30910 Executive Steward List

30910 News
UNDE LOCAL 30910 – EXECUTIVE & STEWARD LIST – Updated:  06 February 2019
Position/Portfolio Name Work Site Local Elect/Appt
President Bro Peter Devlin BATUS 105 Sqn 4170 24 Oct 18 AGM
Vice-President / Education Bro Jory Green BATUS QM(T) 5193 26 Mar 18 GM
Secretary (bylaw proposal pending to chg to include Website OPI) Sis Jodi Worth CFB BGSO Office   6 Feb 19 (pending election)
Treasurer / Membership Sis Kandie Devlin CFB G4 Supply 4539 23 May 18 GM
Chief Shop Steward 1 Sis Shelley Rayner DIO QM(M) 4266 24 Oct 18 AGM
Chief Shop Steward 2 Bro Patrick Taylor RPOU(W) Mech 5109 26 Mar 18 GM
Human Rights & Return to Work Committee Rep Sis Melissa Whitney CFB G4 Foods 4522  
Health & Safety Rep Bro Andrew Hay DIO Engr Park 5696/4270

Cell 403-580-0682

6 Feb 19
Health & Welfare Sis Cindy Woodall RPOU(W) 4518  
Youth Coordinator Sis Robyn Westgarth BATUS 29 Flt 4054  
Harassment Bro Greg Jalbert RPOU(W) CHP 4879  
Website OPI (bylaw proposal pending to chg to Calgary Members’ Rep) Sis Amber Redshaw Calgary 41 CBG HQ 403-410-2320,x 3525 01 Dec 18
Steward at Large Bro Ryan Misener   5177  
Steward Bro Tracy Landsiedel CFB G4 Supply CMTT 4758  
Steward Sis Desiree Dumont-Crocker CFB G4 Foods 4522  
Steward Bro Doug Renschler CFB G4 Foods 4522  
Steward Sis Theresa Desbiens DIO Crowfoot Kitchen 4489  
Steward Sis Lana Grainger DIO Crowfoot Kitchen 4489  
Steward Sis Amanda Minderlein DIO Crowfoot Kitchen 4489  
Steward Sis Barb Dunham DIO Crowfoot Kitchen 4489  
Steward Bro Jason Luhning DIO QM(M) 4098  
Steward Bro Andy Herman RPOU(W) CHP 4879  
Steward Vacant CFB G4 Maint    
Steward Vacant BATUS 105 Sqn    
Steward Vacant BATUS Tpt & Mov    
Steward Vacant BATUS Wksp    
BATUS Benevolent Fund Rep Vacant      
CFB Benevolent Fund Rep Bro Kim Lund RPOU(W) 4479  
Local Pay Advocate Sis Shelley Rayner   4266