Once the grievance has been presented and responded to at the Local level (typically level 1 and level 2), the Local representative should forward the following information to the UNDE National Office to the Grievance Registry Clerk using registered mail or courier service:

  • A copy of the grievance form signed by all parties, grievor, steward, employer.
  • A copy of the level 1 response.
  • A copy of the signed grievance transmittal to level 2.
  • A copy of the level 2 response.
  • A copy of the signed grievance transmittal to level 3.
  • A copy of any signed written WAIVERS or EXTENSION OF TIMELINES.
  • A statement outlining the facts of the grievance as well ALL supporting documents.
  • A summary of the actions leading up to the filing of the grievance.
  • A summary of the arguments used in support of the grievance at the level 1 and level 2 hearings.

The Steward’s Factsheet can assist you in compiling this information.

UNDE recognizes, and appreciates, that the Local representatives and Stewards work as volunteers and that they must manage work and personal responsibilities in addition to their union role.

However, the grievance cannot proceed to a final level presentation without all of this information. If there is a delay in providing this information, the scheduling of the grievance will be delayed. All efforts to provide necessary information quickly is very much appreciated.