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OCTOBER 2013 - UNDE, PSAC protest cuts

SEPTEMBER 2013 - Six Kitchen Jobs Being Cut at CFS St. John's ; Dept. of National Defence to cut 175 civilian jobs

SEPTEMBER 2013 - CFB Kingston looks at contracting out jobs, civilians are under the microscope (radio interview with National Presdient John MacLennan and print interview with Rej Bruneau Presdient Local 641)


AUGUST 2013 - More Cuts for Five Wing in Goose Bay (radio interview with Bernie Bolger, President of Local 90125)


JUNE 2013 - DND pushes ahead with cuts in bid to save hundreds of millions - The head of the Defence Department’s largest union questioned the wisdom of hiring more consultants to recommend cuts. John MacLennan said there has so far been five different efforts to propose cutbacks and streamline operations at DND. “Hiring more consultants is wasteful spending,” added MacLennan, national president of the Union of National Defence Employees, which represents 19,000 workers.


JUNE 2013 - Civilian employment at DND headquarters balloons


JUNE 2013 - Unions boycott CFB Esquimalt barbecue celebrating civilian workers





Further cuts to army budget to result in layoffs and cuts to operations,documents show - The Ottawa Citizen (March 5, 2013) Ontario army chief worries about DND civilian cutbacks - The Ottawa Citizen (Jan. 14, 2013)

National President John MacLennan interviewed on CFRA radio by Rick Gibbons (Jan. 14, 2013)

DND to pay $100 million to private firm to replace laid-off  workers - The Ottawa Citizen (Sept. 10)

Contracting Out DND Public Service Jobs Real Motive Behind Department Cutbacks, Says Union - Ottawa Citizen Blog (Sept. 11)

Civilian DND workers to target MacKay's offices over job cuts - Herald News Nova Scotia (Sept. 14)

Defence employees protest federal job cuts - The Chronicle Herald (Sept. 16)

RCMP called in after defence union stickers pasted to windows of MacKay’s riding  office - The Ottawa Citizen (Sept. 19) Army chief rejects DND plan to hire private fire protection firms - The Ottawa Citizen (Oct. 31)

CFB Borden cuts 120 jobs - Simcoe.com

Pink slips expected for 120 cleaners at CFB Borden - Barrie Examiner

Borden cuts rip apart families’ Christmases - Simcoe.com

Job losses at Borden and renovations not linked: officials  - Barrie Examiner

Read: Letter sent to MacKay by National President MacLennan

Video Clips: Sept. 15 National Day of Action - Halifax CTV News

July 23, 2012: Global CBC  / July 24, 2012: Global CBC

"DND hires consultant to save money" Global National - John MacLennan interviewed - November 20, 2012

Radio Broadcast: Civilian workers at CFB Gagetown want answers - Fredericton Fox Radio

Radio Interview: DND job cuts - CBC Fredericton

August 13th, 2012 - Press Conference in Petawawa  Radio Broadcast: "Union Threatens Gallant Job" EVP Chamberlain

November 28th, 2012 - Press Conference in Borden - Cuts to CFB Base Borden cleaners (starts at 11:59 into webcast)


Esprit de corps Editorial

Defence Minister MacKay Served Affected Letter - Ottawa Citizen

Union vocal over job cuts at CFB Gagetown - Metro News

Union seeks answers about planned cuts to civilian defence jobs in New Brunswick - Canadian Press

Union seeking answers about planned N.B. defence cuts - Canadian Press

Union wants answers about planned cuts at CFB Gagetown - Canadian Press

CFB civilians receive letters warning of job cuts - CBC News, New Brunswick (July 23)

Conservative budget cuts affect community of Oromocto - Canadian News Wire

NB: Union seeks answers about fed's civilian defence job cuts - Daily Business Buzz

Union wants more details on job cuts at CFB Gagetown - All News Radio 88.9

Civilian employees at Gagetown denied meeting with visiting cabinet ministers: "We don't meet with unions" says Minister Ashfield - All News Radio 91.9

CFB Gagetown braces for more job cuts - CBC News, New Brunswick (July 30)

CFB Gagetown bracing for federal cuts - CTV News, Atlantic (July 30)

Defence union turns up heat on MP Strahl - Chilliwack Progress (Aug. 7)

Union hopes to stop ASU job cuts - Chilliwack Times (Aug. 7)

Defence Union Turns Up Heat on MP Mark Strahl To Do Something About Area Supply Unit Closure in Chilliwack - The Ottawa Citizen (Aug. 7)

Unions call for solidarity against federal cuts at London rally - Metro London (Aug. 20)

Union of National Defence Speaks Out on 45 Job Cuts at Wolseley Barracks - CJBK Talk Radio (Aug. 20)

Time ticking for decisions by DND employees - London Free Press (Aug. 21)

ASU shows changing military - The Progress (Aug. 30)

Ottawa Citizen - Layoffs begin for civilian defence workers (PDF)

Ottawa Citizen - Federal union warns cuts will affect front-line services

Toronto Star - Federal Budget 2012: Defence department cuts civilian jobs and shakes up senior commands

iPolitics - More than 400 government professionals handed job cut notices

The Globe and Mail - CBC, Health Canada, National Defence face Conservative cuts

CTV - Department of National Defence, CBC hit with job cuts

CTV  - Department of National Defence, CBC hit with job cuts (PDF)

CBC - Federal job cuts could be higher than projected

CBC - Budget cuts 19,000 public service jobs

CBC - Unions on job cuts (Video)

Herald News - Ottawa begins cuts that will affect 19,200 positions

Herald News - ACOA job cuts to include 16 in Nova Scotia, sources say

Herald News - Defence department to axe 62 jobs in N.S.

Telegraph-Journal (NB) - Federal job cuts in city likely: Weston 

The Cold Lake Sun - 4 Wing spared major cuts as civilian DND jobs axed

CKWSTV - BASE CUTS: Soldier ranks appear safe

Chilliwack Times - ASU to close, says union

Chilliwack Times - Loss of ASU jobs sad for city: mayor