10 February 2011 – Minutes Of The Local Executive Meeting

30903 Minutes

Meeting held in the 7CFSD union room.

In Attendance:

Vice-President: Br. Mike Zubrack
Secretary/Treasurer: Br. Rick Parenteau
Health & Safety: Sr. Carol MacDonald
Chief Steward: Br. Duane Vye

1. Meeting called to order at 12:04pm

2. Reading of Harassment policy by Br. Rick Parenteau.

3. Executive discussed the purchasing of Gift Cards for Local 30903; Executive members will be collecting the members’ choice from seven locations:
(Costco/Superstore/Keg/Olive Garden/Sobeys/Canadian Tire/Safeway)
Gift cards should be out to members by the end of February 2011.

4. Secretary/Treasurer discussed having the Executive sign their signatures on the new Bylaws to finalize them before they are sent to the REVP Blair Winger and to the National office.

5. Executive discussed petty cash; Treasurer will have petty cash set up before the gift cards are to be purchased.

6. Health & Safety brought forth budgeted Benevolent fund spending; Executive decided $30 would be acceptable amount. The Treasurer will gather appropriate paperwork to complete transactions.

7. Chief Steward brought forth discussion on 7CFSD overtime and how it was being distributed. As racking replacement appears to be a big overtime project the executive discussed the collective agreement and how it pertains to Overtime distribution.

8. Chair called for a motion to adjourn meeting;
Motion by Br. Rick Parenteau to adjourn the meeting;
Seconded by Sr. Carol MacDonald.

10. The meeting was adjourned at 12:32pm.