UnionDenounce NewlImposed WorkinConditionbSERCO at

CFB Goose Bay


HAPPYVALLEY-GOOSEBAY,NLOMarch 8,members of the Union oNational Defence Employees (UNDE) loca9012and the Public Service Alliance oCanada (PSAC)wilhold a press conference in Happy Valley-Goose Bay,NL to denounce the newlimposeworking conditionaCFGoose Baythe largest militaraibase in northeastern North America.


Although SERChabeethe successfubidder since 199in ensurinthe maintenance and operation requirementothe base infrastructure and airfielaCFB Goose Bay, they recentlimposed new working conditionon the employeewithout any consultatiowith the union. Such changeinclude buare nolimited todrastic shift change thanegativelimpact the health and safetothe employees,wage cuts and layoffs.


JohMacLennan,National PresidenoUNDawell aChriAylward, National Executive Vice-Presidenof PSAC,will be unveiling the union’plan in fighting back these concessions.


Goose Bay,NL Wednesday,March8

PSAC Press conference

10:00 am,HoteNorth Two

382 Hamilton RiveRoad,Happy Valley-Goose Bay,NL


11:30 am – 12:30 pm,29 Loring Dr.,Happy Valley-Goose Bay, NL (nearTenders Lounge)


30 –


UNDElocal90125 representsover240 members thatare employed bySERCOatCFB Goose Bay.These membersensure themaintenance and operation requirementsof the base infrastructure and airfieldwhichincludesprovidingengineering services.Such tasksincludesnowremoval,maintenance ofallequipment including loaders,snow blowers,plows,hangardoors,computersand telecommunicationequipment,maintain the steam,water,sewerand electricalutilitieson the base.



Sebastien Bezeau,Communications Officer

902-266-8589 | bezeaus@psac-afpc.com