Notice of 2020 Annual General Meeting

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Notice of Annual General Meeting – Friday, December 4, 2020

To all Members of UNDE Local 623:

Please be advised that we will be holding our Annual General Meeting at 6:00 PM, on Friday December 4th, 2020 virtually using Zoom.

Our UNDE Regional Vice President, Sister Carolyn Handley, has scheduled her attendance at this year’s AGM. This would be a great opportunity to bring any questions you might have to Sister Handley.

Elections for the position of President, Vice-President, Secretary-Treasurer, and Chief Steward will be held at this AGM, for a three-year term. The member nominating, being nominated, and seconding a nomination must be in good standing, and in attendance at the AGM. You can find the Election Nomination here.  All nominations shall be forwarded to Carolyn Handley.

I must also share the bittersweet news that Vice-President David Carr will be stepping down from his position at this year’s election in anticipation of his retirement. David has been an invaluable resource to our local, holding the position of President, Vice-President, Secretary-Treasurer, as well as the Ontario Regional Human Rights representative. I for one will greatly miss his cheerful yet realist disposition and his extensive knowledge, and valuable resources.

In an attempt to make your attendance at the AGM as convenient as possible due to the various geographical locations of our members, and the current status of the pandemic, we will be hosting our AGM virtually on ZOOM.  This program features a variety of ways to attend the meeting.  Please see details below to access ZOOM, the meeting invite (direct link) will be included in your email notice.

Mobile APP: Download ZOOM app, from the Google Play Store.

Desktop:  Website

The meeting will commence at 6pm and will be completed within the hour. We ask that you please RSVP to confirm your attendance to our Local e-mail address

We encourage you to check out your Local’s Facebook page UNDE LOCAL 623 LONDON. Information of interest to our members can be found on this site for a variety of union issues. If you have not had the opportunity to join our group, please feel free to become a member.


In Solidarity,

Mandy Forget, President
UNDE Local 623