based on AGM rescheduling)

17 Oct 2016 10:00-10:30
Grievance Committee Meeting